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Out Of Place Artifacts: Ica Stones
Created 1/18/2002 - Updated 3/13/2006

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"There were descriptions of technical devices and machines that traveled in space without consuming fuel." - Sr. J.J. Benitez

There is a collection of thousands of carved stones in Peru. Some believe they are ancient evidence of a lost advanced civilization which co-existed with dinosaurs, possesed spaceships, telescopes and advanced medical knowledge. Were these early visitors to Earth the orginal source of our planet's current six billion people? 


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What are Ica Stones?

The Ica Stones are real carved gray andesite rocks. The stones come in a variety of sizes. Some can easily fit your palm others are as large as a dog.  2

Where are they found?

The stones are found in a white rocky desert near the villages of Ocucaje and Ica, Peru near the Nasca Lines. A man named  Bacilleo Achua once claimed to have excavated many of the stones from tombs in the area of the village of Ocucaje - 1 | 8

How many are there?

There are between 15,000 to 40,000 carved rocks.  3, 5, 6  I count over 170 in this photo but the resolution prevents us from saying if these are all carved versus ordinary or even painted stones. If there really are tens of thousands the possibility that they are a hoax is more remote due to the tremendous amount of work involved. If, for example, one person started at age 10 carving one stone per day and continued doing so for the next 80 years retiring at age 90, he/she would produce 29,200 stones.


According to one translation of "The Message of the Stones", by Dr. Javier Cabrera there were 6000 of them. "After a systematic review of the 6000 samples that made up my collection, I realized that in many stones the designs seemed to repeat themselves." 

An author writing in Spanish says the Dr. stated there were a "million stones, buried in the desert" but he would not reveal the location because his life (and the lives of his family?) were in danger if he did. If threats were made, one might guess a culprit to be the Peruvian govt. who does not want an influx of new grave robbers tearing up the country.

Reasonable Skepticism in the Search for Truth

As we investigate the Ica Stones and other mysteries we must watch for exaggerations and false facts invented to support pre-held beliefs. Creationists and New Age thinkers are quick to point out cases where current science theory seems at odds with facts, yet they often lack healthy skepticism. One should demand sources and examine details carefully.  Dogmatic Scientists, on the other hand, are too skeptical. They discard real facts which do not fit rigidly held beliefs.

The truth is out there, in the middle. The number of Ica Stones is verifiable. Someone reliable should count the ones available. 


One time NASA scientist, Josef F. Blumrich (1913 - 2002) is cited by Kathy Doore (who sells pictures of the stones) as a man "who developed and designed the Saturn V rocket and participated in the design of Skylab" and who once remarked, " I am deeply impressed by what I have seen here, and I am happy to have found so much direct evidence of what I began to feel and understand before. There is not doubt in my mind about the authenticity of these stones." - April 29, 1974 

The testimony of experts, while interesting, is only of value when reasons are given. Some reasons are given below for believing the Ica Stones to be authentic.

Age of the Stones

Each stone is carved with continuous lines etched into the rock surface and this gives a clue as to the age. According to an article on Ellie Crystal's web site:

"The etching reveals a lighter color than the original dark varnish of age, yet the etched grooves also bear traces of this varnish, indicating that the carving was done in ancient times. They are a form of Andesite, a gray to black volcanic rock, and a very hard mineral that would make etching quite difficult with primitive tools, a local river rock, covered with a patina of natural oxidation. Laboratories in Germany have authenticated the incisions that make up the carvings as extremely ancient. Nearby fossil finds indicate the area to be replete in bone fragments millions of years old.

Unlike clay figurines that have organic material (i.e. straw) in their composition, there are no organic materials in plain old rock that will tell anything of its age. Traditional radiocarbon dating techniques rely upon organic material (that was once alive) to determine age. The surface of these rocks, however, has a varnish that is the result of bacteria and minute organisms which have adhered to them. A good black varnish or patina will take thousands of years to discolor and coat each stone. Etching these rocks would have removed the existing varnish, revealing the bare rock. Since these rocks have developed additional varnish in the grooves, it seems likely that they have were carved a long time ago."

Unfortunately, terms such as "extremely ancient" and "a long time ago" are not very useful. How many millions of years old are the fossil bone fragments? Also, why are the names of the "Laboratories in Germany" not given? I wrote to Ellie requesting more info on 3/13/2006.

Keeper of the Stones

The owner of the largest collection of stones was local physician, amateur archeologist and geologist named Dr. Javier Cabrera Darquea.  I learned that the Dr. had died of cancer on December 30, 2001. His last interview was conducted by Kathy Doore of A relative of the doctor is the new owner of the stones. The Dr. claimed to know the secret location of the cave where the stones were found, but he apparantly took this secret to his grave. An archaeologist agreed to be blindfolded and taken to the cave to verify his claim, but the Dr. refused.

Rock Facts: Hardness

Andesite is a gray to black volcanic rock. The name andesite comes from the facts that a huge amount are found in the Andes and that they are the volcanic correspondent of diorites. Andesites are different colors and are generally dark; they are 6° on the hardness scale with 1200 Kg/cm² of compression resistance.  The MOHS Scale measures hardness. It ranges from 1 to 10 degrees, in which the softest material is talc with 1° and the hardest is diamond with 10°. The harder the stone, the more resistant it is to abrasion. Marble is recrystallized limestone formed by the effects of heat and pressure. It ranges in hardness from 3 to 4 on the MOH scale. It is fairly easy to carve

Very Difficult to Carve

Carving andesite (6° on the MOH scale) is very difficult, similar to carving Feldspar (granite also 6°). It would take days and thousands of blows to carve each of the Ica stones, even with steel tools. In fact 'carving' might not be the right word, since you are not pushing the chisel through the material like you would with the limestone or marble, but you are instead pulverizing the stone, trying to break off chips of crystals (which can be as sharp as glass).

Modern carving tools must be carbide-tipped to stand up to the wear and tear of working granite. Fine detailed carving is better left to other types of stone. 

If the stones are pure andesite they would be most remarkable creations! They may, however, have a soft outer shell that is easy to carve. I'd love to have a sample to test and will continue to attempt to get one.

First Recorded by Father Simon

The stones were, according to Joseph Robert Jochmans, "first seen and recorded by Jesuit missionary Father Simon, who accompanied Pizarro in 1525. Samples were shipped to Spain in 1562." Father Simon traveled in the area of Ica in 1525 and inquired about the unusual engraved stones with strange animals on them. 3

A Christian source says that in the 1570's Indian historian Juan de Santa Cruz Pachacuti Llamgui, reporting on the Incas in "Relacion de antique dades d'este reyno del Peru" noted that the Conquistetories took some stones back to Spain and that at the time of the Inca Pachacuti, many stones were found in the kingdom of Chinca, "Chinchayunga" the low country of the central coast of Peru, where Ica is located today.  

There are ZERO references to Llamgui so I'm pretty skeptical of this claim. It almost seems like someone made him up. If either of these claims is true, it would be amazing evidence that some Ica Stones are not contemporary hoaxes. That is, Bacilleo Achua, the peasant attributed to hoaxing all of the stones for profit, is probably not 400 years old. Where are the actual references?

My Theory: K-T Dinosaur Extinction an illusion? 

Our standard geologic timetable informs us the dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago between the Cretaceous period (K) and the Tertiary period (T).  The K-T extinction is theorized because dinosaur fossils are figurine triceritopsfound throughout the Mesozoic era, but are not located in the rock layers (strata) of the Cenozoic era. The die out happened over the course of 10 million years.

Now, wait. Consider.  The container is not the content. The messenger is not the message. What do I mean? 

Do all dinosaurs become fossils? No.

"Taphonomy click this icon to hear the preceding term pronounced is the study of the conditions under which plants, animals, and other organisms become altered after death and sometimes preserved as fossils.  Research into these matters has shown that fossilization is a rare phenomenon.  In order for a fossil to form, the body must not be eaten or destroyed by erosion and other natural forces."

My theory: the climate change around the K-T event did not entirely kill off the dinosaurs, but it did make the continued creation of dino fossils impossible due to an explosion of new low oxygen tolerant microbes which more completely and quickly devoured the bodies of the dead animals! ( Email me if you know evidence to refute my theory. )

The exact methods and duration of the dino extinction are hotly debated, but was their actually a  gap of over sixty million years between dinosaurs and mankind? Many think the legends of dragons portray dinosaurs that coexisted with men.

The stones and figurines depect human figures hunting or struggling with a variety of monsters that resemble living BRONTOSAURS, TRICERATOPS, STEGOSAURS, IGUANODONTES, AND PTERODACTYLS.  The photo to the left is a figurine "from secret tunnels" which are part of the Ica Stone collection of the late Dr. C.  This was in the background of another photo taken by Peter Schneider. It appears to be a human figure riding or attacking a small Triceatops.

Some carvings reportedly show the biological cycles of the great saurians. Almost one third of the stones depict specific types of dinosaurs. Several diplodocus-like dinosaurs have what appear to be dermal frills. "Confirmation of these features has been reported only recently (Geology, 12/1992, v.20, No.12, p.1068-1070)." on David Icke's site.)  Other details of dinosaur anatomy depicted were only recently discovered by modern paleontologists. x | x | x

Skeptic: Not Dinosaurs

Debunker Robert Todd Carroll from the Skeptic's Dictionary web site says, "do the stones depict dinosaurs? Ica stone dinos That is open to interpretation."

Look at 'em carefully. Take all the time you want. They aren't going anywhere.

Do you agree with Robert Todd Carroll of the Skeptic's Dictionary?

Are the "monsters" carved on these rocks anything other than dinosaurs? Show the rocks to any group of 1000 people with no prompting and see how many identify them as dinosaurs. 

Here's another experiement. This page has some monsters drawn from people's imaginations. Would any of those same 1000 people think that the creations resemble dinosuars? I think not.

First Dinosaur Skeleton

There many earlier finds of dinosaur bones, "in 1676, a huge thigh bone (femur) was found in England by Reverend Plot. It was thought that the bone belonged to a 'giant,' but was probably from a dinosaur." 8 Other finds may have lead to tales of dragons in China and to Greek and Roman ogre and griffin legends, but "modern paleontology -- the science of studying dinosaur fossils -- began in earnest in 1858 with the discovery of the first nearly-complete skeleton of a dinosaur in Haddonfield, New Jersey. ... This was the find that included enough bones of the same animal to scientifically prove dinosaurs had really existed." 6 | 7 Modern man's conception of dinosaurs did not begin until the 1800's when the word dinosaur was coined (1841). 3

Some possibilities

1. Dinosaurs and humans co-existed because dinosaurs did not die out when claimed.
2. Dinosaurs and humans co-existed because humans existed much earlier in earth's history than claimed.
3. The humans depicted are not native to this planet. They were visting aliens.
4. The stones are a hoax and facts have been invented or distorted to keep the legend alive.


Really Big Birds

This interesting photo was found on the odd omniology web site. The site claims that these Pterodactyl photos are from the book, "The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs" by Dr. David Norman & Dr. Peter Wellnhofer and states that they may be staged.

pteroInterestingly, on Oct 18, 2002, CNN ran a story about a giant bird seen in Alaska.

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (Reuters) -- A bird the size of a small airplane was recently said to be seen flying over southwest Alaska, puzzling scientists, the Anchorage Daily News reported this week.

Residents in the villages of Togiak and Manokotak said the creature was like something out of the movie "Jurassic Park," and had a wingspan of 14 feet (4.6 meters) --making it the size of a small airplane.

An eagle can have an 8 foot wingspan, but eyewitnesses say it was much bigger than that. The wandering albatross can have a wingspan of 13 feet. There is also the recently declassified Bat Winged Boeing "Bird of Prey" in use from 1992 to 1999 to demonstrate stealth technology. 

The craft is 47 feet long, but witnesses, one as close as 1000 feet from the creature say what they saw was a bird, not a jet. "The people in the plane saw him," John Bouker was quoted as saying. "He's huge, he's huge, he's really, really big. You wouldn't want to have your children out."

Coroborating Evidence: Ancient Footprints

Robert Todd Carroll of the skeptic's dictionary states, "In light of the lack of corroborating evidence, a footprintreasonable person must conclude that the stones are a hoax."

Some (mostly those supporting the creationist view) footpoint to human tracks "now being assigned by mainstream geologists to the lower Cretaceous period, some 113 million years ago," as evidence.

On June 1, 1968, William J. Meister found a human sandal print (above right) in an area which includes the Swasey Mountains and the Cambrian Wheeler shale formation, an area famous for its many fossils. 

The prehistoric mud with the prints is now Cambrian shale and is an astonishing 600 million years old. Fossils in the prints are trilobites - supposed to be among the earliest forms of life on earth. This time, we have literally hit "rock bottom" in the fossil record - and yet here we find the presence of man, and an intelligent, shoe-wearing man at that. x 

Extraordinary claims such as this demand extraordinary proof. Can anyone confirm or refute this story?


Ancient Astronomy
One source says of the stones "People are shown using telescopes, looking at the stars ..."  1  Indeed, two people can be seen on the same stone looking though telescopes at stars. Actually these telescopes are interesting. They seem to be crystal spheres at the end of tubes.  One writer wrote that "it could also be a depiction of a person trying to play a type of whistle musical instrument (flute, pennywhistle, nose flute, etc.)" I guess you could stick a flute in your eye and point it at the stars. Sure, why not.

ica stone



Ancient Medicine

There are scenes of Caesarean sections, blood transfusions, the use of acupuncture needles as an anesthetic (which only gained use in the West since the late 1970s), delicate operations on the lungs and kidneys, and removal of cancerous tumors. There are likewise detailed images of open heart and open brain surgery, as well as 20 stones showing a step-by-step heart transplant procedure. 

As Dr. Cabrera noted, and as has been verified by other medical physicians, there are stone etchings which show a brain transplant. The prehistoric surgeons, it is evident, possessed knowledge several steps beyond modern-day surgery. 4 

brain surgery

Ancient Continents, Maps

According to J. J. Benitez, Plaza & Janes' 'Existio Otra Humanidad'

"There were a series of tablets dedicated to the ancient continents of our world, and two matched circular stones showing the eastern and the western hemispheres of this planet at that time; hemispheres that showed the earth's geography millions of years ago. These hemispheric maps showed continents that no longer exist today, such as the mythical Atantis and Mu, and even others."



"Meanwhile, the doctor continued his research with geologists to interpret the maps on several stones showing a weird configuration of the world. Some angles and land masses looked vaguely familiar, but the majority were badly skewered into strange shapes. Geologists have confirmed that based on current computer projections, the shapes indicated on the rocks are indeed accurate for the planet earth, as it was, about 13,000,000 (13 million) years ago, and as seen from above!!!! - article by Robert Prickett"

Well, I'm no "Geologists" but 13 million years ago our contients were pretty much like they are today. Here are some freeze frames from the 3D movable Paleoglobe, our modern guess as to what we think our planet looked like 20, 65, 80 and 100 million of years ago as seen from the south pole. Just spit balling here, but if the land mass in the Ica Stone above is Africa, I'd say we are talking about 100 million years ago. That also fits the supposed age of the oldest human footprints mentioned above.



Comets are coming

According to some, among the tablets is also a story of a great evacuation from Earth. On stones of great weight the civilization engraved the story of the departure from Earth of the elite scientists and professionals, to a physical planet that today would be considered a part of the Pleiades.

Ancient Library

What would you expect to find in a library of knowledge from an advanced ancient race? Very few close up pictures of the stones exist on the web. The stones should, for the benefit of all, be located, photographed and studied. The worst case would be some wasted time if they were a hoax. The best case is that we could learn how to get off of this rock before it is once again attacked by space junk.

"There have been, and will be again, many destructions of mankind arising out of many causes. ... Just when you and other nations are beginning to be provided with ... requisites of civilized life, after the usual interval, the stream from heaven, like a pestilence, comes pouring down and leaves only those of you who are destitute of letters and education; and so you have to begin all over again like children, and know nothing of what happened in ancient times ... " (- Plato, 347 B.C. )

ica stones


Links, References & More Research

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