The Mothman
Mysterious Creatures: The Mothman
Created 1/22/2002 - Updated 8/19/2004

Marcella Bennett and hundreds of others have reportedly seen the "Mothman" in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. "I could see leg, and i just started looking up and it looked like a man but with a head like a bird standing like that gray feathers" 1




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Mothman Prophecies Movie

The Mothman Prophecies movie, based on real events that took place in the late 1960's, has come and gone. (Movie trailer HERE.) Read the chat board contributions on the Mothman Lives web site. According to newspaper articles from the real event, what really happened was even more interesting than the movie.

Matching Eyewitness Sketches

I had the first picture below on this page for a while. Then I bought the book "Mothman, the facts behind the legend" by Donnie Sergent, Jr. & Jeff Wasmley.

They had a picture of a drawing (see below) and for about a month, I assumed it was the same one I already had.

When I finally compared the two the hair stood straight up on the back of my neck! These are TWO DIFFERENT drawings by two different eye-witnessses of the same damn thing!

Okay, to be fair, one person may have copied the other person's drawing, or they may have both seen the same hoaxer, but I still gives me the heebie jeebies.


Bat People

The mothman sounds similar to the giant bat-people described in other articles on the net. According to researcher Jan Lamprecht, the earliest mothman sightings were in 1877. If true, this fact would rule out the possibility they were genetic experiments by modern scientists. ( DNA was discovered in 1869 by Johan Friederich Miescher, but it was not until February 28, 1953 that biologists James Watson and Francis Crick discovered the helical structure of DNA that is a chemical code for life. )

An old book, "The Coming Race", by Rt Hon Lord Lytton was written in 1871. In it, Lytton claims to have met the batmen and he predicted they would come out and begin looking around.


What did all of these people really see? "...Mothman stood much taller than an average man, at 7 feet tall, perhaps taller. Its most prominent features were the massive wings spanning 10 feet across. Some accounts stated that small patches of feathers were spotted on the body and wings, some said the wings were featherless. Even more unusual were the huge, red, glowing eyes on the generally featureless face. Some eyewitnesses were unable to recall seeing a head; these reports stated the eyes were actually in the shoulder area where a neck and head "should" be. Few, if any, could remember details about the presence or type of feet the creature possessed." 2

The Mothman was also very very fast! "Eyewitnesses alleged that Mothman could fly without flapping its wings, and could match the speed of an automobile trying to flee at 100 miles an hour. The creature never seemed to flap its wings when rising from the ground -- it evidently was able to rise and float above the earth's surface with little or no effort, not making any sound or noise. " 2

Time Line

SUMMER 1966: We first have a six-foot butterfly thing. "In the summer of 1966, a doctor's wife ... said that she had seen a six-foot long thing resembling a "giant butterfly". 4

MID NOVEMBER 1966: Then we have some red glowing eyes and a sheriff's radio acting strangely. "In mid-November, 1966, at night, outside this building, a pair of "parkers" reported seeing the creature, noting especially its glowing red eyes. The creature then reportedly gave chase to the pair as they sped into Point Pleasant to describe their contact to authorities. A sheriff's deputy dispatched to the scene reported an uneasy feeling coming on when he noticed his two-way radio failing to work properly and making a static-filled noise." 5

NOVEMBER 12, 1966: Next a brown human sized thing that flew out of the trees. "On November 12, (1966) five gravediggers saw something which looked like a "brown human being" fly out of the trees near Clendenin. One of the witnesses, Kenneth Duncan, said that they watched the creature for almost a minute." 3

NOVEMBER 25, 1995: Ronnie Hammonds (a nurse), her sister Regina, her little brother Adam, and her best frends Zina and Mickle were traveling home from Bogarts in Cincinatti Ohio after a Boy George concert. Ronnie says she didn't know the roads very well and the group got lost on a road called Old 52. Everyone got out of the car at a rest stop on this very cold night and saw a sign that said Pleasant Point. Driving in and out of thick fog banks after the rest stop, suddenly, "in the midle of the road was this thing. i slamed on the brakes to try and stop the car so we wouldn't hit it. this thing was huge it had to stand over 6 feet tall. it did not move it stayed there for a few seconds then flew strate up in the air like a bullet.

me and zina were histerical. we were going crazy. everyone in the car was screaming. the car slid sidewayes because the road had black ice on it. .we were terrified we did not know of the ledgend of the moth man. we got the car back on the road and drove about a mile up the road and pulled off at this old farm house to gather our thoughts . we were trying to find the map to see where we were . we, me and zina, got out of the car because the map was in the back of the trunk. we were diging threw the food and stuff to find it. sudenley above us we herd a strange noise like , bouip , i cant explain it .

then we herd a flaping noise and it sounded like it was right over us. like it was going to land on us. i sed to zina get in the car now . we both jumped in and took off as fast as we culd. somthing was out there and we did not want no part of it. we drove for hours till we found an enter stste junction. where we culd get back to some light. we didn't know what we saw but we new it would terifi us forever. two weeks later zina called me and sed we saw a moth man. i did not know what this was. she explained and i sed nah, do you think thats what it was?

she sed yes because it is in a place caled point plesent w.v. our famleys and frends laughed at us and maid jokes about us. so we never reported it to the athorites......... ronnie hammonds"

On a skeptical note, not to be rude, but becoming a nurse requires serious education. Frankly, I'm surprised at "Ronnie the nurse's" spelling. Seems about Jr. High level.

Hoax Possible...

I've been startled by owls in the trees at night. They are freaky, but I've never seen one that looked like a brown human being. The locals would have grown up around the local birds, and even if a strange bird came into the area, a bird is still a bird.

It could have been someone in a costume on some wires. That seems like a very elaborate joke to pull. It would be difficult but not impossible to rig this up in some trees. Perhaps the whole thing was an experiment to see how much an entire town could be freaked out?

Red glowing eyes, static on a police radio and a guy on wires in the trees would be possible. You would, however, need someone "in on it" on the ground to keep your man in the suit in the trees from being shot by accident.

The 100 mile per hour Mothman chasing a car would be much harder to fake, but not impossible. I suppose you could have a guy hanging from some wires and have a stealth aircraft above. How about a helicopter? That fits with the stated fact that the mothman didn't even flap his wings to take off. Steal a few dogs ... make some scary noises ... and there you go.

On Batmen and Batcopters

Bats? Helicopters? Holy Moth-hoaxers Batman! Could this have been done with the Batcopter? According to David's excellent Batcopter web page, the Batcopter was built in 1964 and it really flew! It was a Bell G3B-1. Check out this VIDEO of the Batcopter (requires RealPlayer to view: . (Just be aware that the free RealPlayer software is full of sinister insect-like Spyware or Adware. It installs without telling you, then monitors your Internet use, connects to the Internet behind your back and sends the information it has collected about you. You may not care about that, but adware can also slow down your computer and make your mouse "jerky". Click HERE for some help removing adware.) Interestingly, the Bell G3B-1 Batcopter "is capable of speeds up to 105 mph and can reach altitudes up to 18,000 feet. It can stay aloft for 2 hours and 45 minutes with a 15 minute reserve." As you can see from the picture on the right, the Batcopter even had its own ladder that could be used for stunts. Was there a nearly invisible black ladder that could have been hooked to the costume of the Mothman? Some sort of Batcopter (Mothcopter?) could have come from as close as the Point Pleasant/Mason County Airport 4 miles north of Pt. Pleasant off State Route 62.

UFOs, Men In Black, Poltergeists, Cattle Mutilations

With this event you get the Mothman, but that's not all! We'll also throw in some MEN IN BLACK, UFOs, POLTERGEISTS and ... CATTLE MUTILATIONS.

"For a thirteen month period from November 1966 until December 1967, the town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, USA was seemingly tipped into a state of chaos ..., overrun by UFOs, poltergeists, Men in Black in beyond-fashion-clothing driving impeccable old cars and fake service workers -- both groups had dark, sharp features, and wearing thick soled rubber shoes. If that wasn't bad enough, a surrealist abbatoirist left cattle cadavers strewn about the fields of Point Pleasant." 7

The National Guard owned the area. Was the military involved?

Other theories I've heard: - Underground work in this area released an inner earth creature. The UFOs containing Men in Black came to get the creature and take it back down. - These things came to visit us from the moon three years before we landed a man there. Mothmen on the moon?


Years ago an unusual flying creature was sighted by multiple sober eye-witnesses. It seems unlikely that it was a bird or a hoax. The mothman mystery remains unsolved.













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