Strange Phenomena: UFOs
Created 12/22/2000 - Updated 9/23/2004 

Like photos, videos can be faked. Some of the videos below may have simple explanations. Some may be hoaxes. Are they all explainable?

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Over 100 UFO Videos

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UFOs in space and on the moon

Saucers On Moon 291kb rm
Apollo take off 12 291kb rm
Apollo11 103kb rm
STS-37 570kb rm
STS-48 Clip 2
STS-80 UFO in Storm
Sts-48 802kb rm
Sts-48 813kb avi
STS-80 Clip
Shuttle UFO Film



UFOs caught during daylight

Polymer, Calif. 1956 Colorado 1963 295kb rm Clouds 250kb
Klickoda Clip Woolwich 124kb rm
California 1966 97kb rm
UFO moves over Lake
California 1966 182kb rm
Cylinder UFO 209kb rm
Daylight UFO Film
Colorado 1963 294kb rm
Meier 555kb rm
Crop Circle UFO 320kb rm
Wood UFO Clip 2
Billy Meier Film 3



UFOs seen around jets and airplanes

USAF Gun Camera 658kb rm
Ufo & Concord 143kb rm

Plane/UFO Clip 6

Plane/UFO Clip 4
Plane/UFO Clip 5



UFOs that look like flying garbage cans

Equador 1995 Clip

Ecuador 1995 113kb rm
Gulf Breeze, Florida
Redfish, Florida Clip




Various unsorted UFOs

Gulf Breeze Clip (3)
Miami 163kb rm
Guardian Footage 438 kb rm
Brazil UFO 93kb rm
on gound 565kb
Clip taken 3-10-01

Kent Contrail UFO

Great Britain Clip
Norway clip 11-19-02

Reading, UK clip

Romford, UK clip

Flare Clip


England Clip 1966

Texas 1959 256kb rm
Georgia Clip (1)

Georgia Clip (2)

Germany 1980 Clip

Guardian Clip (1)
Great Britain Clip
Gulf Breeze Clip (1)
River Forth Clip 1

River Forth Clip 2

UFO over Water
Japan Clip (2)

St.Petersburg Clip

Billh ufo 89kb
Russian UFO 1990
Suffolk, U. K. Clip
Russian Crowd Clip
Arizona Clip

Bluebook Clip 4

French Sedan Clip
Two UFOs Hover
Daylight Triangle
UFO over Mountain
Hamilton Clip (2)

Triangle UFO (Germany)

Lowestoft, Germany Clip
Billy Meier Film 2
Diamond-shaped UFO (2)
Salida, Colorado film
Fire ball 1.68MB rm

Albany International Airport

Wood UFO Clip 1
UFO in Tornado
Plasma Ship 272kb rm
Sverdlovsy UFO
Red-Ball UFO
Catalina Clip
Hagen, Germany 1980
Billy Meier Film 1
Silver Springs, MD 1966
Area 51 Film 1990
Area 51 144kb
Columbia Shuttle 1996
1987 Rhode Island Film

Madagascar UFO clip

Guatemala, 1981
UK, Bambi Clip 1
Romerike, Norway Clip 2
Romerike, Norway UFO Film
Fortson Clip, 12-2000
Duncanville, Texas UFO
Cluster of UFO's 553kb rm
Morrison clip, 9-1991

UFO flies at camera

Brazil Clip 1
Gravesend Clip
Area 51 Clip
Area 51 Clip 2
Colorado Clip



UFOs that appear in clusters or trianlges

UFOs in Formation

Russian Triangle UFO
Mexico Clip 1993
UFO's Over Phoenix 527kb rm
Phoenix Lights 1997

Carl Lynch (1-8-02)

UFO over Nuclear Plant
Belgium 1990 97kb rm
Belgium UFO Film
Israel UFO 2

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