Strange Phenomena: UFOs
Created 12/22/2000 - Updated 9/23/2004 

Unfortunately, anyone with a computer can fake a UFO picture in a few seconds. Here are my own UFO fakes. As with all photos on this page, click to enlarge. Unlike my fakes, the photos on this page are from the days before personal computers.

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Photo Evidence

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1910 France
A rare photograph of entry number 5 in the Catalan Cup Race at a track in France. This picture also included a strange unidentified flying object seen over the tree tops beyond the line of spectators watching this race. There is no indication whether the photographer saw this object and intended to get it in the picture.


1932 St. Paris, Ohio, USA The unidentified flying object in this picture could not have been a street lamp, simply because there were no street lamps there at that time. There are no power poles or power lines visible anywhere in this picture. Summer 1932, Mid-day, St. Paris, Ohio. This picture of George Sutton of St. Paris, Ohio, taken near mid-day (as may be seen from the shadows on the ground) shows a vintage automobile with a 1932 license plate on the front bumper. Nobody has been able to account for the dark object seen over Sutton's left shoulder in this photograph


1942 Sea of Japan
An Imperial Japanese Sally bomber aircraft, on a mission over the Sea of Japan, was approached by a small dark spherical object which flew around and between the aircraft in the formation. An alert gun-cameraman snapped one photograph. Has anyone else noticed that this little orb is the same UFO that appears in the Space Shuttle video STS-37!?


1950 Red Bud, Illinois, USA
4:00pm on April 23 Mr. Dean Morgan, a part-time photographer, was coming down the south side of a wooded hill from Red Bud, when he saw this object and got one photograph of it.


1952 Puerto Maldonado, Peru
4:30pm on July 19:
The attention of Customs Inspector Sr. Domingo Troncoso, then with the Peruvian Customs Office at Puerto Maldonado on the jungle frontier with Bolivia, was called to a very strange cigar-shaped flying object over the river area. The big dirigible-shaped craft was flying horizontally and fairly low in the sky, passing from right to left from the observers position. It was leaving a dense trail of thick smoke, vapor, or substance on its wake. This object was a real, structured, physical machine and may be seen from its reflection in the waters of the Madre de Dios river underneath it. The object was estimated to be over a hundred feet long.


1952 Passiac, New Jersy, USA around 4:30pm.
Mr. George J. Stock, in the yard working on his lawn-mower, around 4:30pm, took this picture with his box reflex camera. It was coming directly over his house from the IT&T tower, and was estimated to be 20 to 25ft above the ground. This sighting lasted only a couple of minutes.


1958 Trindade, Brazil
Off the Brazilian coast near Trindade many of the ship's crew as well as a Mr. Barania, photographer for the Brazilian Navy witnessed this saucer shaped object that shadowed the movements of the ship. No warfare exercises were practiced. Instead, the Brazilian vessel was participating in the International Geophysical Year of 1958. Computer enhancement reveals that the craft is composed of a globe circled by a large, metallic ring much like the planet Saturn.


1963 Peralta, New Mexico, USA
Paul Villa was in an area south of Albuquerque near the town of Peralta when he found a landed silver circular craft about 70ft in diameter. Nine human-like beings came out of the ship through a sealed door. They spoke to Villa in English and Spanish and could communicate telepathically. The visitors told Villa they had several discs that could pick up pictures and sounds from any place and relay their data back to the ship instantly. After a long conversation the ship took off, taking care not to harm the small creatures on the ground below, per Villa's request.


1965 Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
At 1:45am on August 2, 1965 Young Alan Smith, then 14 years old, snapped two color photographs of a blinking, colored, luminous, discoid flying object that passed directly over his house there in Tulsa. It had alternating blue, orange, and white lights shining from its underside.

1965 Bernalillo, New Mexico, USA
On Easter Sunday Apolinar Villa was guided telepathically to this spot near where he spotted this craft hovering silently in the air and photographed it.


1965 Santa Ana, California, USA
While racing home to Santa Ana, Mr. Rex Heflin took several photographs of this hat-shaped saucer. Because of the presence of the telephone poles in the background, it has been estimated that this craft is more than 30ft in diameter. Mr. Heflin has donated these photographs to independent UFO researchers for no monetary compensation. Seven years and 7000 miles away, in Cluj, Romania, Mr. Amiel Barnea photographed a similar (or possibly the same) hat-shaped UFO. Six years after that occurrence, Belotie, Yugoslavia was the sight of another similar witnessing.


1966 Lake Tiorati, New York
The west side of the Hudson River, three fishermen noticed an unusual circular metallic flying object. One of the men grabbed a box camera and managed to snap four pictures before it flew away over Stockbridge Mountain.


1967 Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA.
January 12.
A fisherman sitting in his boat on the west side of Old River saw this object and only had time to take one picture before it shot off at a 45 degree angle at a great rate of speed. No sound was heard during the experience.


1967 Cumberland, Rhode Island, USA
At 7:15pm on July 3
Joseph L. Ferriere went to east Woonsocket to investigate reports of a strange object flying around in the area, he spotted a large cigar-shaped object hovering in the sky. After taking four pictures of the object he noticed a smaller disc-shaped object coming out from the larger object and took a picture of the disc-shaped object also.


1967 Picacho Peak, New Mexico, USA
About 2:00pm on March 12th, 1967,
A New Mexico State University student was hiking in a desert area near Picacho Peak, New Mexico, when he spotted a big round silvery object hovering in the air just above a rocky hill about 500 yards away. He prepared his 4" X 5" Press Camera, set it at F8 and 1/100 shutter speed, and snapped one good black and white picture of the object. It appeared stationary or was moving very little at the time of the photograph. He looked down to change the plates of his camera, needing only 3 seconds, but when he looked back to take another shot, the object was gone. He recalled smelling an electrical odor in the air too!


1968 Sicuani, Peru. December 6.
Sr. Pedro Chavez, a photographer for La Prensa, on assignment in Sicuani, Peru, was in the cathedral square near the big church where he took this picture before they disapeared.


1973 Morelos Cocoyoc, Mexico: November 3, at 6:45 PM
With its arms splayed out evenly around it, an object descended and landed in a grass scrub area beside a road. It landed on the arms projected downward.


1977 Centeno, Argentina
Shaped like a giant sombrero, this UFO hovered outside of Centeno for an unknown period of time, and was photographed by an anonymous source. A similar object was witnessed in Ontario, Canada two years earlier.


1977 Floradad, Uruguay
A reporter from one of the larger Uruguayan cities while on assignment, photographed this strange object as it circled numerous times around him.


1978 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
At 5:10pm on June 20, 1978
Sr. Saul Janusas was able to snap two photographs of a dark metallic looking Saturn-shaped UFO. He could see it clearly in the reddish dusk haze peculiar to the Winter sunset.


1978 Kagawa, Miki-cho, Japan
At 3:00pm on February 4, 1978
Mr. Hirobumi Matsushita was taking snapshots with a friend when they noticed a shiny golden metallic colored object flying high above them in the clear blue sky. There were no clouds and a slight breeze was blowing, but not enough to raise debris that high in the air. The object seemed to be moving purposefully, obviously under intelligent control. Mr. Matsushita adjusted his camera and took several pictures of the strange object before it disappeared.


1980 Charleston, South Carolina, USA
At 5:30pm on April 4, 1980 William J. Herrmann, a local auto mechanic, saw and photographed a silvery disc-shaped object flying erratic maneuvers near Charleston Air Force Base.