Strange Phenomena: UFOs
Created 12/22/2000 - Updated 8/7/2006 

As you will see below, thousands of UFO sigthings are available, supposedly spanning written history. Which reports are credible?

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Interesting Sightings

1. Read UFO Reports | 2. Carteret NJ Sighting | 3. Roswell Incident | 4. Kenneth Arnolds Sighting
Read UFO Reports
Local newspaper stories are an excellent source. Search the google news archive for the most recent UFO reports. There is a fantastic UFO news clipping library at the UFO Museum in Roswell New Mexico. There are also many UFO groups like MUFON which collect reports. I've heard these groups are eventually run by or watched by the government to make sure no military secrets get out. Some stories may be intentional BS, but they are fun to read. Try these sites: Sightings from: ( 1909 , 1910 , 1917, 1928, 1943 , 1945 , 1946 , 1947, 1948 , 1949 , 1950 , 1952 , 1954 , 1955 ) Also:, ( aka ),,,,,,, UFOCenter, Sightings, DebsLinks.

Below are a few sightings that I found interesting.

5/14/04 UFO. (Reuters | KStar | DailyNews) Here is some video of the UFOs seen recently by the Mexican airforce. Theories so far:

1. Ball lightning. The "cluster of mysterious objects that surrounded a Mexican Air Force plane, alarming the pilots and sparking a UFO scare, could be a weather phenomenon known as ball lightning, a scientist said on Friday."

2. Gas. "The Campeche coast on the Gulf of Mexico, where the objects were filmed, is Mexico's main oil- and gas-producing region. Oil platforms there release or burn off some of the gas they produce"

In addition to Mexico, now we have UFOS reported over South Texas, also captured on video. The mexican UFOs seem to be flying past clouds in formation, but they do not make any turns. To me they look like balloons. For example take a look at this:

If they are balloons, they should be tracked carefully. No telling what they carry. Read the main UFO article on theories for more.

Carteret NJ Sighting
The following unexplained sighting is interesting because it occurred just two months before the infamous 9-11-2001 attacks on New York City and Washington DC and was situated between the two sites of destruction.

CARTERET, NJ . Sighting on Sunday 7/15/01 12:20 a.m.- 12:30 a.m. Multiple lights in different patterns, multiple eyewitnesses. Made ABC News (video). Carteret police Lt. Dan Tarrant saw a "string of bright yellow lights that flashed in a V-formation for about 10 minutes, then faded one-by-one into darkness." A collection of garbage bag balloons tied together with fishing wire might duplicate what I could make out in the video.

Click on Video above and view the video called "cluster.rm" for a daytime video of what I think is same thing: a cluster of balloons. The Carteret incident may have been a prank. Given the proximity to bases and the coastal location, (see red star on map for location of Carteret, NJ below) they might even be military spy balloons. Could be ours which failed to cross the Atlantic, or worse, balloons from another country that DID make it. Pure speculation, but this has happened before.

Is something invading our airspace? If so, isn't the military responsible? We can only hope that they are on top of it, but they aren't saying either way:
"U.S. space officials say the lights were not from the orbiting space station or shuttle -- or anything else that can be explained. Likewise, officials at Newark International Airport and at area military bases say they didn't receive any reports of odd planes passing overhead or pilots seeing strange lights. But then, if a secret military plane flew over Carteret, it wouldn't be secret if the military acknowledged it, right?" - (nice article)

For Reference: Earle Naval Weapons Station Lakehurst, NJ (~56 driving miles from Carteret, NJ) Fort Dix & McGuire AFB Trenton, NJ (~43 driving miles from Carteret, NJ)

Crash at Roswell, New Mexico
Too much has been written about "ufo crash" at Roswell, NM in July 1947. Theories: Mogul weather balloon, Japanese balloon bomb, crashed experiemental aircraft, space aliens, etc. The crash happened notably near Roswell Army Airfield which was the only place in the US at that time capable of launching a nuclear attack.

In my own years of research, including a visit to Roswell, NM, I've found a source who is credible and who says there were alien bodies. That really throws me because I'd otherwise think it was just some military (ours or other) craft.

Kenneth Arnold's Sighting
On June 24, 1947, Kenneth Arnold, was flying around 3:00 in the afternoon, at about 9,000 feet, near Mount Rainier. He saw shiny objects flying in formation which skipped like saucers on the water. The press picked this up and called them flying saucers. People are still reporting he saw disk shapes. For example, these sites:,, say (as of 8/18/01) that Kenneth Arnold on June 25 1947 saw nine "saucer shaped" objects. Take a look at Arnold and the picture. Read Arnold's own words in this interview with Ed Murrow and his sworn statement. What arnold saw was cresent or bat shaped, like a jet. (click photo to enlarge)

"I assumed at the time they were a new formation or a new type of jet, though I was baffled by the fact that they did not have any tails. They passed almost directly in front of me, but at a distance of about 23 miles, which is not very great in the air. I judged their wingspan to be at least 100 feet across."

The picture is a model of what he actually saw. Arnold didn't see pelicans or a collection of meteors, as articles on and suggest. He had a good look at the objects. They flashed metalic and had glass cockpits. He was a pilot. He thought they were jets. Arnold's sighting was also visually confirmed on the ground by a prospector. One theory fingers a secret military jet, created (like the V2 Rocket) by german engineers.
There was secrecy around the XP-59A, which some say was America's first jet aircraft flown in 1941. The Bell XP-59A itself, however, looks like an airplane, so it is not what Arnold saw. More likely, he witnessed experimental jets from German designs. In fact, the German Horton "Ho VI" was called a "flying parabola". This was an "extremely-high-aspect-ratio test-only glider". According to, "after the war, the Ho VI was shipped to Northrop for analysis." Add a top secret jet engine and a slight body modification, and you have something which fits perfectly using known technology for the time of the sighting.
The Northrop Flying Wing (YB-49) Prototype may be involved. "It was being tested at about the same time, and in the same area. It was crescent-shaped... (it's basically the GrandDaddy of Stealth) for lack of a getter(sic) term." - The flying wing was a bomber that could carry 78,000 lbs. of bombs. - Well, the YB-49 isn't crescent-shaped, it is wing-shaped. Mr. Squiggles, posts the same conclusion, but are misses the fact that a prototype of one of these flying wings was crescent shaped. I found one reference to an "E.A.P. canary crescent wing fighter jet".