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Strange Beliefs: Cancer Cure
Created 12/28/2001 - Updated 8/22/2004

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1. Finding Rife Devices | 2. Working Device? | 3. Making Your Own Frequencies | 4. Frequencies You Can Hear | 5. Does our Western Musical Scale Encode Lost Healing Arts? | 6. What is a Hertz? | 7. 555 Timer Chip | 8. DS1075 Timer Chip | 9. Rife's Frequencies | 10. Conclusion

Finding Rife Devices

There may be places on the net selling different kinds of Rife devices, but one site says "Rife machines have been outlawed by the FDA." No matter what you think of Rife, I'd bet there are some real quacks out there ready to take your money. I also read that you can get treatment in Mexico and Europe with Rife therapies. One thing is certain, this stuff is already all over the place. Ask around. Everyone has heard of this. I was really shocked. At least twenty people have said things to me or around me recently about Rife.

Working Device?

A web site, contains a claims that one working unit "has a fixed carrier frequency of about 4.6 Mhz. There are two other primary harmonics within the carrier of 2.15 and 9.09 Mhz. The carrier is Amplitude Modulated using a Hewlett-Wein Bridge Oscillator." Controls change the frequency band and audio frequency from 16Hz to 200 KHz. Amplitude (audio power level) is also adjustable with optimum effects found using 100 % modulation (sine, not square wave) and not overmodulation.

"The output wave of the device is gated at the AC line voltage frequency. For the USA, this would be 60 Hz. Each series of pulses within the gated envelope, is composed of a damped wave train. The three harmonics of 2.15, 4.6 ,and 9.09 are all modulated. Damped wave transmitters are now outlawed by all countries via international treaties. The plasma tube behaves as an active part of the circuit, and when placed close to the patient, couples the field to the patient. A curiosity is that frequencies utilized by this device are TEN TIMES the frequency that is presently used. For example, this device uses 21275 Hz instead of 2128 Hz."

Making Your Own Frequencies

Let's say you want to create a device to give pulses at exactly 28,825,455 cycles per second. (28825.455 Kilohertz). How would you do that? Could you hear them?

Frequencies You Can Hear

These are some frequencies that some rife sites said will kill certain specific viruses. I highly doubt that just listening to them will do anything at all, but I'm not sure of that. I've had a lot of fun combining them. Certain combinations are down right eerie.

From David M. Tumey and William H. Sheline "Royal Rife Revisited: Reconstruction of the Original Rife Ray Tube"

Micro-organism ------- Frequency (cps)

Streptothrix (fungus)..............784
Typhoid Bacteria...................712
Typhoid Virus.....................1862
B.Coli--Rod form (Read E.coli).....800
Tuberculosis Rod form..............803
Tuberculosis Virus................1552
Sarcoma (all forms)...............2008
Carcinoma (all forms).............2128

Here they are (all square waves, .wav files). They are only 5 seconds long so you'll have to play them in an infinite loop somehow. I've included frequencies of western musical notes for comparison.

E 659 Hz | 660 Hz | F 698 Hz | 712 Hz | 728 Hz
F# / Gb 740 Hz | 776 Hz | G 784 Hz | 784 Hz | 800 Hz
803 Hz | G# / Ab 831 Hz | A 880 Hz | 880 Hz | A# / Bb 932 Hz
B 988 Hz | C 1046 Hz | C# / Db 1108 Hz | D 1174 Hz | D# / Eb 1244 Hz
E 1318 Hz | F 1396 Hz | 1552 Hz | G 1568 Hz | G# / Ab 1662 Hz
| A 1760 Hz | 1862 Hz | A# / Bb 1864 Hz | B 1976 Hz | 2008 Hz
| C 2092 Hz | 2128 Hz | C# / Db 2216 Hz

To get the full effect, you might want to hear what they sound like specially combined at one of the Xenophilia shows near you. Again, I don't really think these audio frequencies were what did the trick. It was the higher radio frequencies (I think) that killed stuff ... if it worked at all.

To play with sound more try these pages:

1. Hear any frequency 440 to 880 Hz adjustable in 1 Hz increments. (sine wave, JAVA Applet)

2. Hear tones of western music combined. View wave forms resulting from combined notes! (JAVA Applet)

Does our Western Musical Scale Encode Lost Healing Arts?

What if ... the major scale was picked by the ancients because they knew the curative powers of certain frequencies in that scale? What if we have drifted off of the correct frequencies in all of these years? Look at the musical scale above, compare it to the frequencies that Rife claimed would vibrate cancer germs to death, and decide for yourself. Can these audio frequencies open some sort of secret door?

What is a Hertz?

A hertz is one cycle per second. If you touch both ends of a battery 2 times per second, you are getting a small 2 hertz electromagnetic pulse. Since you can't move your hand on and off a battery 28.825455 million times per second, you'll need some electronics to do this for you.

EASIEST: We can get frequencies of a wide range from just downloading a Free Tone Generator. If you plug a 1/4 inch plug with frayed ends into your PC's speaker and hold the ends, you will be getting pulses at the frequency you enter. The frequencies you can get this way will depend on your sound card. Others have tried this and have reported that the limits of the comptuer do not produced the desired timings when connected to a scope.

555 Timer Chip

I hope to start by building a device that you can control anywhere from 0 to 500,000 Hz using the 555 Timer chip (Radio Shack Catalog No. 276-1723) For comparison, human hearing is in the range of vibrations between 20 and 20,000 hertz. In other words, the 555 timer chip could give all frequencies that you can hear.



DS1075 Timer Chip

To reach the 28,824,455 cycles per second (Hz) that we want, we could try another programmable chip, the DS1075 which can give from 30,000 Hz to 100,000,000 Hz frequencies.

Rife's Frequencies

Rife's original notes from Nov 20, 1932 say that cancer was killed by a setting of 11,780,000 Hz. This may have been 23,560,000 Hz according to some.

Looking at Rife's notes, you might wonder what an "Audion" is. Lee De Forest invented the "triode" or "audion" amplifier. This device made wireless radio broadcasting practicable. [ 101 |