Mt. Shasta Man Sees Aliens
Strange Creatures: Nordic Alien Contact
Created 12/16/2001 - Updated 10/17/2013

Xeno interviews a man with an electrical engineering background who makes amazing claims: He saw a flying saucer, communicated with Nordic aliens, had a near death experience, saw bigfoot, had a secret entrance into Mt. Shasta, spoke to Lemurians and witnessed flat headed alien dwarfs from inside the mountain. Not entirely believeable, but highly entertaining.


1. Mt. Shasta UFO Report | 2. Angel | 3. Mobius | 4. Interview: First UFO | 5. Bay Door Opens | 6. Telepathic Contact | 7. UFO Burns | 8. Admitted Drug Use | 9. An Electrical Engineer | 10. Many Amazing Stories | 11. Bigfoot | 12. Grey Aliens | 13. Reptilian Aliens | 14. Lemurians | 15. Near Death Experience | 16. Dwarfs (The Little People) | 17. 10,000 Year Lights | 18. Secret Portal | 19. Cross Checking | 20. Interview Summary | 21. Real UFO Shaped Clouds | 22. References

Mt. Shasta UFO Report

This interview was conducted on August 21, 2000 at Panther Meadows campgrounds on beautiful Mt. Shasta. [ Note: the Civilian Conservation Corps helps build campgrounds like Panther Meadows in California and similar projects are going on across the country, all the way to New York.

( Photo from )

From one camper, who called himself Angel--in the hat above, and below, holding fruit--I heard an account of a shooting star that turned around in the sky and flew back over the mountain in the direction it had originated.

Several people saw this in addition to himself according to Angel, supposedly the night before I arrived.


When he saw me take notes, Angel asked if I was a reporter. I said yes, for a web site. "I have someone you should meet then," said Angel.


At a nearby site, gathered around a camp fire, were five adults. I was introduced to a man I will here call "Mobius". When I asked if he'd seen the shooting star, he said no, but he had had many other UFO encounters. I asked if he'd mind being interviewed. He agreed and said he was recently interviewed with some other people for a TV show.

(NOTE: Mobius declined to be photographed and does not appear on this page. The picture to the left is Angel, the camper who introduced me to Mobius. Mobius was white male, about 45 years old.)

Interview: First UFO

Xeno: "Mobius, you say you've had many experiences with UFOs. Can you tell me about the first one?"

Mobius: "I was in Southern Oregon in the Siskyou Mountains staying alone in a cabin. At around 1 or 1:30 AM a bright silvery white light appeared a quarter to a half mile away. It was moving over the treetops, about 150 feet above the trees. It made no sound. It was saucer shaped." (Xeno sketches drawing. Mobius corrects until it is right. I misplaced the drawing, unfortunately.)

Mobius: "It came to rest right over the Cabin, about 30 feet above the cabin. I could see it as it approached from my bedroom window." (at this point I should have asked if he went outside. That is unknown.)

Xeno: Did you wake anyone up so they could see it?

Mobius: "The closest person was 100 yards away in another cabin. I didn't want to wake them up and the thought just didn't occur to me. The bay door opened in the saucer which was 45-50 feet across and about 15 feet thick. Three beings were standing inside. Behind them was a brilliant yellow white light."

Bay Door Opens

"When the bay door opened, sound also came out, like a humming bass note.

The beings wore white robes with gold edging. They were 7 to 8 feet tall with long blonde hair. They were slender. Their hair was not a normal blonde, it was a sparkly blonde.

They had almost translucent skin."

Telepathic Contact

"They made telepathic contact and said "Would you like to go with us?"

Xeno: M, had you ever had any telepathic contacts of any type before that?

Mobius: "No, never."

Xeno: Researcher Richard Sauder describes a microwave tool which he claims was used on him to project a voice into his inner ear, like a little radio. Was your contact a sound, or a thought?

Mobius: "I didn't hear anything in my ears, it was a powerful thought energy, and not my thoughts. I had no fear, I was just neutral."

UFO Burns

Xeno: Did the experience leave any physical evidence?

Mobius: "The side facing the ship had a tingly burn-y sensation."

Xeno: Did it feel like this camp fire?

Mobius: "More intense, my skin was flushed pinkish red."

"I did not want to go with them. They said telepathically, that whenever I am ready the offer is still open. Then the bay door closed and the ship accelerated slightly, then took off real fast with a plasma trail, but totally silent. "

Xeno: Wow, that's a close encounter of the third kind. ( I'm thinking, what a hoot. True or not, it will be fun to have on my site. )

Mobius: "The first of many."

Xeno: Did anyone see your "sunburn"?

Mobius: "I didn't tell anyone for years. I was afraid of having people think I was whacked out. "

Admitted Drug Use

Xeno: Were you using any drugs that night M?

Mobius: "Yes, pot and some mescaline."

Xeno: I don't know much about drugs, but isn't mescaline a hallucinogen? ( I'm thinking, rats. Interesting twist. Impression: speaker felt this claim gave him "street cred" via experience few others have had. )

Mobius: "Yes, its effects last quite a long time, but I can tell the difference. It may have exaggerated the effects of something that really happened. That was my only experience with close encounters where drugs were involved. I've had no drugs since then and several encounters since."

Xeno: When did this first one happen?

Mobius: "Way back, early fall 1979."

At this point, since I had discovered I was interviewing a hallucinogenic drug user, I asked if any of his experiences happened when others were present (some did, he claimed) and I fished for more background. Mobius claimed to have a GED and to have attended a University.

I don't use or condone the use of drugs. ( I find the world to be quite strange enough already and I value clarity of mind. ) Having worked with recovering drug users, I am also aware of some of the life destroying effects. However, a history of past drug or alcohol use does necessarily make a person a liar. Still, this admission did cool my level of interest in interviewing this person.

An Electrical Engineer

Mobius was intelligent, a great story teller and he had a vast knowledge of his unusual subjects. One of his many astounding claims is that he once worked building UFOs with microwave technology. Being a skeptical science geek, I couldn't let that go unchallenged. I asked, "What's the difference between a thermistor and a thermocouple?" With admiration he said, "Great question" and with a wry smile, he knocked my socks off by answering correctly without missing a beat. If nothing else, he really did have an electrical engineering background.

Many Amazing Stories

In addition to his use of mind altering drugs, this witness was made less believable by the fact that he had seen just about every kind of alien ever imagined. His firsts contact was with the Nordic Aliens, but it didn't stop there.


As the interview progressed, I learned that he had seen bigfoot several times on Mt. Shasta. He said they made noises that sounded like the wind howling and they smelled bad. They sometimes slept in hollow trees. (See our article on Bigfoot.)

Grey Aliens

He had seen the Greys and had seen them training Bigfoot. He knew there was a program of genetic manipulation whereby the Greys were accelerating the evolution of bigfoot. ( See our UFO article. )

Reptilian Aliens

He spoke of the Reptilian Aliens. He was the only known person to have fought a Reptilian Alien and lived. He knew their secret weakness. (Try this google search.)


On this one he failed my test. I had studied Lemurians right before I went up to the mountain.

I asked, "In the ancient times, did the people of Lemuria call themselves Lemurians, or was that a name known only to their leaders?"

He said, "that was the name they called themselves."

I asked him how he knew this. He said the leader of the Lemurians had told him this.

Caught him on that one. Apparently he didn't know the word "Lemuria" was coined by a scientist in the 1800's. Lemuria could not have been a name used by an ancient people to refer to themselves.

Near Death Experience

He claimed he had been clinically dead for many hours. Did I want to see the pictures he had as proof? Uh, no. This person's appearance was pretty scruffy and I didn't want to get any closer. ( Now I kind of wish I had seen them, however. )

Dwarfs (The Little People)

He had seen the Little People who marched in a line staring trance-like forward. A perfectly balanced rock swung upon near where he was sleeping and they came out. The way they moved was entirely alien and very spooky, but they spoke to him telepathically and told him not to be afraid. He followed them down a long gravel covered passage down into the mountain. In the walls were green glowing lights. ( Photo adapted from )


10,000 Year Lights

Since I knew he was into electronics, I interrupted the Dwarf story to ask how the lights worked. He said they were made of glowing radium with a special kind of glass that could stop the radiation and make them harmless. The lights were not very bright, but they were enough to see your feet. The lights would burn for 10,000 years. Unfortunately, we never got back to the dwarf story because a woman listening said, "You've been inside the mountain?"

Secret Portal

He knew a secret passage into the mountain. You had to find the right rock and put your hand on it. It would recognize you and open. He wouldn't tell anyone where the entrance was, but it was not too far from the meadow. He used this as bait to get closer to a woman around the camp fire. "Oh, I want to go inside the mountain! Can you take me inside?"

Cross Checking

Always cross check and see what other people who are acquainted with your source have to say.

The woman who was trying to learn of his secret passage into the mountain had also just met him that night. When we were alone later, she said she was playing along to see what he would tell her. He said to get inside, you had to be pure by eating pure foods for seven years, or by sleeping with someone (him, for example) who had been purified. A while later, he offered her a ring and proposed marriage to her, a woman he had met that same night! While I was not there she had tested him on some science to see if one of his claims held water. She agreed that he was knowledgeable in science. She worked in a lab at a University.

Pencil Thin Aliens

If I ever meet a guy who has seen every alien in the book again, I'll ask him about this really obscure alien type ... and throw in an imaginary one as well. You can't be too careful.

One obscure type most people will not have heard comes from a very recent strange sighting of a "pencil-thin being with knobby, pointed joints" seen by motorists on Saturday, January 24 - 7:30 p.m. on a rural Indiana roadway.

Follow up: The photo to the left is from the original report. Later reports made the alien seem to be more of a normal person, but super thin with pointy elbows and knees.

It would be a good test in my interview to use an obscure Star Trek or Star Wars alien and see if the person claims to have seen one of these as well. ( Photo from )

Interview Summary

It was fun interviewing a stranger in a chance meeting who claimed to have seen aliens. My impression is that he is an intelligent ham and somewhat of a con man: A credible sounding, but not very credible source.

So why post it?

For those seeking the truth about aliens, I hope this story will be one more piece of evidence. Did I get lucky and interview a person who has experienced unimaginable wonders? Or did I find a wily story teller who tells people just about anything they want to hear?

Whatever the case, the experience beats any night I can remember watching TV. Until you sit by a warm camp fire on a cold night and listen to some REAL and MODERN American folk tales like this, you have not lived. I highly recommend it.

Real UFO Shaped Clouds

One more thing, this place does have some very unusual and beautiful clouds. Take a look at this one shot during the day. There are rumors that UFOs hide in these saucer shaped clouds ...








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