Area 51
Strange Places: Area 51
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I wanted to see it for myself: the legendary Area 51. So late in July of the year 2000, I took some vacation time and drove out to the Nevada desert with a close friend to see what could be seen. This is a true story. (Click to enlarge pictures)

Followed by Spies?

The first interesting thing, other than many miles of beautiful scenery and good company, was a meeting with these two friendly individuals. 

They pulled over behind us when we stopped at the ET Highway sign. Right away, they said, "Hi. We've been following you. What are you guys doing out here?"

Since we were out to have some fun we laughed about the fact that they might be agents sent to keep an eye on us and figure out what we knew. 

We called them Scully and Mulder for this reason after the characters on the tv/movie hit "The X-Files." If they were agents, they were excellent. 

In a few seconds, I'd spilled everything about us. It was like I was zapped by some truth ray.

 "We're from Sacramento. I'm here to take pictures for a game I'm writing. 

We've never been abducted. How about you?"



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