Do Stuff

Virtual corn maze "I was bored at work today, so I went in the maze... it was too scary for me, so I quit."
The Fly Guide. See what's going on in Sacramento, CA area entertainment.
Try fire dancing, see the photos. Pretty cool. I mean hot.
Romantic in San Francisco: baker beach, take a hike, visit the Japanese Tea Garden. Click for pics.
Digital camera fun: Is that what I think it is?
Use this web site to turn a photo of yourself (or whatever) into a huge black and white poster several pages wide and high.
Breakintheroad Interactive animation. Record city sounds, then mix them to create your own art.
Try some free or cheap on-line dating.
Go to "am I hot or not" and give everyone a 10. They are, you know.
Write poetry on the nude backs of sunbathers with colorful sand?!
Find your house from space – amazing. Explore the entire USA! Some photos are years old and in some places there are only topo maps. Still cool.
Check out Cherry Malone's site for old time burlesque fun. I first met Cherry at TFO at the Crest in Sacramento.
Watch trailers from local horror filmmaker at apprehensive films.      







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