Xenophilia (the Band)

updated 12/27/2004 | Photo by Alison Seconds

Recognized as readers choice for Outstanding Folk Band for the 2000, 2001 and 2003 in the Sacramento Area Music Awards, Xenophilia has been performing for over ten years. The word xenophilia means love of the strange or the appreciation of the unusual. Xenophilia is an antidote, if you will, to xenoPHOBIA, "the fear of foreigners."

The band's first CD, Cafe of Love, includes guest appearances from Sacramento celebrities including Natalie Cortez and Grub Dog as well as brief appearances by John McCrea and Gabe Neslon of the band Cake. Jason Mraz ( who recently had a hit with "the Remedy" ) played several shows with the band and reviewed Xenophilia's CD:

"great f*cking album.. it sounds as if it would be a great musical a la rock opera ranging from pete townsend to paul simon to simon and simon to quantum leap meets knight rider crossing over to unsolved mysteries to americas most wanted or americas most dangerous high speed pursuits caught on tape. it's classic undercover americana at it's best." - Jason Mraz

A Fan from Texas who purchased the CD over the Internet wrote: "I'm loving your CD. It hasn't left the CD player yet. Its awesome to say the least. Your lyrics are clever and the music beats anything I've bought so far this year."

The band's web site, www.xenophilia.com, was a Dottie Awards finalist selected from over 700 sites as one of the best in Northern California. In addition to music and local photo essays the site summarizes odd topics with essays and blog entries by slightly mad scientist Xeno. One such essay page on the Hollow Earth netted over 22,000 hits in one day. Due to a page called "The Secret Finger Trick" the site peaked at over 2 million hits per day from around the world on 3/31/04.

The music? Xenophilia's unique folk pop has a broad appeal as evidenced by the band's long gig history: a wrestling match, a burlesque show, football VIP parties, bars, road houses, college parties, a foot race, cable TV, coffee shops, comedy shows, open mic nights and music festivals. They continue to play both large and small shows surprising audiences with interesting songs and energetic vocal harmony.

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