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8/27/03: Here is a link with many facinating facts concerning flatulence.

8/27/03: World's biggest battery switched on in Fairbanks Alaska. With its earthquake proof 13,760 NiCad cells the battery will provide 40 megawatts of power - enough for around 12,000 people - for up to seven minutes, enough time to start up diesel generators to restore power

8/26/03: If you play speech in reverse, some say you hear brief, intelligible bursts along with gibberish. The understandable words and phrases, they claim, represent the true emotional content of the speaker.

8/25/03: Computers made of DNA.

8/25/03: Secret tank mounted energy weapon being used in Iraq? This is another one of those things that is so gross, so gruesome, that you just have to hope the story is false. "HPMs can unleash in a flash as much electrical power—2 billion watts or more—as the Hoover Dam generates in 24 hours."

8/18/03: Time traveler? During the first week in August, 2003, Al Bielek predicted the failure of a major power grid sometime in mid-August in the United States. Bielek made this prediction on the nationally syndicated Coast to Coast radio show which features themes associated with the unexplained, paranormal and earth changes. A survivor of the Philadelphia experiment, who at the beginning of this month predicted a major power grid failure. Said he saw this when during the experiment he was transported forward in time...Bielek had been transported there, he said, by a time device located at Montauk. Check out this conspiracy and UFO site. Lots to read. Then again, this site debunks Bielek.

8/18/03: You can see the U2 spy plane at Beale AFB on one day only. Many say this plane was tested at Area 51.

8/12/03: Great science sites: physicsweb, madscientistnetwork, sciencemagazine, sciencedaily, nature, popularscience, explorescience

5/25/03: In 2000, News of the Weird reported on neuroscientist Lawrence Farwell's "brain fingerprinting" (in which he says he can measure brain activity or inactivity in order to determine whether a person has previously experienced an event or a setting, such as a murder scene). According to a May 2003 Associated Press story, University of Pennsylvania scientists are testing devices that detect brain activity in order to determine whether a person is about to lie even before he or she has spoken a word. Biophysicist Britton Chance's headband measures blood-flow; psychologist Daniel Langleben uses a type of MRI machine; and other researchers employ devices like heat-sensitive cameras to measure telltale blood-flow around the eyes. [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette-AP, 5-25-03]

6/18/03: Smart Seats on Airlines Detect Your Sweat

6/9/03: Do your cells communicate with light!? Are basic biological functions such as cell division triggered by weak ultraviolet (UV) photo-currents originating from the cells themselves? Search google for bio-photons, chemiluminescence, mitogenetic radiation. Read: ultra-weak photon emission from living cells. Could this real (but fringe) science account for the ancient spiritual belief that we have "light bodies" as well as a physical bodies?

6/6/03 Some think a farmer named Hudson spent over 8 million dollars to discover that per ton of soil (32,000 oz), he had 2,219 oz (138 lbs) of precious metals such as Platinum, Gold, Iridium & Rhodium in a normally undetectable mono-atomic form. These new forms of elements can be invisible, can change weight, can superconduct and can even transform into new elements without high energy nuclear changes. After a solid foundation, he gets spiritual about the finding. The funny MP3 lectures on this fringe science page are entertaining and eyebrow raising. Also try this site & ORMUS.

5/9/03: Here's a way out article on invisibility.

5/8/03: Sound that seems to come from inanimate objects and "ability to focus sound into a crowd of people on a football field and talk only to a selected few."

11/24/02: Real Antimatter: Scientists Create 'Star Trek' Antihydrogen in Quantity. Physicists have made 50,000 atoms of antihydrogen, the antimatter counterpart of normal hydrogen. This new substance will enable them to test one of the fundamental assumptions of modern physics - the Standard Model. Normal hydrogen consists of a positively charge proton orbited by a single negatively changed electron. Antihydrogen is a negatively charged proton (an antiproton) orbited by a positively charged electron (a positron). The really interesting question is this: Does antimatter fall up or down?




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