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12/21/2005 UFOs. Author of Roswell 'flying saucer' news

( Walter Haut, co-founder of UFO museum, was 83 )

12/13/2005 UFOs. Ten things you should do if you encounter a UFO, MUFON Reports

Check out ten things should do if you see a UFO: MUFON article. "Mutual UFO Network, or MUFON, a nonprofit organization "dedicated to the scientific study of UFOs for the benefit of humanity."


Some think MUFON has a secret agenda to blur information in order to protect government projects. I'm not sure.

Their web site is pretty cool and getting better all the time. Check the latest reports here.

Caption: National Guardsmen stand watch over a suspected flying saucer in a vacant lot near Bay Farm Island in the 1950s. Chronicle File Photo here.

Below is a recent MUFON report of a military jet chasing a UFO. Neat reading, but it lacks some basics: Who (names?), where (Arizona is pretty big...) and when (approx time?).

"AZ, US, 2005-12-07: I was outside having a cigarette, scanning the skies and noting air traffic. I looked due West and spotted a jet that was near what looked to be a small orange dim star... The "star" had pulled to roughly an inch away from the jet and was heading directly towards us, travelling due east. ... I was watching the orange "star" get closer and closer to us with the jet still pursuing but quickly falling behind. ... both aircraft were nearly above us and flying at a relatively low altitude. The jet was about 5 inches behind the craft and we could hear the rumble of its engines and clearly see a contrail.

The craft that it was chasing was completely silent and had no contrail. They were low enough that we could make out a dark underbody for the first craft. All any of us could say was "oh my god" and "oh ****". It had a dim orange colored light towards the front with a second dimmer white light towards the middle. I could see what appeared to be a whitish light at the rear of the craft. We could make out a dim outline of the ship itself and it seemed to be narrower towards the front with a much wider back. It was completely silent as it passed over and its lights were much dimmer than the flashing lights of the jet chasing it. We watched it as both passed over our roof.

The last time I saw it, it was roughly 8 inches ahead of the jet (viewing from the ground) and then we couldn't see anything but the jet still following the same path. We were all excited but scared, too. ... Nobody wants to go outside again. I know that I was shaking like a leaf and I still feel like vomiting an hour later." - mufon.com

See the Xenophilia UFO archives for more.

11/30/2005 UFOs. Space alien hearings? What does the defence minister know?

"A former Canadian Minister of Defence and Deputy Prime Minister under Pierre Trudeau has joined forces with three Non-governmental organizations to ask the Parliament of Canada to hold public hearings on Exopolitics - relations with “ETs.” By “ETs,” Mr. Hellyer and these organizations mean ethical, advanced extraterrestrial civilizations that may now be visiting Earth. On September 25, 2005, in a startling speech at the University of Toronto ... , Paul Hellyer, Canada's Defence Minister from 1963-67..., publicly stated: "UFOs, are as real as the airplanes that fly over your head." - more at freemarketnews

Yes, of course they are real... but where is the evidence that the pilots of UFOs are ETs instead of black ops stealth fighter pilots?

11/27/2005 UFOs. BBC article mentions possible anti-gravity technology captured long ago by US.

What's this? Mainstream discussion of fringe ideas (see UFO article) like Nazi anti-gravity technology? Pretty interesting. The BBC article sums it up well: Some say the technology to save the planet exists, however, that technology could also destroy the planet. Knowing human nature, I agree with the secrecy! The trick is to find a way to release just enough knowledge to allow a safe clean power supply without opening the doors to unlimited power. An unlimited power supply demands a degree of self control our species has not yet attained. You just don't let your five-year old kid play with loaded guns.


Project Paperclip: Dark side of the Moon

This BBC article made me imagine a new conspiracy theory I'd never considered until now: Perhaps the reason the Saturn V plans are "lost" and also "not lost" (see Moon Hoax article) is that they used German anti-gravity technology. This may explain why some facts about the Saturn rocketry don't add up according to at least one fringe rocket scientist. Well, probably not, but isn't that a fun idea for a Sci Fi story? BBC reports:

"Sixty years ago the US hired Nazi scientists to lead pioneering projects, such as the race toconquer space. These men provided the US with cutting-edge technology which still leads the way today, but at a cost. ... rudolphTruman had expressly ordered that anyone found "to have been a member of the Nazi vonbparty and more than a nominal participant in its activities, or an active supporter of Nazism militarism" would be excluded. Under this criterion even von Braun himself, the man who masterminded the Moon shots, would have been ineligible to serve the US. A member of numerous Nazi organisations, he also held rank in the SS. His initial intelligence file described him as "a security risk" ... Added to this, the large number of still-secret Paperclip documents has led many people, including Nick Cook, Aerospace Consultant at Jane's Defence Weekly, to speculate that the US may have developed even more advanced Nazi technology, including anti-gravity devices, a potential source of vast amounts of free energy. Cook says that such technology "could be so destructive that it would endanger world peace and the US decided to keep it secret for a long time". - bbc

The solution to the security risk was compartmentalization: Each group of scientists works on only a small isolated problem without knowing the big picture. With this system, even at the top many are in the dark. Good thing too, since many world leaders are crazy.

11/12/2005 UFOs. Irritating UFO Flare-ups

Read this well written ufo encounter. Saucer shape seen in southern Oregon near Hart Mountain next to a boulder field full of Native American petroglyphs and pictographs ... including a few figures resembling "astronauts or aliens with space helmets and antennae."

"When trying to get a good night's sleep in the outdoors, there's nothing more irritating than the occasional flare up of UFOs. ... When you see something so real, yet so unreal, the heartglyphsmind congers up all kinds of strange and frightful possibilities.

Maybe it was the ancients coming back to check on their sacred ground and they had discovered invaders in their territory. ... A worse possibility yet, a strange craft lands next to the tent and a military general and a handful of men in black come out and tell us that we "didn't see any of this." Then we are whisked off to some "black prison" in Turgurgestan.

... war games? I still say those lights were the biggest, brightest flares I've ever seen, so I'm sticking with the UFO scenario. " - Read the full story here

See our UFO article for more, pictures, videos, maps, theories, etc.

11/4/2005 UFOs. Super-large, colored fireballs over Germany.

"Many people in Germany have noticed the fireballs, said Werner Walter, an amateur astronomer in Mannheim who runs a Web site on unexplained astronomical phenomena and ufofireballsa hotline for reports on unidentified flying objects (UFO).

... NASA's science Web site (http://science.nasa.gov) mentions reports of recent fireball sightings in the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, North Ireland and Japan. It includes images of the fireballs, which one man likened to a spotlight. Walter described them as "super-large, colored fireballs that shoot with the speed of lightning through the sky." - reuters

"November 3, 2005: "I thought some wise guy was shining a spotlight at me," says Josh Bowers of New Germany, Pennsylvania. "Then I realized what it was: a fireball in the southern sky. I was doing some backyard astronomy around 9 p.m. on Halloween (Oct. 31, 2005), and this meteor was so bright it made me lose my night vision." - nasa

"The bright light [on horizon, photo above] behind the clouds is a fireball photographed Nov. 2, 2005, by Mark Vorhusen of Germany.".

Google translation of select posts from german site : "That is third nevertheless already at least in the last days here in the RMG". ... "From white-hot, over bluish and reddish participated somehow everything. " ... "The trace was to be seen still 20 seconds long certainly!"

See our UFO article for more on this topic.

10/28/2005 UFOs. Strange UFOs over San Francisco.

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) -- There was something strange in the skies over California on Wednesday night. One San Francisco resident said lights appeared to hover in the sky near the cross on Mount Davidson, and when he looked at them through binoculars they appeared to vibrate. The unidentified flying objects were visible from the Bay Area to Las Vegas. The U.S. Air Force says it cannot account for them. There were no military flights, and no missile test launches.


See our UFO article for some possible explanations.

10/14/2005 UFOs. Google Maps technology used to track UFO sightings

"Using the Google Maps API (or application program interface), http://www.ufomaps.com/ launches an interactive map of UFO sightings.

The interactive map is dotted with "flying saucer" icons indicating where UFOs have been sighted. Clicking on the icon pulls up a short summary of the sighting, with an additional link to a more detailed report. That data is from the National UFO Reporting Center.


The Google initiative is not the only site to use maps to chart UFO activity. http://www.larryhatch.net/ is a detailed effort to graph UFO activity from the past 50 years or earlier and as a sizable set of graphs, charts, histograms and other data. http://www.ufodisclosure.com tracks alleged UFO flight corridors and patterns near Bisbee, Arizona. While not offering maps, another serious effort of research is at http://www.ufoinfo.com/. Enjoy the skies!

For great UFO sighting maps from Larry Hatch's database see our UFO article. I like that map because known hoaxes are removed.

9/16/2005 UFOs. Video of Stable Circular Winged Aircraft

Check out this Geobat Flying Saucer video. Seems to work. See our article on UFOs.

9/16/2005 UFOs. Static Lift? Aircraft with no moving parts?

There have been a number of electric propulsion systems patented. The Ionocraft was patented ( 3,130,945 ) in 1964 by Major Alexander P. deSeversky. See the video on this page for a modern test lift of (they say) 100g with a different model.


The craft in the above picture is said to be propelled by "emissions of ions" and the downward smoke shows a "powerful electrostatic down draft created by the vehicle". The photo caption says it was created with $5.00 worth of balsa wood and aluminium wire. The platform consumes 90 watts of electricity, covers 1296 square inches, weighs 2 oz. There is no safe 90 watt power source that light as far as I know, so this would have to be plugged in. You can see the wires in these photos:


Here is a close up view of how it works. Makes sense to me. Worth a try anyway. Could this be the power source that allows soundless flying triangles like the one seen a few years back in Phoenix, AZ?


Once you have a basic working model, you can improve it. If this concept works, could it eventually be modified to lift enough to carry its own power supply and more? Like a person? Intriguing.

8/30/2005 UFOs (anomalist, ufoinfo). Man Finds UFO Freeway, Red Motherships in Big Dipper.

"... a Mount Vernon man says you don't have to believe in aliens. You can see their ships any night of the week with your own eyes. Ted Anderson says 50 miles above the earth, mothershipthere's a veritable UFO expressway he calls the UFO Freeway Portal Location. "Myself and thousands of friends have been watching it since 1968," says Anderson. "Motherships come from other worlds to drop off their planetary ships to come to Earth." Where are they from? What's their purpose? Anderson can only speculate.

"This is a security force created by some super being organization or civilization." He believes these ships are standing guard, literally protecting us from hostile aliens. And he says if you get out of the city and gaze up south of the Big Dipper, you can see the ships for yourself with the naked eye. "These red ships, they're there constantly." Anderson has created two Power Point presentations to help interested citizens locate the UFO portal in the night sky. He says he'll email you all the information if you write to him at fantasiapro@fidalgo.net." - komotv

At least some UFOs are man made. See our UFO article. I've asked Ted to send me his presentations. Might be interesting...

8/26/2005 UFOs. Men in Black?

Article found (along with other interesting stuff) on book-of-thoth.com.

" In appearance, they conform pretty closely to the stereotyped image of a CIA or secret service man. They wear dark suits ... all the clothes looking as though just purchased."

8/19/2005 UFOs. Why don't they just fly over D.C.?

"Just after midnight on July 19, 1952, "seven pips appeared suddenly" on National Airport's control center radar in Washington, according to this unattributed cartoon depicting those UFO sightings. "There's one ... and there it goes!" a nearby airline pilot reportedly radioed. (Photo courtesy of the National Archives)" - newshouse



See our UFO article for much more.

6/20/2005 UFOs / Aliens Photo Contest a UFO Cover up?

Remember a while back when a guy in the UK was hacking top US computers searching for proof of aliens and UFOs? Well, consider the possibility that some real photos were found and are spreading around the UK. They are about to hit big time and now the cover team is scrambling to cover up. How? Bury the real stuff among thousands of fakes. Notice that this is coming from MSN.UK.


"MSN is giving away hundreds of prizes in the coolest competition of the year so far. All you have to do is get a MSN Space (the best free blog product in the world) and a MSN Hotmail account (the biggest free webmail product in the world) and… take a picture of a UFO, or an alien. Do this and you could win a state of the art camcorder, 10 Creative Zen MP3 players plus hundreds of Qees. It takes minutes to sign-up and it's completely free! Plus, if you can locate the hidden UFO base, you can win our star prize - a NASA holiday! Prepare for lift off!"

Also notice that the judges are Nick Pope who "used to run the British Government's UFO Project at the Ministry of Defense. and Peter Varnish. Are you sure you want to give british intel your personal info by hoversigning up for an MSN UFO account? Sure, why not. Nice way for them to count the enthusiasts, I suppose.

The brits and US counterparts are probably hoping that some real leaked pictures will be used in the contest. Then they can have a talk with you and keep the lid tight about certain secret craft. There is not a cover up of aliens. Aliens are the cover up.

The cover up is of secret circular winged aircraft, that is, man made UFOs that have been around for decades. More on man-made UFOs here.

The best way to hide a secret truth is among a large number of decoys. Perhaps this is why there are so many bizarre books and Web page claims along with man-made UFO claims. Association of real stuff with the absurd keeps most rational people from looking at the real stuff. One site says the VZ-9V Avrocar Avro Aircraft, a British concern, in the photo above "never got off the ground." Yes, it did. Another article says "It flew well at low altitudes of five or six feet, but when it tried to rise further it became unstable." The U.S. Air Force took over the project in 1954. Many early aircraft designs are unstable in real world test, but these flaws are corrected. Why were circular aircraft (and now triangular or diamond shaped craft) attractive? Answer: Radar stealth. (Photo from unmuseum)


Since it flew, did the Avro car break the law of gravity? No. It used jet engines for thrust. "By 1960 about 10 million dollars had been spent on the project. ... The Avro-Car was (depending on the source of the information) 18 or 25 feet in diameter, and weighed 3600 lb. It was powered by three centrally av3mounted gas turbine engines driving a 5 feet diam. central fan used for vertical takeoff.

Once in the air the turbo-jet exhaust would be shifted to the rear giving the vehicle forward thrust to allow the aerodynamic body to generate lift. ... It was hoped that the vehicle, designated VZ-9V, would ascend vertically and reach flight speeds of 1,500 mph (2,400 km/hr). ... One view was that the failed project was simply window-dressing to cover tests of a captured alien flying disc. ... When tested in 1961, it only flew up to 56 km/h." (34 mph).

Another view is that the "stability failures", "thrust dissipation in the impeller" and the "captured alien ship" stories were window dressing to hide the great successes of this multi-million dollar project.

Jet engines fly every day in our modern world and (lucky for frequent fliers) jet engines don't magically lose thrust when they are over 5 feet off of the ground.

6/9/2005 UFOs / Technology (sunuk | dailyrec). UFO hacker Gary McKinnon cost US $700k.

I've been told that there is a heavy price for real UFO knowledge. Mostly there is a thick jumble of nonsense and other layers of protection around the information, including people who will actively mess with your head if you start to get close. Assuming UFO knowledge was his real goal, McKinnon could have satisfied his curiousity with careful research and logic. Now he'll likely spend the rest of his life in jail. After all, he now knows too much (or does he?) And... Yes, you would be right to wonder how much of this story is made up to skillfully direct attention to certain things and away from other things. (wink). He is now out on bail, so it will be interesting to see what he says.

"Gary McKinnon, 39, codenamed 'Solo', was searching for evidence that America had covered up visits to Earth by aliens. ... McKinnon is alleged to have hacked into 97 systems belonging to the US Army, Navy and Air Force, the Pentagon and the NASA space agency. ... UFOHackerMcKinnon, of Wood Green, North London, was first indicted by the Americans in 2002. They dubbed him 'the biggest military computer hacker of all time'

He was originally tracked four years ago after hacking into military systems after the September 11 hijack atrocities. He is alleged to have changed programs in the US military's network, forcing it to be closed down. He was arrested but told he would not be charged under British law."

"McKinnon's friends claimed he found thousands of UFO photos on US computers and said the Americans wanted to make an example of him for showing up lax security. One said: "This is all about their incompetence. "Some of the computers are so sh***ily set up they could not even track who was on them, so they are trying to pin everything on Gary. "You could go on to those computers they're talking about and there would be 30 other hackers in there." - mirror

"During a colourful hacking spree in 2002 and 2003 McKinnon accessed unclassified systems belonging to the Pentagon, the National Security Agency (NSA), the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), an Eastern Seaboard nuclear sub base and a Nasa research facility" - scmag

"Gary McKinnon ... allegedly accessed 97 U.S. government computers, stole passwords, deleted files and shut down military computer networks, crashing 300 computers at Earle Naval Weapons Station in Colts Neck, N.J., (12 days) after 9/11." - nydaily

"U.S. officials have said that no classified material was obtained." - ctrib

6/1/2005 UFO / Technology X-UFO

"The X-UFO is out there (much like the truth) in a deeply wacky and immensely fun way. Hot off the press from the States, this ground-breaking remote controlled UFO is the latest crazy flying thing around. With full three-dimensional control, the innovative X-UFO incorporates the latest miniature technology, utilising four powerful electric motors, with two pairs of contra-rotating propellers and an electronic gyroscope, for incredible stability. ... US$192.42" - iwantoneofthose


See our UFO article for much more.


5/9/2005 UFOs. (metroactive) UFO Writer Speaks. This guy caught my attention because one of his 'fiction' books (published 1996) has a scene with armed unmanned aerial vehicles attacking people on the ground. This was before the CIA's predator drones after Sept 11, 2001. He seems plugged in.

"Besides being a successful Silicon Valley venture capitalist, Jacques Vallee has researched the UFO phenomenon perhaps more than any other person currently alive."

See our UFO article for much more.

3/28/2005 UFOs / Media (scoop) Disclosure Project Calls ABC News UFO Documentary a Hoax. An interesting read. Steven M. Greer MD of the Disclosure Project Calls the Peter Jennings UFO report a disinformation piece and claims the Jennings team turned down the hard evidence and many high-level credible eye witnesses that Greer offered. Greer states,

"We have received a CIA document from 1991 that clearly states that the CIA has contacts in the big media to change, kill or spin stories. From this document, dated 20 December 1991, and released 1 April 1992, to the Director of Central Intelligence from the Task Force on Greater CIA Openness, on page 6:

"PAO [the Public Affairs Office] now has relationships with reporters from every major wire service, newspaper, news weekly, and television network in the nation. This has helped us turn some intelligence failure stories into intelligence success stories…In many instances, we have persuaded reporters to postpone, change, hold or even scrap stories…"


It sounds like Greer is fighting "the man" and railing against the suppressed truth, doesn't it? Perhaps he is, but remember Mulder's password: Trust No 1. The evidence I've seen so far points not to aliens, but to UFOs as man-made secret craft. If that is the real truth, then some tricky group might say exactly what Greer is saying to keep the alien myth alive as a distraction. Does Greer really have whistle blowers or does he have story tellers with impressive credentials? There are so many possibilities. For example, he might be legit and he might believe in his cause, but he might be himself tricked by disinformation into thinking there are aliens when there aren't. Or perhaps there are... I watched his Internet video broadcast from a press room in Washington DC a few years back and some of the witnesses were amazing. So real! Now that was a great UFO show! It was even interrupted at one point ... as if someone was trying to suppress it. Gripping! Fun for the entire family! Just another leg of a big scam?

"On May 9, 2001, The Disclosure Project held a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington DC at which more that 20 military, government, corporate and intelligence witnesses came forward to urge open and honest congressional hearings in to the subject of UFOs and exotic energy and propulsion technologies. The witnesses requested the Congress hold open hearing on the subject of UFOs and extraterrestrial contact."

3/28/2005 UFOs 1,500 Unsolved Cases from Project Blue Book Summarized. Read Brad Spark's comprehensive list of 1,500 sightings, which, even after investigation by the Bluebook cover up team, remained unknown. (pdf file here). My favorite is from Sept 23rd, 1948 around San Pablo and Pinole CA. Two military guys see a low flying bomber go over, then about a mile higher they see:

"a strange fast-flying irregularly shaped translucent white "amoeba" headed "E", the size of a four engine bomber, with 3 appendages in front and two trailing with a dark grey spot, possibly spherical near the center which remained stable in motion, the arms of the "amoeba" undulating, the object wobbling, disappeared suddenly, no trail."


Attack of the Vanishing Amoeba Headed E!! Now THAT sounds like a real alien encounter! ... or a bomber towing an odd weather balloon that popped? How is my visualization? Where was the head on the "E"? I wish I could see a sketch by the men who saw it. More ufo links here.

3/22/2005 UFOs. FLYING SAUCERS - SECRET HISTORY. This seems like a fairly sober assesment and is an interesting read on the angle of UFOs as man-made phenomena.

3/21/2005 UFOs. (sptimes | ufoarea | virtstrange | thinkabout ) Hidden History: UFO(s) Over LA Survive Attack by US Military? I like to point out that man-made UFOs have been around since at least the 1930's so there is no need to postulate aliens, ancient races, inner earth dwellers, visitors from other dimensions, etc.. I do, however, have trouble giving this story any man-made explanation. What advanced technologies from 1942 could have protected aircraft, blimps or whatever from direct artillery hits from 12.8 pound explosive anti-aircraft shells?

"1942: Army Gunners Fire At UFOs Over Los Angeles On Wednesday, February 25, 1942, at precisely 2 a.m., diners at the trendy Trocadero club in Hollywood were startled when the lights winked out and air raid sirens began to sound throughout greater Los Angeles. "Searchlights scanned the skies and anti-aircraft guns protecting the vital aircraft and ship-building factories went into action. In the next few hours they would fire over 1,400 shells at an unidentified, slow-moving object in the sky over Los Angeles that looked like a blimp, or a balloon."


"An article in the Feb. 25, 1942, Los Angeles Times reported a large object, targeted by spotlights in this photograph, that hovered over the city for five hours and appeared undamaged by antiaircraft fire."


Searchlight beams are converging on an unidentified aerial object exactly over the Culver City area of Los Angeles. (The small blobs of light are burst of anti-aircraft shells) source: Los Angeles Times Photo

shell"...Shooting at the aerial intruders were gunners of the 65th Coast Artillery (Anti-Aircraft) Regiment in Inglewood and the 205th Anti-Aircraft Regiment based in Santa Monica. The "white cigar-shaped object" took several direct hits but continued on its eastward flight. Up to 25 silvery UFOs were also seen by observers on the ground. Editor Peter Jenkins of the Los Angeles Herald Examiner reported, "I could clearly see the V formation of about 25 silvery planes overhead moving slowly across the sky toward Long Beach." Long Beach Police Chief J.H. McClelland said, "I watched what was described as the second wave of planes from atop the seven-story Long Beach City Hall. I did not see any planes but the younger men with me said they could.

An experienced Navy observer with powerful Carl Zeiss binoculars said he counted nine planes in the cone of the searchlight. He said they were silver in color. The (UFO) group passed along from one battery of searchlights to another, and under fire from the anti- aircraft guns, flew from the direction of Redondo Beach and Inglewood on the land side of Fort MacArthur, and continued toward Santa Ana and Huntington Beach. Anti-aircraft fire was so heavy we could not hear the motors of the planes."

Reporter Bill Henry of the Los Angeles Times wrote, "I was far enough away to see an object without being able to identify it... I would be willing to bet what shekels I have that there were a number of direct hits scored on the object." At 2:21 a.m., Lt. Gen. John L. DeWitt issued the cease-fire order, and the twenty-minute "battle of Los Angeles" was over."

"... Unexploded shells destroyed pavement, homes and public buildings, three persons were killed and three died of heart attacks directly attributable to the one hour barrage."


"... Caught by the searchlights and captured in photographs, was an object big enough to dwarf an apartment house. Experienced lighter-than-air (dirigible) specialists doubted it could be a Japanese blimp because the Japanese had no known source of helium, and hydrogen was much too dangerous to use under combat conditions."

"... the Department of Defense claimed to have no record of the event. Five years before Roswell, them military was already learning to clamp down on UFOs." - nachos

Captured UFO years before Roswell? Perhaps aircraft were shot down, but due to the nature of the craft recovered, we wanted everyone to think that they weren't.

"In march 5, 1942, (Major General) George C. Marshall ( Chief of Staff ) writes a top-secret memo to the President, which states: "regarding the air raid over Los Angeles it was learned by Army G2 that Rear Admiral ( Walter S. ) Anderson (head of the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI)) ... recovered an unidentified airplane off the coast of California... with no bearing on conventional explanation... This Headquarters has come to the determination that the mystery airplanes are in fact not earthly and according to secret intelligence sources they are in all probability of interplanetary origin." - rense | pdf's here

A February 27, 1942 memo (retyped, original not available) from FDR to Marshall

"... links the UFO crashes with the Los Angeles Air Raid of 1942, since it occurred only three days earlier. It alludes to "atomic secrets learned from study of celestial devices" and authorizes "Dr. Bush to proceed with the project without further delay."

Bing! The UFOs in the Battle of LA (and Roswell), if this memo is correct, could be secret German jet aircraft. "Celestial" and "interplanetary" likely refer not to aliens, but to atomic energy devices and jet / rocket engines, at the time super secret technology (see timeline below). German rockets officially reached outer space (celestial) just eight months after the Battle of LA. Dr. Vannevar Bush (no relation to GW) was heading the US a-bomb project, while in Germany scientists (1944-45?) were secretly testing small nukes and jet powered UFO shaped aircraft.

"Hitler never believed he would need rocket/jet/saucer technology. Germany only began any serious attempt to develop these technologies in 1942." - qtm

Best guess. Could also be aliens, I suppose. Take your pick. Either way, a very strange event.

3/20/2005 UFOs / Roswell Incident. Secret Jet Aircraft Tests with Progeria Pilots? Roswell, NM was at the time of the UFO crash, the only location of the US Atom Bomb. It makes sense that other secret stuff would be there. Did we cover up the story with Aliens because we didn't want the world to find out about our secret jets? If so, the first story about a recovered alien disk was a cover story, just like the second release denying the whole thing. Using Aliens as a cover story would have been an established emergency plan in case civilians contacted secret technology. The Germans may have pioneered the alien cover story. See photos. Or perhaps the Germans did contact aliens first and somehow persuaded the the aliens to fly over LA with them? (see story above).


The first press release on the Roswell incident had to say that SOMETHING had been recovered because Mac Brazell had wreckage from the craft in his possession. After they took all of the physical evidence away, the military could switch to the balloon story.

August 27, 1939: German pilot Eric Warsity flies experimental Heinkel He 178 with a jet engine designed by Hans Joachim Pabst von Ohain. - history

1939: A-5 rockets with gyroscopic controls that attained seven miles altitude and eleven miles range.

December 7, 1941: Japan attacks Pearl Harbor

December 8, 1941: Congress approves entry into war. Germany and Italy declare war on U.S. - timeline

February 25, 1942: UFO battle of LA (Secret German jet aircraft captured. Nuclear technology?) Up to 25 Silvery craft flying in a "V" formation, plus one large white cigar-shaped thing that hovered over the city for five hours and appeared undamaged by antiaircraft fire.

March, 25, 1942: Germany flies first jet-powered Messerschmitt Me 262.

September 2, 1942: Bell flies the XP-59A Airacomet, first US jet. - history

October 3, 1942: Wernher von Braun's German V2 rocket first to enter outer space (space is considered to start at about 50 miles up) - cnd

February 19 , 1945: Germany tests the "H-II V7 Do-Stra" UFO? - mito


April 17, 1945: The V7 was a supersonic helicopter with 12 BMW turbo engines. It was powered by "unconventional sources" and on it's second flight obtained the height of 80,000 feet.

May 7, 1945: German government issues unconditional surrender to Allied forces.

August 6, 1945: Hiroshima: Manhattan Project's atomic bomb is dropped.

August 9, 1945: Second bomb is dropped after Japanese delay surrender.

September 2, 1945: Japan surrenders with one term: the emperor must retain his throne.

February 1946: von Braun now working for the US, launches first V2 rocket in USA.

November 27, 1946: General Groves, director of the Manhattan Project, recommends compartmentalization: bring in foreign scientists and make them citizens, but keep them from "coming in contact with our atomic energy program in any way." - heart7

December 1946: German Scientists come to US to continue work under Project Paperclip.

1946-47 U.S. moves German saucers to TX and White Sands Proving Grounds, NM - Malone

June 24, 1947: In daylight, Kenneth Arnold sees nine silvery bat winged UFOs with clear glass cockpits flying in a "V" formation, and traveling at a high rate of speed, over Mount Rainer in the Washington State. They skipped unsteadily like saucers. (compare to secret german jet fighter)


July 1947: Roswell, NM Crash. Same craft Arnold saw crash on a stormy night during a test flight. Bodies of test pilots (persons with projeria) are recovered, taken first to the Roswell Fire Dept. Notice Kaufmann's sketch of the crashed non-disk-shaped craft.

notaliens progeria

The sketches left "were drawn July 1947 by Frank Kaufmann in Hangar 84, completed at home the next day. They "...didn't have any of these big eyes or horns or anything else or spiny fingers. They were very good-looking people, ash-colored faces and skin. About 5 feet 4, 5 feet 5. Eyes a little more pronounced, a little bit larger. Small ears, small nose. Fine features. Hairless." At right, an unfortunate young individual with progeria.

Progeria idea explained in more detail on Guy Malone's site. If the German's did contact aliens, the entire Roswell incident might have been staged by the US to make other countries think that the aliens were now working with the US. Or perhaps aliens really were. The fun of this story is that you can take the known facts and stretch them around so many different possibilities depending on your world-view. The bottom line is that humans are very crafty, especially during wars. Click to enlarge these german UFO pictures from mito.

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2/25/2005 UFOs. ABC News UFO Special. Here is a link to the info from the Peter Jennings UFO special last night.

Also see: Touted as an Investigation into UFOs, Project Blue Book Had Another Purpose. (ABCNews) "... the truth is Blue Book never became a serious, full-scale, scientific inquiry. The main purpose of the Air Force's UFO office was public relations, says Robert Goldberg, author of "Enemies Within: The Culture of Conspiracy in Modern America." ... That mission was denounce the UFOs, dismiss the UFOs, debunk the UFOs and anybody who believes in them — just come up with answers and get this UFO thing out of the newspapers," he told ABC News. The man most often responsible for making these explanations was Blue Book's one civilian scientist, Ohio State University astronomer J. Allen Hynek. Between 1948 and 1969, he was the lead investigator on thousands of cases."


Odd possibility: Go one step further... What if our govt. brainiacs figured out that it is human nature to distrust those in power and that the best way to manage this basic impulse is to manufacture an artifical conspiracy as a distraction to the real dirty deeds? In other words, you create a few UFOs with expensive special effects, then you create a fake investigation team that sloppily denies anything unusual. It's all a big game, a chineese finger puzzle, a clever mind trap. The real cover up is that the whole alien/ufo thing is an intentional manufactured fake out (with some real secret aircraft) to distract the masses from "smaller" less sexy deceptions (like a missing $1 trillion dollars, etc.) that would otherwise have people all fired up.


2/18/2005 UFOs (canoe) Record Number of Sightings in Canada "There were no little green men to be seen but there were plenty of strange occurrences in the night sky last year. A national survey by Ufology Research of Manitoba shows a record 882 UFO sightings were recorded in Canada in 2004 -- an average of more than two a day and up 31 per cent from the previous year. Included in the reports of unidentified flying objects were disc-shaped crafts, spectacular fireballs and a large black triangular object moving through the sky."


The picture above from fulldisklosure looks like it might be a man-made triangular aircraft ... doesn't it? I don't see any aliens on the ground around it, but the figures are blurry. Also, the aliens could be wearing "human masks" or human body suits to hide their appearance. Right?

2/18/2005 UFOs (abcnews | rense) Peter Jennings to do UFO Show: The UFO Phenomenon -- Seeing Is Believing. "Almost 50 percent of Americans, according to recent polls, and millions of people elsewhere in the world believe that UFOs are real. For many it is a deeply held belief."

You mean 1/2 of American's don't believe some flying objects are unidentified? Amazing! Of COURSE there are unidentified flying objects. What Jennings won't say is that man made circular shaped aircraft have been around since the 1930's. Yawn. Oh well. Below is an example of a man-made jet-engine-powered flying saucer from fifty years ago ( 1955 ) by a French aerospace designer. This preliminary wood (if you say so, looks like metal) 3/5th scale jet powered prototype in the Couzinet factory at Levallois-Perret supposedly never lifted off the ground. Really? The photos show Couzinet's "Multiple wing aircraft" RC-360 with the wings rotating.



This one does: "On May 10, 1989 Dr. Moller flew the M200X for the International Press. Since then the M200X has made over 200 successful flights." In "1983 Dr. Paul S. Moller moved his team into a newly built 35,000-sq. ft. facility in Davis, CA." Has one and only one human in the last 100 years accomplished stable flight with a circular aircraft? I wouldn't bet on it.


So, sure, there may be aliens (for example, the insectoids) ... or time travelers, or interdimensional shadow people or inner earth dwellers, or Gods from the planet Spork. Have it your way. The most simple and logical explanation is not always correct... but shouldn't we start there? Humans can be highly inventive and at times highly deceptive. See our UFO Collection for maps, pictures, videos, theories, and UFO news. Xenophilia.com: true strange stuff.


2/17/2005 UFOs. (mercury) Sightings Continue, Mystery Deepens. A saucer shaped large object was seen hovering four days ago (Monday night) by three people in Brighton, Australia above the Midland Highway, near the Bothwell turnoff.

"The woman, who said she was not one to believe in aliens, said the object was about half the size of a house and had one red pulsating light on one side and a similar blue light on the other. They had pulled over and got out of the car, and within minutes the object was hovering about 30m (~100 feet) above the ground less than 300m (~1000 ft) away. She said the craft was shaped like an AFL football as it came towards them, but when it was closer she guessed it was saucer shaped."

2/17/2005 UFOs. Try the "official website for Nick Pope, the Ministry of Defenseofficial who was responsible for researching and investigating UFOs, alien abductions, crop circles, cattle mutilations and other strange phenomena."

See our UFO article for some angles even Nick might not have considered.

1/25/2005 UFO Fukuoka (Japan) residents mistake vapor trail for UFO "Residents saw the unusual orange object in the sky on Sunday evening, and began phoning the Fukuoka District Meteorological Observatory to ask what it was. As the calls continued, officials checked it and found that it was actually an aircraft vapor trail that had been lit up by the late afternoon sun. Observatory officials said vapor trails can suddenly be cut off due to the amount of moisture in the air, creating the appearance of a comet tail.

"It's actually something that happens a lot. There's no need to worry," a worker at the observatory said. (Mainichi Shimbun, Japan, Jan. 24, 2005)

1/12/2005 UFO: (PopularMechanics) The Central Intelligence Agency says it has finally come clean about UFOs. To absolutely no one's surprise, it knew more than it ever let on.

"The government kept the UFO myth alive to disguise the embarrassing fact that during the hottest days of the Cold War, America's two most secret intelligence gathering assets" the A-12 and SR-71 spyplanes "flew toward hostile terrain with the equivalent of cow bells dangling from their necks. ... What better way to hide extraordinary aircraft than to wrap them in the compelling fiction of aliens?"

The beauty of information fog is that it lasts a long time. "Yeah, sure. Now they are trying to cover up the truth about the aliens by saying UFO sightings were just spyplanes. Ha! You expect us to believe that?"



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