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12/26/2004 UFOs: Calls flood NORAD about jingling UFO.

"Following the progress of the "right jolly old elf" and his reindeer beginning at 5 a.m. Friday, some 360 radar-assisted NORAD volunteers received more than 50,000 e-mail messages and 600 million visits to the website, www.noradsanta.org The center also answered nearly 60,000 phone calls.

The tracking data was translated into streaming audio and video updates, posted to the center's radar map and translated into French, Italian, Japanese, Spanish and Portuguese." Read why they track him.

Of possible interest to the believers in the hollow Earth and the "holes at the poles" theories, here is a supposed NORAD photo of Santa over the North Pole. How much in this photo is true? Hmm. See our UFO article for more strange fun.

12/6/2004 Health / UFOs. (amazon) Here is a strange idea: Cattle Mutilations attributed to UFOs are actually tests for Mad Cow disease that have been going on since the 1960's. See these links and the book "Brain Trust : The Hidden Connection Between Mad Cow and Misdiagnosed Alzheimer's Disease"

Review: "As a trained neurologist working at a school of medicine, I thought I had a fairly good understanding of BSE and its human counterpart, nvCJD. But clinical knowledge is only one piece of the puzzle. Drawing upon epidemiologic, forensic, political, medical, scientific, and historical sources, the author has provided a truly chilling account of the importation of prion disease samples from the small cannabalistic Fore tribe in New Guinea for U.S. animal experimentation in the 1950's and '60's, with credible links to the current epidemic of animal prion disease in North America (CWD or chronic wasting disease, TME or transmissible mink encephalopathy, and BSE), as well as the current epidemic of Alzheimer's disease in developed countries (i.e., those eating mass-produced livestock). The author also speculates that the cattle mutilations in North America in the past few decades may have been programs designed for the surveillance of prions within the nation's food supply."


12/6/2004 UFO. (worldnetdaily | theaustrailian ) Mystery lights in sky baffling Australians. Blue, green, red object hovers for hours, defense department denies secret aircraft.

"Laboratory technician Julie Lynn was relaxing on the balcony with husband Nigel at their Leanyer home when they noticed the UFO about 8.30pm. ... Several readers phoned the Northern Territory News late on Saturday (Dec 4, 2004) night to describe the unidentified flying object that captured their attention. "

"The object was said to be "shaped like three connected ball-shaped spheres that flashed blue, green and red from as many as six different light sources," according to the News. "It first appeared in a southeasterly direction and was moving northeast."

Kelly Cooper, a spokeswoman for the Australian Department of Defense, said the object was not a secret military aircraft, nor related to the air force."

11/20/2004 UFO / Aliens (heraldtrib) Here is a freaky UFO/Alien story from Girouxville, Canada..

"A loud humming noise breaks the silence of night, causing Ron Cloutier's dogs to bark crazily, and announces the arrival of Unidentified Flying Objects in the Girouxville skyline. The skin-tingling X-Files-like scene has haunted Cloutier over the last five months, as he is awakened to watch strange lights and shapes cutting through the darkness above his home.

Especially unsettling for Kettner is that her four-year old daughter has recently discussed late-night conversations with alien-like people. She says the girl describes the stereotypical short, grey large-headed alien without having ever seen them on television or read about them in storybooks."

11/1/04 UFO. Yes, man made circular aircraft can and do fly. A recent Baltimore sun article reports on a man in China who is building a UFO and has a working model.

"Two years ago, [ Du Wenda ] earned a Chinese patent for his flying machine design, which includes horizontal rotors of differing sizes spinning in opposite directions at differing speeds.

"The UFO will have three functions: moving on the ground, in the air or underwater," Du explained in an interview last week. It will be useful for short-distance travel, he said, because it would be unaffected by bad roads or traffic. China's annual air show in Zhuhai invited him to show the saucer this week, and he is taking a small demonstration model.

... There is no question that a flying saucer can fly, but the problem is that without adjustable flaps like on a plane, or a tail rotor like on a helicopter, it is inherently unstable."

Don't be fooled. The stability problem of circular winged aircraft has been solved many times in many ways by many different people over the years. Between Jun 19, 2000 and Jan 18, 2002 there was a site called mmsaucers.com (now just a junk ad site) that had pictures of working circular craft.

Lenticular is another way to say "shaped like a lens" in a magnfiying glass. Here is a link to some NASA citations for more serious reading on the subject of stability of "flying saucers". Circular aircraft can be powered by propellers, jet engines, etc. Humans are amazing inventors. No alien pilots or alien technology need be involved.


10/26/04 UFOs Disinformation or the right answer? On csicop.org Robert Sheaffer suggests that the mexican military crew in a Merlin C26A was "confused regarding what [was] moving" and that they were somehow, on the evening of March 5, 2004 at approximately 5:00 PM ( and only on this particular evening, not on any other routine drug traffic monitoring flights in the area ), became surrounded by reflections from the oil wells which they reported and filmed as unknown traffic at 10,500 feet over Ciudad del Carmen.

Here is an oil well, UFO comparison:


On csicop.org Robert Sheaffer writes of the photo above: "Figure 2. The same reported "IR UFOs" at maximum zoom: individual flares from each oil well are now visible." But this is not maxium zoom. Here is a better zoom:


The alcione.org site has an interesting series of pictures and some data to support the idea that the Mexican UFOs were oil rig reflections. True or not, the site has some nifty info for those new to flying:

"Azimuth is the direction, in degrees in which to fly.

It is shown in the lower white section of the screen the coordinates an the negative number ( -137.4 degrees Az). That means the objective of the camera is pointed to the opposite direction, that is 317.4 degrees or NORTHWEST so the airplane is SOUTHEAST from Ciudad del Carmen as the coordinates are shown in the FLIR's screen: LAT. 18 deg 26.5 minutes, LONG. 90 degrees 46.02 minutes. Convert to degrees in decimal rather than minutes and seconds by dividing the minutes by 60 to get:
Lat: 18.4693 Lon: -90.5973

As the plane moves through the clouds, it mostly stays pointing in one direction. The Azimuth reading does not change on the display. So, if the oil rigs at the top have a very hot square with at pointy tube, I'd be closer to believing this. How did balls of gas maneuver in a ring around and follow an aircraft traveling 142 to 214 miles per hour when the wind speed is 22 mph? Perhaps the answer is, they didn't, they only seemed like they did due to heat reflections on the clouds?

View "The original, unedited MPEG file of the Mexico video" before you make up your mind.

" ...the aircraft, belonging to the 501st Air Squadron was performing its routine patrol when it suddenly detected the presence of an object on its radar at an elevation of 3500 meters ( 11,483 feet ), as well as through its infrared equipment (FLIR).

The airplane immediately pursued the object, which according to the video footage, lost itself in the clouds. Minutes later, the presence of other objects -- for a total of 11 -- was detected. They followed the aircraft and surrounded it."

Way too much info is missing. How did the objects react when the plane turned to intercept? How did they react to increases and decreases in the viewing plane's altitude? Why is there no video of them manuvering? Is there any video anywhere of the lights changing the distance from eachother? How did the encounter end?

abovetop - "I guess the real question is if the FLIR could be viewing oil rigs over 50 miles away." Why is there a light at around -91 Az? Here is a frame showing -91.3 degrees Az at LAT N 18° 32.04' LON W 90° [unreadable].

10/18/04 UFO Interesting claim... (vheadline) "In 1917, Tesla performed a test flight with a remote control UFO in conjunction with the Sperry Gyroscope Company, flying the ship 100 miles, landing it, then flying it back to its original point of departure.


10/11/04 UFO (wishtv) "Brandon McBroom used the family videocam to tape a strange looking object in the Sunday sky. WANE-TV took the tape around town Monday to the experts. "That's not a meteor. It's too slow," said Roger Sugden, Assistant State Director with Mutual UFO Network. "High altitude aircraft. If you've seen them at sunset, they're pretty far away. You'll see a white line that's moving real slow, that's the contrail and in front is the aircraft."

But Christopher Crow, Assistant Professor of Geosciences at IPFW, thinks this is a meteor. "Whatever that is, it's coming down at a very fast speed giving off flames." "My first inclination is it's not a meteor."

Chris Highland is from the Fort Wayne Astronomical Society. His opinion is different from the other two. "I'm more inclined to think it's space junk, like an empty booster or a fuel tank," said Highland."

10/11/04 UFOs Dig my shirt from my trip to Roswell, New Mexico. Yes, I'm certain flying saucers are real. Click my shirt to see a real man-made flying saucer. I'm not certain it flew, but I think so. I'm not saying there are aliens on earth. I've seen no convincing evidence of that ... yet. As to the comment about the government: we live in a corpocracy. I made up that word, as far as I know. A corpocracy is rule by corporations with the pleasing (but not entirely convincing) illusion of democracy. We are ruled by industry. People want cars with better gas mileage, for example. The technology exists to get many more miles per gallon, but auto/oil corporations make more money if our cars guzzle gas. ( BTW, fuel-economy estimates posted on new cars and trucks are baloney. ) There are many more examples.



"DEAR DR. BROTHERS: A few months ago my son and I were driving home at night, and we saw a huge, triangular UFO. It was a very exciting experience, and we both went home and drew a picture of it to show to my husband and daughter. To our dismay, they just laughed at us ... although I must admit I might have done the same. Since then I have been trying to find out what that was, and have come to suspect it's part of a secret "black" project of our government's. Now I never know whether to mention the sighting to people I meet, as it tends to make others think you are some "abducted by aliens" type nut. -- N.K.

DEAR N.K.: This is so unfair; you are not that kind of nut at all -- you never even mentioned aliens! I am making light of this because I, like everyone else, don't want to seem too gullible or easily taken in by a possibly fraudulent claim. Outside of those whose avocation is UFO-hunting, I think you are right that many people will look askance at your story and wonder about you. Others might agree that we might not be alone or that the government does secretly test new technology, but those aren't the people you are worrying about -- although in some cases perhaps you should, since there are plenty of hucksters and frauds out there.

Perhaps if you can approach the subject with humor and a smile when people start talking about little green men, they will see that you are not a fanatic. Then save your passionate explorations of the subject for people who share your concerns, or an Internet chat group of similar "sightees" who are in the same position you are. They are a great peer group for you on this mysterious subject."

10/5/04 UFO Triangle UFOs. (dbarkertv) "Next, we combined the locations of sightings from all three databases (NIDS, MUFON and Larry Hatch) and plotted more than 700 sightings on a highway map of the USA . Map #4 shows the location of each sighting of a Flying Triangle (denoted by a red Triangle) and the relationship to nearby towns and cities. The circles denote the positions of nearby AFBs. It can be seen that the locations of the AFBs in many cases overlap with populated areas. And many of the Flying Triangle sightings also occur in or near populated areas." An observant reader pointed out that Wyoming must have cans of triangle repellant all over the place.

This site has the idea that the UFOs sighted recently in Mexico were flying triangles. If so, then flying triangles can at times be unseen by the naked eye, but picked up with forward looking infrared radar. That is what happened in the case in Mexico. For more on the Mexico sighting see our UFO archives.

In the video snippet, the lights do seem to travel in groups as if connected. There are also some pics of only two lights together which does not seem consistent with the triangle idea, but it is hard to tell what has been edited.

9/23/04 Blog / UFO When I visited London recently on a wall in the London Underground (photo left below, we call it a subway) there was a picture of a guy flying with balloons. How much helium would it take? Is it legal? You know Xeno's law: "Anything you think of has already been thought of ... and acted upon." Sure enough, I googled up a guy who talks about flying with helium balloon clusters. Turn yourself into a UFO. See this page for more great pics!

Should I try this?! "To control the altitude of the cluster balloon, the pilot takes off with more balloons than needed to lift his or her weight, and carries ballast (water or sand) to balance out most of this excess lift. To level out or descend, the pilot releases or bursts balloons. To slow the descent or ascend again, the pilot releases ballast. The number of times the cluster balloon can ascend or descend is limited by the amount of ballast and extra balloons carried. The balloon may also gain a certain amount of lift during the flight due to solar heating of the balloons."

"A cluster balloon moves in whatever direction the wind carries it. However, as in a hot-air balloon, the direction of flight in a cluster balloon can be controlled to some degree by using the different wind directions that exist at different altitudes. During the early morning, it is not uncommon to have a variety of different wind directions available at different altitudes, so a good amount of "steering" may be possible. Launching a toy balloon prior to flying allows the pilot to see the wind directions that exist at different altitudes, in order to plan the flight. During the flight, the pilot can watch any nearby hot-air balloons, to note their direction of motion at different altitudes. A portable GPS unit is also useful." I'd start by just going up a few 100 ft. Yeah.

9/2/04 UFO. (MSNBC) 'Flying Triangle' sightings on the rise New analysis spurs speculation on secret planes. " ... this graphic reconstruction ... shows a football field-sized, wedge-shaped object with flashing red, blue and white 'disco lights.'"

Remember the Phoenix black triangle UFO seen 3-13-97 by many people as it flew over a highly populated area. 1, 2

9/2/04 UFO. This below is an interesting UFO story. See our UFO article for more.

JACKSON, Mo. - "A UFO that was the talk of this southeast Missouri town turned out to be nothing more than a vacation Bible school game gone awry.

Just after 7 p.m. on Aug. 11, 16-year-old Zach Stanfield was videotaping a shadowy, disc-shaped object hovering in the sky above his home in this town about 100 miles south of St. Louis. Just down the road outside Calvary United Pentecostal Church, Edward Moore was getting a dirty look from his wife, Cherie, as the two watched a mylar disc float into the atmosphere.

It turns out that Stanfield and the Moores were looking at the same thing.

Cherie Moore had bought a pair of the $9 mylar discs for the children attending the church's vacation Bible school to play with. But one had sprung a leak, and Edward Moore was having trouble getting the other one to fly.

"It just wasn't discing right," he said. "So I got the bright idea of airing it up with some helium."

Too much helium, it turned out, and the disc soared away.

On Tuesday, the Southeast Missourian newspaper in Cape Girardeau ran a front page photo of the disc, taken from Stanfield's video, with a story about an unidentified flying object hovering over Jackson.

"We were joking about it, saying that someone was going to see it and turn it in as a UFO," Cherie Moore said. "When I saw the paper this morning, I about died."

Chief air traffic controller Larry Davis of the Cape Girardeau Regional Airport had originally posed the possibility of the object being a mylar disc. He said too much helium would indeed have given the disc the strange hovering effect seen in the tape, especially on a day with mild winds. "

Where does one buy large mylar disks? The photo above is actually a special weather balloon, not the mylar disk in the story. See this rense article. Also here for some movies of mylar balloon tests. Here is a radio controlled helium mylar blimp for about $60. Pretty cool. I'd like one for my next birthday.


8/11/04 UFO. (canoe) UFO sightings soar over last 48 hours in Winnipeg Canada. "The light darted through the air. It was bright white with a red light rotating around the centre orbit, Robillard said. It lasted about five seconds bright and then it just took off," he said. "I tried to follow it with my eyes. It went so fast and so high that it just blended with the stars."


8/10 - 8/12/04 UFO. (pravda | newsau | msnbc) The Russian Roswell, physical evidence? Explorers find UFO fragments in Tunguska meteorite area.

"Members of the scientific expedition of the Siberian state foundation Tunguska Space Phenomenon say they have managed to uncover blocks of an extraterrestrial technical device. The space body, which was later called the Tunguska meteorite, fell down on Earth on June 30th 1908, 65 kilometers off the Vanavara settlement, the Evenkiya republic."

8/9/04 UFO. (satobs) What is that strange flash in the sky? Answer: a flaring/glinting Iridium satellite. To look for aliens, you first have to know what ISN'T an alien. It is a fair bet that Julie "Jitterbug" Pearce's UFO Attractor will be ignored by all Iridium satellites.

This photo was taken by Chris Dorreman on Sept 20, 1997 at 19:10:23 UT. It is believed to be one of the earliest pictures taken of a unpredicted (before any Iridium flare prediction programs were published) magnitude -8 (estimated) flare produced by Iridium 12 (NORAD 24837/COSPAR 97-030-B).


8/1/04 UFO (cleaveland). A Roswell type event, minus the aliens:

"There is no doubt that a huge fireball screamed out of the sky early the evening of Dec. 9, 1965, and crashed in the woods. ... thousands (of curious people) ... from all over western Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio and northern Virginia ... were met by dozens of military people. According to reports, the Army, Air Force and National Guard were there, as well as NASA. More than a dozen people said they got close enough to see the military removing a giant, copperish object on a flatbed truck from the woods. The military denies that anything was recovered. ... Jerry Betters, a 72-year-old jazz drummer from nearby Connellsville: "I saw it on a truck coming out of the woods. I saw the copper capsule on the truck."



6/14/04 UFOs (fox | 4utah ) Here is a classic flying saucer sighting from Provo Canyon, Utah. See news clip video (only still photo of the saucer.)

Taking pictures of the beautiful Utah countryside is part of Tommy Woodard's job with the Utah Film Commission. Recently, though, he captured something on film that's worthy of the silver screen. That something just might be a UFO.

At a distance, it's just a speck. But when you zoom in, things get interesting.

"When I was shooting the picture, I didn't see the object," Woodard said. "In relation to the ridge, it was tilted at an angle right above the tree line."

As the photo librarian for the Utah Film Commission, Woodard shoots any location filmmakers might want to see. He shot about 100 pictures the day he caught the startling images of what might be a UFO.


"In all my pictures, I've never seen anything like this," he said.

The picture that caused quite a commotion around the office came from Provo Canyon.

"I didn't get out of the car when I took the specific shot," Woodard recalled. "I just leaned up to the car window, took the shot and kept driving.

Said analyst Jim Dilettoso "Bottom line: It's not a fake. I can't find any evidence that it was digitally faked."

... "There are remote-control helicopters, really good ones ... blimps, could be that," he said. "It's a good place to go play with all those things."

What very few people seem to know is that some flying saucers are man made. Read our report on UFOs for full details.

6/3/04 Alien or Fog? (chez | ufocasebook | losthaven | wos | skyscan ) This is about four months old, but interesting. February 6, 2004, about 8:45 PM. Lake Downy Park, just east of downtown Orlando Florida.

"I heard foot steps in the woods/marsh on the side of lake near the dock I was fishing from, when I saw and heard a ripple in water near the shore. Then I saw two stork like legs and a head watching me. It looked right at me and I was very scared and yelled, "Hey!" It stood up like a man my size or so, and stared me dead in eyes. I went to run off the dock, but when I did so, it walked at a slow pace toward the end of dock to trap me. I phoned 911 and they told me to stay put, and the police were coming. What I saw was not human and was not a native animal, but apparently, it didn't want to hurt me, because if it wanted to, it could have. Later, I called the FBI and they said they cant help. Since then I cant sleep, and see that face and I'm scared to even sleep. I'm 22 years old and never have seen anything like that in my life. For proof please call the Orange County Sheriff Department."

Location is real. Problems: Source is not named. Little detail about creature. No sketch is given. Witness doesn't say how close he was. Does not say if he was using drugs. Doesn't say how the encounter ended. No photo of the area. Source is given as Peter Davenport and George A. Filer, the Director of MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network. Some think MUFON is a UFO disinformation system designed to fog the truth. Trust no one. Interview witnesses yourself and ask good questions. Compare the reporting of this sighting to the strange creature sighting above reported in a respectable newspaper. You be the judge.

6/3/04 UFOs. (ufoevidence) San Anselmo, California, United States - June, 3, 2004 In the northern sky last night, 6/2/04, there were multiple fast moving zig-zagging UFOs. Date Posted: 6/3/2004 10:59:27 AM. Another sighting on 5/14/2001 11:10 PM lasted 20 minutes in San Anselmo "flat irregular triangular shape. it seemed to be surrounded by a halo."
520/04 UFOs. (4utah) Until I see new evidence, here is what I think: The believers in aliens on earth and the UFO skeptics are both wrong. There are real flying disks, manned and unmanned, made and flown by humans, not aliens.

There you go.

You're welcome.

Stop fighting about the wrong things.

Get out and get some sun this weekend!

Even the battle of LA, ( Los Angeles Times Feb 26, 1942 ) which may have involved a flying disk does not point to aliens, just some great technology. Until an alien gets out of a saucer -- I mean a real alien, not a guy in a costume -- it is most reasonable to assume some great human engineers are responsible. How are circular aircraft powered? Jet engines. Yes, there were jet engines in 1942.


5/18/04 UFO. Interest in the Mexican UFO story and video continue to spread .


Has optical invisibility been obtained? I think so. I can think of at least one way it could be done with existing technology. Magicians use mirrors, for example, to make things vanish. On March 5, 2004, Mexican military pilots flying in daylight with a visibility average of 96% detected airborne objects with RADAR and with Infrared (heat) instruments. At no time, however, were the "crew of eight monitoring specialists" able to see the objects, even when as close as two miles away. After much research, I'm still confused. Where there jets involved? Some stories say Mexican Air Force jets chased the objects but were out maneuvered.

Theory: Gasses

To "Julio Herrera, a nuclear science researcher at the National Autonomous University" who says "gases" are responsible.

"Oil platforms along the Campeche coast on the Gulf of Mexico, where the objects were filmed, release or burn off some of the gas they produce." - indystar

How do invisible gas balls form eleven identical coherent structures, three of which show up as solid on RADAR? How do gas balls stick around for 3 to 30 minutes, become shaped like balloons complete with basket? Most critically, how do balls of gas maneuver in a ring around and follow an aircraft traveling 142 to 214 miles per hour when the wind speed is 22 mph?


Theory: Electrical Phenomena

"Herrera said electrical discharges in ball lightning could have been attracted to the plane as a conductor. " - yahoonews

Why would electrical phenomena attracted to a plane stop after surrounding the plane? Wouldn't they hit the plane/jet without hesitation if they were attracted in the first place?

Theory: Air Show

According to a web site in the UK, on 3-5 March 2004 in Toluca, Mexico the Aero 2004 Mexican Business Aviation Show took place. Also mentioned here and at boeing. "This particular business show had such companies as "Janes" ... which means that some of the things on show... would potentially be kept from the public to begin with." - sciforums On the negative side, this show was 500-600 miles away. One person says it was not an air show at all, but an event held inside a hanger.

Intelligent Control

"UFO follower Jaime Maussan said on Tuesday the objects seemed "intelligent" after they turned around to surround the plane chasing them" - yahoonews

"The lights appeared to be flying at an altitude of about 11,500 feet and reportedly surrounded the jet as it conducted routine anti-drug trafficking surveillance in Campeche, Mexico." - journalonline

I don't see the maneuvering. In the large video (in spanish) I found, at the end one object seems to be moving around a lot, but that could be a result of the plane turning. The video shows the objects flying in formation through stationary clouds.

Wind Speed

The wind speed was reported as being about 22 miles per hour. Another researcher found that the only high speed winds at that time were over 500 miles away north of "Tolcula" blowing to the northeast at 80 to 103 miles per hour. I assuming he means Toluca. As you can see from the jetstream map below there were no high jet stream winds in the area of the UFO sighting. Animated jetstream maps here.

Theory: Balloons

There are round balloons that seem to fit the profile of the objects.

If only the wind were right and there weren't claims that the balloons moved quickly to surround the plane.

Balloons could be used to smuggle drugs, so why did the Mexicans abandon the chase?

What is that thing in the basket of the balloon?



Distance from Aircraft

RADAR tells you distance, so when a military plane says the UFOs were two miles away, this would not be a judgment call. This is a real two miles. The objects were 10,560 feet away. That seems pretty far to me. Here is an example of how big a 6 foot tall guy (me) looks from 500 feet away.

"C-26's, have laser rangefinding capabilities, so accurate ranges and speeds/headings relative to the C-26 should also be available."

Type and Number of Aircraft

I'm confused about this. CNN says "the military jets chased the lights ... When the jets stopped following the objects, they disappeared.." Are the images taken from the Merlin C26A airplane or from a military jet? One Rense article doesn't even mention jets. "The airplane immedately pursued the object, which according to the video footage, lost itself in the clouds. Minutes later, the presence of other objects -- for a total of 11 -- was detected. They followed the aircraft and surrounded it."


The Mexican government may think secret military operations are going on in their country from other governments. For example, recall the recent cave incident. Perhaps they released this video because they suspect spy drones are being used against them.

Unknown so far

Duration of contact, speed of all aircraft involved (did calculations for one of them below), speed of all objects, size of objects ( "FLIR has a resolution ... that allows discerning objects of 1.5 by 6 feet at distances up to 30,000 feet." -sciforum), direction of objects, actual manuvers made, method of objects' arrival and departure, any ground RADAR or other detection, just one Mexican military plane? Jets involved?

Important Facts

- Merlin C26A detected unknown traffic at 10,500 feet over Ciudad del Carmen at approximately 5:00 PM on March 5, 2004.

- News of the UFOs was released Sunday May 9, 2004 by Jaime Maussan.

- Data frames from military video show

05-03-04 17:03:41L LAT N 18° 26.52' LON W 90° 46.27' -134.2 Az 2° El
05-03-04 17:03:49L LAT N 18° 26.56' LON W 90° 46.02' -133.7 Az 3° El
05-03-04 17:06:49L LAT N 18° 28.16' LON W 90° 35.84' -139.1 Az 2° El
05-03-04 17:07:05L LAT N 18° 28.29' LON W 90° 34.98' -139.2 Az 2° El

05-03-04 17:15:19L LAT N 18° 32.04' LON W 90° [? 4] -91.3 Az -2° El

Calculating Air Speed

Using the first two frames we can get the speed of the aircraft.

At 5:03:41 P.M. plane is at 18.442 N Lat, 90.771 W Long. Seven seconds later it is at 18.442 N Lat, 90.767 W Lon. The distance covered is approx 1,460 feet in 7 seconds. This is 208.57 feet per second or 142.21 miles per hour.

Using the next two frames we can get another measure. 5,022.215 ft in 16 seconds. This is 313.89 ft per second or 214.02 miles per hour (assuming they were moving in a straight line at the same altitude.) If the Mexicans were making turns diving or climbing, then they would have to be moving even faster than 214 mph during those 16 seconds.

"Minutes later, the presence of other objects -- for a total of 11 -- was detected. They followed the aircraft and surrounded it." - rense.

If the last two photos showing multiple objects were taken when the objects were following the aircraft, then these UFOs moved at speeds of at least 214 miles per hour. This fits with the specs here that the C-26 has a top speed of 320 mph.

Was it Daylight?

Knowing the latitude and longitude and the date, the sunset can be checked here. The sunset was 5:31pm PDT, so the sighting was about 1/2 hour BEFORE sunset, that is, still daylight.

Read the Xenophilia UFO article for a detailed look at the possibilities.

5/16/04 UFO. (Reuters | KStar | DailyNews) Here is some video of the UFOs seen recently by the Mexican airforce. At one point the objects moved in and surrounded the plane.

Theories so far:
Ball lightning. The "cluster of mysterious objects that surrounded a Mexican Air Force plane, alarming the pilots and sparking a UFO scare, could be a weather phenomenon known as ball lightning, a scientist said on Friday."

2. Gas. "The Campeche coast (see map below) on the Gulf of Mexico, where the objects were filmed, is Mexico's main oil- and gas-producing region. Oil platforms there release or burn off some of the gas they produce"

In addition to Mexico, now we have UFOS reported over South Texas, also captured on video. The mexican UFOs seem to be flying past clouds in formation, but they do not make any turns. To me they look like balloons. For example take a look at this:

If they are balloons, they should be tracked carefully. No telling what they carry. To see what I mean, read the Xenophilia UFO article (also links to more UFO videos, maps, etc.)

"Visible only with infrared equipment, the hauntingly fast-moving lights were captured by air force cameras March 5," says indystar.

Were the UFOs visible on infrared because they were filled with hot gas? How fast were they going? Were they moving faster than the air currents? If so, for these to be balloons, they would need a propulsion system.

"They appeared to be flying at an altitude of about 3,500 meters (11,480 feet), and allegedly surrounded the Air Force jet as it conducted routine anti-drug trafficking vigilance in Campeche. Only three of the objects showed up on the plane's radar." - dreamland.com

According to UFOinfo, "A two engine Merlin C26A (c26 pictured below) detected an unknown traffic at 10,500 feet over Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche airspace and requested interceptor aircraft to launch to chase the possible drug planes. The Merlin approached the unknown traffic and saw them on AN/PS 143 BRAVO VICTOR 3 RADAR and the FLIR ( Forward Looking Infrared ) STAR ZAPPHIR II was recording the object in infrared. As many as eleven UFOs were tracked maneuvering at high speed that carried the story Mexican Air Force story.

First rule of UFO research: Trust No One. Any or all of the above info could be false. If the story at Rense.com is accurate, I withdraw my balloon theory. "winds no bigger than 35 kms/hr" ( ~ 22 mph ). These sound more like a new invisible version of the Foo Fighter weapons used by the Germans briefly during WWII. Gas balls and ball lightning would probably not surround a moving aircraft, but the Foo Fighters were designed to do that.

"Some minutes passed while the mexican Air Force Merlin C26A crew continued making maneuvers to have a visual contact of the unknowns because despite both RADAR and FLIR were showing perfectly clear both unidentified objects for unexplained reasons there was not a visual contact even that the objects by this time were at close range. ... unknown objects suddenly made a maneuver surrounding the mexican Air Force airplane in a circle at close range.

Very strange!

5/6/04 UFO (Team4news) MAY 5, 2004 - A Mission, Texas man claims he may have captured the images of a UFO on his VHS camcorder, early Monday morning. "Bright lights, unlike any he'd ever seen before, danced around in the sky at a distance .. Showing Action 4 News the amateur footage, he says as many as 15 lights could be seen but the one he focused his lens on appeared to be changing shapes. Actually you see something spinning. I mean it looks like a mushroom, Pac Man and different colors. It's just pretty amazing, you know, pretty colorful. ... on Monday, there were media reports of a similar sighting in Mexico."

4/29/04 UFO (msn | washtimes | voanews ) UFO fever grips Iran TEHRAN, Iran - Is Iran about to be invaded by little green men, or are the Americans (or some other country?) racing through the night ... UFO'S in Iranian skies? ... twice over several Iranian cities in the past few days, including the western city of Kasr Shirin where people stormed the streets to watch the suspected UFO. "... circular and beaming white and blue lights. It was visible for 20 minutes"

"... residents in and near the city of Isfahan watched an unidentified flying object with an orange and white glow dance through the skies for about an hour Monday night ... An Air Force officer quoted in one Tehran publication is calling on Iran's Supreme National Security Council to determine whether Iran is being visited by aliens. He said the council should determine whether the visitors have good or bad intentions."

Also see our article on UFOs.

4/13/04 UFO (southbendtribune | icnetwork | mysticaluniverse) Rochester UFO sightings may prompt investigation. Bev Carpenter, who lives on County Road 450 North, in rural Rochester said, "You could just barely see the outline of the craft. ... There was no color, no sound, and it just hovered right above the tops of the trees."

Bev's report is similar to this one from the same area just a few months ago: Subject: UFO Sighting - Location: Rochester, NY - Date: January 9, 2004- "In the flight path of the airport, planes are usually flying low, but this thing was lower than any of that. My brother said "Man, is that thing even moving?" I looked, and to my disbelief, no. It wasn't moving at all. We slowed to see it. I thought it might be a helicopter, so I rolled down my window. No noise. This thing was big. In the dark night, it had flashing lights like a plane, but it was no plane."

This one in Great Orme is interesting because of the shape and time loss. "A family claimed to have lost five hours after being followed by a triangular shaped craft."

Speaking of abductions, consider the fact that "aliens seem a bit partial to Scotland. ... Anyone wishing to be abducted by the little green men would be well advised to take the High Road - to Bonnybridge, to be precise. The Stirlingshire town has the highest number of reported UFO sightings in Britain, with more than 100 every month, research shows."

See our article on UFOs for more on this topic.

4/6/04 UFOs Worldnetdaily. UFO blasts sky like 50,000 spotlights WorldNetDaily - USA 'I've seen a few satellites ... but I'd never seen anything as big as that one'. "Suddenly there was this flash, it's the only way ... Melbourne Herald Sun - Melbourne,Victoria,Australia RESIDENTS of the outback town of Winton saw a flash 'like 50,000 spotlights' as a huge fireball crashed to earth somewhere in central Queensland late yesterday ...

4/6/04 UFOs CFRA.com UFO Seen Over Ottawa 580 CFRA Radio - Ottawa,Ontario,Canada One caller to CFRA 580 said it was a large, bright, white ball of light that travelled northeast at around 8 o'clock.

4/6/04 UFOs Pravda UFO fragments yield sensational results Pravda - Moscow,Russia ... event. The UFO crashed into the rocky mountains located in the town of Dalnegorsk. ... life. Army guards of the Nakhodka region spotted a UFO.

3/29/04 UFO. (softlab.ntua.gr) Watch the video, then imagine this thing flying at night with a light on it. You'd have trouble judging the distance, so it would seem to be much larger and farther away. Also, it would seem to be making impossible manuvers, thereby proving that it is an alien space ship. Heck, even in the daylight this remote controlled flying helicopter seems to do the impossible.

3/26/04 UFO. ( ironwooddailyglobe ) Confirmation on recent UFO in Kimball, Wisconsin. Be sure to check out our UFO article for background and some different possibilities about the UFO mystery.

Ellen Pfeiffer of Ironwood called the Globe to say she and a friend had seen the bright lights reported by a Kimball, Wis., man as an unidentified flying object Sunday evening. Pfeiffer said she and Darlene Korhonen were coming out of the Pioneer Park Apartments around 6:15 p.m. when they saw something in the sky that was neither a star nor an airplane.

"It was absolutely awesome," Pfeiffer said. "I never saw anything so bright. We couldn't figure out what it was."

Forrest Wiedbrauk of Kimball told the Iron County Sheriff's Department he had seen 12 bright lights over his house. The lights turned orange and the craft took off over the barn, according to the report

3/16/2004: Ball Lightning: (Scoop ) Today is vortex day on this site. Below you can read about vortex weapons that use sound and some that use air. A New Zealander, Peter F Coleman, claims many unexplained mystery lights commonly called "UFOs" are caused by fire vortex events.

"Not content with theory he has actually created the fireballs in the laboratory and published the results in a 1999 Spring issue of EOS Transactions a publication of the American Geological Union."

"The key idea is that many UFO reports are actually luminous vortices. Only vortices have the power and unpredictibility to account for extreme events. Couple this to the idea that a vortex is actually on fire in a spheroidal zone of vortex breakdown and you have a potent formula that will explain many puzzling lights."

"Vortex breakdown is the essential element. The low air speeds in this region enable a combustion flame to survive amidst the surrounding high speed air streams. Imagine seeing such a vortex at night all that you would see would be the fireball region moving around in seemingly unpredictable fashion and against the wind!"

Holy smokes. Let's hope the military doesn't turn this idea into a battery powered weapon. There are also claims that vortex energy has been used for years to power UFOs of various designs.


3/3/2004: Explained Ring of Fire: (sify | edp24) MYSTERY of circle in the sky. East Anglian Daily Times - Suffolk, England, UK By Jonathan Barnes. Picture: Bill Smith.

A giant halo was spotted above the region from about 5.30pm yesterday, leaving people wondering if they had just seen a UFO. "The US Air Force at Lakenheath admitted one of its crews had created the enigma - by accident.

"The trail was made by a pilot from 492nd Fighter Squadron flying a F15E Strike Eagle," said base spokesman Lt Ed Ekpoudom. The effect was caused by a routine turning manoeuvre at 33,000ft.

2/18/2004: Alt Energy / UFO: (RusAmChamber | india.mid.ru | GoogleGrps ) Tonight I found a claim that professor Valerian Sobolev, Ph.D. in Engineering in Russia discovered a new electrochemical process (dubbed "depletion process") announced in Moscow, July 12, 2001.

The new state of substance that we have discovered has a non-stoichiometric composition, like some meteorites which have so far been considered one of nature's mysteries. To create such a material on Earth was considered unthinkable," Sobolev said. He stressed that the discovery of the new superconductor will make it possible to construct aircraft able of "support-free travel" in space similar to the so-called UFOs.


2/4/2004: UFO Video in Mexico: (turks.us | rense ) Alfonso Salazar and Salvador Guerrero, aviation technicians in Mexico, say they shot videos of eight UFOs as they flew over Mexico City's International airport on Saturday Scott Corales translated an article from the Mexico press, telling about the UFO videos. Salazar and Guerrero shot three separate videos on the same day. In the first one, they saw 6 UFOs flying in an inverted "J" shape. Later, they spotted a cigar-shaped UFO and later a round one. They say, "We were in the hangar area and suddenly saw the first six UFOs in the sky, and we recorded until the last one appeared. The speed they used to disappear was immediate, and more or less all of them were at an altitude of 12,00 feet."

1/14/2004: Chinese Believers: Aliens among us?! According to pravda, Half of the entire Chinese population believes in UFOs. Hundreds of scientists and engineers conduct thorough studies of the unidentified phenomenon. According to Chinese ufologists, aliens live among humans. Ugologists also claim that recently aliens started to show more interest in China. Most recent UFO was spotted in Nanking, China Circular winged aircraft (piloted and un piloted) most likely do exist, but that does not mean they are piloted by aliens. The article continues, One Chinese newspaper "South China Monitoring Post" reported the most fascinating case. One hundred Chinese witnessed a double-seated fighter-interceptor of the Chinese Air Force "playing cat-and-mouse" with a hypothetical UFO not far away from a military base in the town of Chinjou. A mushroom-shaped object with rotating brightly lit bottom was spotted by four radar stations. When approaching the interceptor (in about 4,000 meters), the object instantly moved upwards. None of the ground-based control services ordered to open fire.


1/11/2004: Austrailia Sightings: There have been many UFO sightings in Perth Austrailia. For example (ABC), "This particular morning, it was sometimes in between 10th and 20th of January, 1991. The Gulf War just started, that's how I remember. So anyway we go for walk to "dog" beach in Perth. ... two bright stars, shining ... moved across the sky with such a speed that I never seen anything like that. From that enormous speed they stopped instantly. Hovering somewhere in the mid horizon for about two minutes and then they disappeared. ... there were 600 reports of UFO sightings in Perth alone ... Why they don't make the contact? Well, the answer is simple. Would you jump in the midst of fighting chimpanzees?"

10/16/03: Bush Comments on UFOs: George W. Bush raised a few eyebrows during the 2000 presidential campaign when he responded to a question about releasing government files on unidentified flying objects. "It'll be the first thing he (Dick Cheney) will do," Bush said. "He'll get right on it."

10/10/03: Laser powered UAVs: NASA tests laser powered plane, needs no fuel. "The laser tracks the aircraft in flight, directing its energy beam at specially designed photovoltaic cells carried onboard to power the plane's propeller. ... Scientists think it could eventually be used for surveillance and to provide communication links." Every move you make. Every breath you take. I'll be watchin' you. Right, so how far can they shoot the laser? Interested in UFOs? Check out the Unmanned Vehicle site.


10/7/03: Recent UFO sightings: UFO videotaped by plumber in Sugarhouse, UT. In Cibola County Beacon, NM a man says UFO getting ready to land, FAA says it is weather balloon. Myrtle Beach, SC a woman sees UFO over Atlantic Ocean. Area 51 will remain secret Bush renews exemption. Check out the upcoming UFO Symposium if you happen to be in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

6/23/03:Disclosure: Sci Fi channel pushes for aggressive UFO search

7/1/03: Roswell Crash: Watch Larry King on CNN tonight 9PM EDT for a celebration of the Roswell Crash Anniversary with such guests Walter Haut and Glenn Dennis and others.


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