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1/25/2005 Space Ocean and "Pipes" in picture from Titan The image quality is bad, but there it is ... an ocean (of methane?) on another world! In this case the world is Saturn's moon, Titan. What natural process would create those "pipes" on the "land"?

1/18/2005 Space. UFO shaped space probe Huygens lands on a moon of Saturn (Titan) and sends back images to Earth. Photos from more than 900 million miles across the solar system.

7/1/04 Saturn | Titan. Is Earth sending flying saucers to other planets? Well, sort of. In December Cassini-Huygens, the international mission to Saturn, will launch a disc-shaped probe to Titan, one of Saturn's many moons.

"The aeroshell is comprised of two parts: a front shield and a back cover. The front shield is a 79 kg, 2.75 m diameter, 60 degree half-angle coni-spherical surface. Tiles of "AQ60" ablative material (a felt of phenolic resin reinforced by silica fibers) provide protection against the heat of entry into Titan's atmosphere" - NASA

This is more of a falling disc than a flying one. It will deploy a parachute at one point, and then release the chute and freefall to the surface as it collects data.




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