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10/17/03: Space elevator: (Space) "Some scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory want to build an elevator reaching 62,000 miles into the sky to launch payloads into space more cheaply than the shuttle can. ...The elevator shaft would be made of a very strong, thin, lightweight material called carbon nanotubes (CNT) attached to the Earth's equator." ... "CNT exhibits extraordinary mechanical properties: the Young's modulus is over 1 Tera Pascal. It is stiff as diamond. The estimated tensile strength is 200 Giga Pascal. These properties are ideal for reinforced composites, nanoelectromechanical systems (NEMS)." ... "The shaft, a 32 million-story-tall cable, would be carried into orbit on a conventional spacecraft, then gradually dropped down to Earth to be attached to a platform similar to an ocean oil-drilling rig. ... Solar-powered crawlers would move up and down the shaft, carrying payloads of satellites or probes to be placed in Earth's orbit or beyond." The photo is "Artist Pat Rawling's concept of a space elevator viewed from the geostationary transfer station looking down along the length of the elevator toward Earth." ... "To keep the cable structure from tumbling to Earth, it would be attached to a large counterbalance mass beyond geostationary orbit, perhaps an asteroid moved into place for that purpose." One person said this reminds one of the story of the tower of babel.

4/30/03: Nuclear Spaceships: NASA wants nuclear spaceships. ( see 1997 Cassini probe, UAV's, etc.)

5/20/03: US Space Radar: Pentagon plans full time space radar view of entire earth by 2012.

11/26/02: Lost in Space: Russia loses six-tonne satellite. The world's largest communications satellite was lost today, failing to reach orbit after its launch on a Russian rocket, the Russian space agency said. Doh! Heads up! It's actually interesting how many things have been lost in space. Mars probes, satellites, etc.



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