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3/25/2005 Space. First light seen from alien planets. "It's taken 10 years since the first Jupiter-like planet was discovered around a sun-like star, but for astronomers searching for worlds beyond our solar system, it's been worth the wait. This week, two teams working independently announced the first unambiguous detection of light from planets orbiting other sun-like stars. The achievements, researchers say, help set humanity on the doorstep of a golden age in exploring solar systems beyond our own."



2/4/2004: Oldest Extrasolar Planet: According to wikipedia.org, PSR B1620-26 b, nicknamed Methuselah, is an extrasolar planet whose discovery was announced on July 10 , 2003 . It is approximately 5,600 light years from Earth, located near the heart of the globular cluster M4 (see Messier object ) in the constellation Scorpius . Methuselah has a mass twice that of Jupiter , and is estimated to be about 12.7 billion years old, believed to be by far the oldest planet yet discovered. Try this Google Search for PSR B1620-26 b.


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