Cosmic Rays

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2/24/2004: Notes On Cosmic Rays: What's up with radiation-hardening of CPUs? How does that work? One discussion I found said space radiation ( cosmic rays ) can randomly flip bits in your system, introducing errors. You have to run in almost constant housecleaning mode to detect and correct errors. Protection also comes from having thinner layers which reduce effects of ionizing radiation by providing less surface area for charges to build up, etc.

Hey, are cosmic rays flipping out my computer here on Earth too? Are they seeding the clouds? Do cosmic rays ever hit people named Ray? ( Humor Hint: Imagine Ray Charles is looking up at incoming cosmic rays in the photo.)

"James Matthews, an associate physics and astronomy professor, said people are constantly in a "bath of radiation." If a cosmic ray went through a person's head, he would not be aware of it."

Don't be too sure of that, Bub. I'd know it. I'm always watching out for stuff like that.



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