Politics April 2005

4/27/2005 Politics / Energy. (kansascity) Bush Ratings Drop as Gas Prices Soar, Bush Looks to France as Energy Model. "Nuclear power is one of the safest, cleanest sources of power in the world, and we need more of it here in America," Bush said, noting that France gets nearly 80 percent of its electricity from nuclear power."


Again, here is Bush with a lack of vision and a tragic lack of information. Nuclear, long term, is not a safe clean power source due to the radiation waste and accident risks. If Bush listened to me, he would have spent the billions wasted liberating Iraq's oil instead on the search for the next great American power source. Use the net, get people involved, give research grants, make it a competition! Spark imaginations! Use every mind of every child in every classroom to find the best plan for our energy independence. Make this the next big American dream, not going back to the Moon or putting a man on Mars. With the proper clean energy, we can go visit other planets in due time. Unite the world under this common clean energy goal, then feed the hungry, heal the sick, clean the air and water, recycle, teach peace, explore space, expand and evolve. Simple. People just need to stop being so stupid. Good luck.

4/26/2005 Politics (CNN). U.S. study: Iraq likely didn't ship WMD to Syria. "WASHINGTON (CNN) -- It is unlikely Iraq shipped banned weapons material into Syria before the 2003 U.S.-led invasion, according to report released by the Iraq Survey Group, a CIA/Pentagon team searching for Iraqi weapons programs. In October, the group said that the 1991 Persian ASHIr likely destroyed Iraq's capabilities of producing weapons of mass destruction and that Iraq had none when the United States invaded."

"The US team investigating whether Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction has finished its 18-month search without finding any such weapons, underscoring the inaccuracy of the intelligence that triggered the US-led invasion of Iraq. The Iraq Survey Group [ISG] issued its final report this week, saying its 1,700-member team had found no evidence that Iraq possessed biological, chemical or nuclear weapons." - financialtimes


Well, there you have it. This finding cost US tax payers over $1 Billion. That's over $3.37 from every man woman and child in the US, just to find nothing. (Assuming there are 295,974,587 of us currently.) Where is the outrage! That's over $3 out of your pocket! Dude, you could like, buy a cheap lunch for that. But seriously, wouldn't it be nice to see this paranoid, fear mongering, reality-challenged Bush mob out of office?

All you Bush true believers who still cling to the WMD lie to justify this pre-emptive war: your last fall back argument just evaporated. The wepons aren't in Syria either. Hear that? They aren't in Iraq. They aren't in Syria. Nope. The Bush mob lied and people are still dying as a result. Admit it, you were scammed. You've been HAD. Egg on your face. Now, the next time you hear something, go do some research. Be skeptical. Check opposing views. Stop trusting "authority" without checking in with your own common sense. Follow the money. Don't let fear rule. Turn off Faux news, Rush Drugbagbah, etc.

4/20/2005 Politics. Human Sacrifice to the Oil Gods? So what IS Moussaoui's connection to 9-11? Answer: He is guilty by association. Guilt by association is bullshit, of course, becuase everyone is associated in one way or another, so everyone is guilty of everything! If we allow a standard of guilt by association, our democracy is a mousfacrce and we have officially returned to the Dark Ages. The criminals in power will use guilt by association to jail, torture and kill anyone they choose... especially if they know that a 'guilty' person could expose them.

After three years of captivity (and daily 'simulated' torture?), Zacarias Moussaoui, has decided to plead guilty. He has specifically pled guilty to "training in al Qaeda camps in Afghanistan, taking flying lessons in the United States and buying knives and a global positioning system." Is this combination of actions punishable by death? Again, what the heck IS Moussaoui's connection to 9-11?

"There is no actual evidence that Moussaoui was supposed to be on Flight 93 or the other planes. Moussaoui had no contact with any of the Sept. 11 hijackers and took his flight training long after they did (feb 6, 2001 source: Senate Intelligence Hearings). According to Yosri Fouda and Nick Fielding's Masterminds of Terror, Binalshibh has said that while he contemplated Moussaoui as an understudy for 9/11, he was never part of the plot." - slate

But... but... he was the 20th hijacker, right?! No, you are recalling an old 'theory' (aka lie that got popped) that has since been dropped.

"Prosecutors long ago abandoned the theory that Moussaoui might have been the "20th hijacker" on September 11 had he not been in custody. They once introduced the theory that Moussaoui might have piloted a fifth plane targeting the White House. " - cnn

Huh? Then how did the wild idea of Moussaoui taking control of a plane and flying it into the WTC get into an unnamed Minneapolis FBI supervisor's head on August 27, 2001 sixteen (16) days before 9/11? (source: senate.gov) A bizarre lucky guess, if you believe the agent. The agent told the committee he had no reason to suspect Moussaoui was planning an attack on the WTC, he was just trying to get headquarters' attention. Is your head spinning yet?

Aug 24, 2001: Frustrated with lack of response from FBI headquarters about detained suspect Moussaoui, the Minnesota FBI begins working with the CIA. The CIA sends alerts calling him a "suspect 747 airline suicide hijacker." Three days later (Aug 24, 2001) an FBI Minnesota supervisor says he is trying keep Moussaoui from “taking control of a plane and fly it into the WTC." [ Senate Intelligence Committee (Hill #2), 10/17/02 ] FBI headquarters chastises Minnesota FBI for notifying the CIA. [ Time, 5/21/02 ] FBI Director Mueller will later say "there was nothing the agency could have done to anticipate and prevent the [9/11] attacks." [ Senate Intelligence Committee (Witness Breitweiser), 9/18/02 ]

So they had foreknowledge of the type of plane, the target, a suspect, al Quaeda ... and on 9/11 they were doing ... what!?

On the morning of September 11th 2001, ... the CIA were running a pre-planned simulation to explore the emergency response issues that would be created if a plane were to strike a building. - AP, boston.com

If veins don't start popping out of your head in anger as you consider the possibility that this was an inside job with pre-planned cover stories then I envy you. Was the plane into building exercise a "simulation" in the same way photos at Abu Ghraib were at first called "simulated attacks" and "simulated sex acts" on prisoners?

The whole thing stinks, as will the execution of human sacrifice Moussaoui, who likely has bad ideas and who associated with bad people, but who has himself committed no crime we know of in the USA ... beyond the immigration violations.

4/21/2005 Politics / Impersonation. What is felony criminal impersonation? Here is a definition. The way I read the law, the man who impersonated a psychology professor for more than a year and a half would not be guilty, although he was " was arrested on suspicion of criminal impersonation ". From the info we have in the story, he didn't attempt to teach classes or defraud anyone. Also free from federal charges would be those who impersonate celebrities for entertainment purposes.


But wait, what about republican press plant Joe Gannon/Jeff Gunkert? He did impersonate a reporter and he got into the Whitehouse. He acted as a reporter and he asked questions that caused damage by spreading misinformation (for example that Democratic leaders who speak of real economic difficulties facing the country "have divorced themselves from reality"). This "reporter" had no journalism degree. In fact, he was a gay male prostitute in DC. He also falsely portrayed himself as an ex-Marine. Criminal impersonation seems appropriate! Others are already discussing it. Which act is more serious, pretending to be a professor in order to make friends ... or pretending to be a conservative ex-US Marine turned reporter in order to spread lies that keep the public in the dark about political corruption now resulting in the horrors of war, torture in our name, illegal indefinite detentions, the theft of billions of tax payer dollars, and so on?

Once you accept the reality that our species is the most deceptive by nature of our large brains (and that we are simultaneously in denial of that fact ... a form of self-deception) a world run by deception, a world full of conspiracies, a world where you should trust no one starts to finally make sense. On the positive side, we don't lie all the time, just when we see a benefit. We all want the truth and we will give it in order to get it.

FORTUNE COOKIE: Take time and be careful when deciding to trust. If someone complains about being "tested", or if someone demands blind loyalty, they are lying to you and trying to cover it up. Trust your instincts and get out of there.

4/19/2005 Politics. Vote for Your Favorite Political Billboard. Democracy for America has a fun little vote going. Now you can choose the winner of the best anti-Tom Delay slogan for a billboard.

4/14/2005 Politics / Religion Bush Tells Reporters of his Walk with Christ.

"President Bush talked to the seven reporters traveling with him on Air Force One about Jesus after attending the pope's funeral in Rome last week.

" I think a walk in faith constantly confronts doubt, as faith becomes more mature," Bush said.

1 I can't help but imagine being a reporter writing that down and trying to not to snicker: "Makes sense to me. Walks often confront doubt. Do go on..."

"And you constantly confront, you know, questions. My faith is strong. The Bible [says] ... you've got to constantly stay in touch with the Word of God in order to help you on the walk. " - GW Bush.


1 "George? George, this is God. My word of the day is "Nuclear". Please stay in touch with My word. I might change it tomorrow ... if it pleases Me. Oh, and you should really get outside. Take a walk."

4/14/2005 Politics / Oil (voa) US Indicts Texas Businessmen, 2 Associates in Oil-for-Food Scandal "Businessman David Chalmers was arrested yesterday in Houston. He's the head of the Texas-based Bayoil which participated in the UN program in Iraq."

Oops, the right-wing line that Bush wants U. N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan out due to this scandal might now take a sharp turn! Quick, look away! Now we learn one of the real culprits was a oil guy from Houston, Texas, and another was a British citizen. Actually the link to Houston Oil hit the news at least six months ago Oct 11, 2004. Nice to see a few crooks caught. Good work. So many to go.


4/6/2005 Politics (cnn). Florida to allow use of force even outside home. Wild Wild West.

"Gov. Jeb Bush said Tuesday he intends to sign a bill that would allow people who feel threatened -- even on the street or at a baseball game -- to "meet force with force" and defend themselves without fear of prosecution."



You're kidding, right?