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3/15/2005 Politics / Conspiracy Fact. (voanews) Yes, some very big conspiracies are, in fact, real. This may make my conservative friends squirm, but the fact is, until Ebbers was tried and found guilty, all talk of his crookedness was just a conspiracy theory. Not all conspiracy theories are true. But some are. Yes, they are. We need a lot more evil dominoes to fall to fix our country's current abominable state of corruption. If enough unethical folks like this get nailed we the people will have more money ... and better health. For the curious, here are Bernie's political contributions.

"US Businessman ( Bernie Ebbers ) Found Guilty of $11 Billion Fraud. A federal jury in Manhattan found the 63-year-old Mr. Ebbers guilty of nine counts, including fraud, conspiracy and filing false documents." ... "He lied over and over again. All of his lies were criminal."


I found this interesting comment from a former MCI employee:

"At a sales managers' meeting in St. Louis just after the MCI/Worldcom merger, our MCI president, Bert Roberts, was almost in tears introducing Bernie as the new president. Bert was with the company for decades, and had worked ethically and tirelessly to grow MCI. Bernie walked up to the podium in front of about 500 sales managers and said, "Never in my life have I seen a room so chuck full of overhead." Well, Bernie, you are sure in over your head now - and will be giving a lot of head to your new boyfriends soon. Good luck, you son of a bitch!"



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