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11/22/2005 Alt Energy. Antigravity patent granted.

"On November 1 Boris Volfson of Huntington, Indiana, received U.S. Patent 6,960,975 for his design of an antigravity space vehicle. Volfson's craft is theoretically powered by a superconductor shield that changes the space-time continuum in such a way that it defies gravity. The design effectively creates a perpetual-motion machine, which physicists consider an impossible device." - natgeo


So, either there is a problem with the workload at the patent office and they are letting junk patents happen, or truths about the nature of our physical universe are being surpressed. Take your pick.

8/29/2005 Physics. The Mystery of Ice: New form becomes ferroelectric

"Chemists at Ohio State University and their colleagues may have settled a 70-year-old scientific debate on the fundamental nature of ice. A new statistical analysis mechanical theory has confirmed what some scientists only suspected before: that under the right conditions, molecules of water can freeze together in just the right way to form a perfect crystal. And once frozen, that ice can be manipulated by electric fields in the same way that magnets respond to magnetic fields." - researchnews


3/14/2005 Physics. Here's something amazing I read this weekend in "The Quantum Brain" by Jeffrey Satinover. The complex protein molecules of which we consist are, in a sense, quantum computers. These amazing molecules, it turns out, find the correct configuration by testing a dizzying number of different shapes all simultaneously in multiple universes.

"Their speed and efficiency in traversing the intermediate states that are part of any annealing process simply lie outside the range of any known classical process. ... Proteins take direct advantage of quantum effects to do things that would be otherwise utterly impossible. In particular, they take advantage of tunneling." [Emphasis in original].

A complex protein's shape change can happen when a single electron tunnels, that is, blinks out of existence in one place and appears in another place in the structure. This is one way our bodies amplify the bizarre world of quantum mechanics up into our reality.


In quantum mechanics, particles are connected invisibly. They show the results of influence upon each other in our time and space, but this influence takes place outside of our observable four dimensional universe. We, therefore, each exist right now in other dimensions.

3/20/2005 Physics / Teleportation. Update on teleportation. Charles Bennett at IBM sucessfully made beryllium atoms coexist simultaneously in two places at once. Beam me up Scotty.


Of course, this is not really an amazing trick if everything is one big connected vibration zapping in and out of our universe at different places, giving the illusion of separate particles. In other words, every electron may be the same electron, a single universe-sized electron, bending through unseeable dimensions, rippling backward and forward in time. This would explain how electrons interfere with eachother as waves and how paired electrons in quantum experiments seem to communicate instantly across any distance.

3/17/2005 Physics. (thisis | bbc) First Man-Made Black Hole Fails to Eat New York! The black hole lasted just 10 million billion billionths of a second. The black hole ( or a fireball that behaved much like one ) was formed by scientists at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider who used beams of gold nuclei smashed into each other at a rate close to the speed of light. So, if we all wink of out existance, blame the guys in New York. So much for the Skeptical Inquirer's prediction a few years ago that "Creating black holes at RHIC is not a realistic possibility." "Hey, that last black hole got a little too big, eh Ed. Ed? Dr. Shuryak?"


"The intense heat generated forced the beams to break down into particles and form a ball of plasma about 300 million times hotter than the surface of the Sun."

3/14/2005 Physics. (nova) Of what are we made? Brian Greene and other string theory physicists offer the model below.


According to Wikipedia, "Dr. Greene was a child prodigy in mathematics. At the age of five, he could multiply 30-digit numbers." (in his head, I presume.)

3/16/2005 History / Physics. (bbc | timesonline) Hitler Tested Small Atom Bomb in 1944 & 1945. According to Dr. Rainer Karlsch, a social historian, tests were conductedin 1944 on the Baltic island of Ruegen and "the last test, carried out in Thuringia on 3 March hitbomb1945, destroyed an area of about 500 sq m - killing several hundred prisoners of war and concentration camp inmates."

Some question this atomic nature of the bombs tested. Karlsch himself says that "bombs with a "sub-critical mass" were tested using a "nuclear procedure" on Ruegen and in the then central state of Thuringia late in World War Two" and the author claims his publisher, DVA, is going too far. The author states that there is no conclusive evidence the Nazis tested nuclear weapons. Then again, this does sound like a nuclear test with resulting radiation poisoning:

"I was standing by the window at 9pm at night and there was suddenly a long, slim pillar of light. It became so bright that I could have read a newspaper," said Claere Werner. “The pillars expanded at the top so that they looked like a leafy tree." That was on March 3, 1945. “The next day, and the days following, we all became so tired." The community started to suffer from nose bleeds, severe headaches and nausea." - timesonline

"The Americans decided in 1944 that the term "nuclear device" or "atom bomb" should not be applied to any nuclear explosive with an equivalent yield less than 500 tons TNT. The yield of the V-2 warhead would not have exceeded 30 tons TNT or so. If you have a conventional explosive to scatter radioactive dust, that weapon is a radiological device." - robsacc




1938: Dec: Nuclear fission demonstrated in Germany
1941: Jul 2: British MAUD report concludes that an atomic bomb is feasible.
1942: Manhattan Project (MP), US atom bomb program
1942: Dec 2: (MP) Enrico Fermi initiates first self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction.
1945: Mar 3: Hitler tests small radioactive bomb
1945: Jul 16: (MP) first US nuclear bomb, codenamed 'Trinity' at Alamogordo, NM.
1945: US drops A-bombs on Hiroshima ( Aug 6, 1945 ) and Nagasaki (Aug 9, 1945)
1949: USSR tests bomb
1952: Britain begins tests
1960: France carries out first nuclear test explosion
1964: China follows suit

2/9/2005 Anti-Gravity / Physics What is a Bose - Einstein Condensate (BEC)? Answer: An entirely new form of matter. Over 70 years ago physicists Albert Einstein and Satyendra Nath Bose theorized that a gas could be cooled to create a visible solid comprised of just one giant super-atom.

"At ordinary temperatures, the atoms of a gas are scattered throughout the container holding them. Some have high energies (high speeds); others have low ones. Expanding on Bose's work, Einstein showed that if a sample of atoms were cooled sufficiently, a large fraction of them would settle into the single lowest possible energy state in the container. In mathematical terms, their individual wave equations-which describe such physical characteristics of an atom as its position and velocity-would in effect merge, and each atom would become indistinguishable from any other." -

Arrays of vortices (sort of quantum tornadoes) that form in spinning BECs resemble the insides of neutron stars.

Why is this new form of matter a big deal?

"In February 1999, a team of researchers from Harvard University led by Lene Vestergaard Hau used the Bose-Einstein condensate to slow light - which normally travels at 186,000 miles per second - to just 38 miles per hour by shining a laser light through the condensate. In 2001, Hau's team announced that it had briefly brought a light beam to a complete stop." - ( See "Researchers now able to stop, restart light" - )

"... Hau has already started ordering and installing equipment with which she plans to construct a quantum light stopper no bigger than a fingernail. She envisions ultracold and supervacuums being achieved with devices less than one-thousandth of an inch in size. These would be built on chips no bigger than the Pentium IV that runs many of today's small laptop and palm-sized computers." (Note: Stopping light has also been achieved in a solid)

So what? Think of this: A material that completely stops light is completely ... invisible! Get it now? Interesting research. Could you cover a jet with quantum light stoppers? Could they stop radar?

Other properties are being studied and researchers have succeeded in creating miniature explosions akin to supernovae.

In July 2001, Wieman and Cornell were ... able to make a Bose-Einstein condensate shrink -- an event which was followed by a tiny explosion. The team said the phenomenon was similar in some ways to a microscopic supernova explosion and dubbed it a "Bosenova." About half of the original atoms appear to vanish during the process.

"We have gotten down to the nitty-gritty science and have been able to study the behavior of a new material by manipulating it in new and different ways," Wieman said. In doing so, they cooled the matter to 3 billionths of a degree above absolute zero, now the lowest temperature ever achieved."

Amazing stuff. What got me interested in this today is an unconfirmed claim on zpenergy that "Focused Hyper-Grav-Lobe Propulsion (Gravionic Thrust) is upon us!" It is claimed that a company called Gravity Control Technologies have created Boise-Einstein Condensate Super Conductors to form "Plasma Breach Toroidal Reactors" which form "hyper-gravity lobes(fields)". The gravity fields can then be

" 'shaped' and 'focalized' via electro magnetic deflection technologies to create a virtually infinite acceleration potential...". The craft will be moving in a sub-dimensionally displaced 'gravionic bubble' which will sustain the craft and contents within their own mini-universe psuedo-pod field. And within that field the craft and contents will be 'immune' from external inertial effects! Likewise they will be electromagnetically and visually 'fuzzy,' if not totally stealthy. This is truely awsome to contemplate!

Science fiction, or science fact? The claims on the GCT site are facinating. The web site is hosted in Budapest, Hungary. Possibilities: 1. The story on ZPE is totally made up just to mess with people. 2. The story is disinformation designed to get one country or another to spend a lot of money on a dead-end. 3. Creative marketing that stretches the truth to get money for these companies and technologies. 4. True hidden stuff as it is claimed, and "the days of U.S. domination of AIR AND SPACE are fast drawing to a close." Will we someday witness UFO fights between ours and those of other countries?

6/21/04 Read what causes gold to be the color it is. Why are things colored at all?

6/11/04 ( Perhaps this is too simplistic, but what if a photon traveling in a circle creates a gravitational field and/or an electromagnetic field? Gravity does bend light. Perhaps bent light creates gravity (mass). If mass (quarks which form sub atomic particles) are composed of vibrating circles of light, this would explain the metaphysical idea of God as "light" who is our creator. Perhaps we come from and return to light in a very real physical sense. Before we are born and after, our energy may exist as light, where time may not exist at all. As children, some mystics say we remember the truth that everything is connected.

Was my first spoken word, "light!", a message to my older self? That's a nutty idea, isn't it?

Light has no structure or size.

Our current understanding says: "quarks and leptons are smaller than 10-19 meters in radius. As far as we can tell, they have no internal structure or even any size.

Some say photons moving at the speed of light do not experience time. Time not existing for photons may explain how individual photons shot one at a time through a double slit will form an interference pattern as if each photon "knew" about the others before and after it. In a sense, we may each be composed of countless vibrating time-travelers.

6/10/04 Physics ( Hear the sound of the big bang.

5/23/04 Physics. (centennialbulb) The oldest working light bulb is 100 years old and counting. It was "declared the oldest known working light bulb by Guinness Book of World Records. Ripley's Believe-It-or-Not in 1972 researched it and declared it the oldest. Age: 100 years and counting (as of 2001) Made by the Shelby Electric Company, a handblown bulb with carbon filament. Approximate wattage-4 watts. ... You can visit the bulb during normal office hours Monday through Friday from 8 to 5 p.m. at Fire Station #6, 4550 East Ave., Livermore, California. During the weekends, or evenings, is dependent on the availability of the Firemen on hand. "

If photons have no mass, why don't light bulbs last forever? I found this answer on scientific newsgroup:

Mechanical stresses in the filament caused by heating and AC current causes a light bulb to burn out. Some material in the filament "boils off" and is deposited onto the inside of the bulb.



5/10/04 Physics (SLTrib) A teleportation breakthrough by Australian scientists has the potential to significantly enhance computer security and my lead to computers "infinitely faster than those of today." A multinational group from Canberra's Australian National University (ANU) became the first using a laser to

"... teleport to a network of recipients a signal which can only be reassembled by a majority of the recipients. Any less and the signal cannot be reconstituted. ... The researchers used crystals, lenses and mirrors to produce a pair of "entangled" laser beams that are then used to carry fragile information in the form of quantum states. These quantum states cannot be measured or copied, making eavesdropping impossible," Lance said in a statement released by the university. "The transmission of the light beams constitutes a secret communication scheme with guaranteed security." Quantum computers could be the next giant leap in computer technology.

4/12/04 Science (enchantedlearning) Greatest inventions of all time. Fun to browse. Lots to learn. If the world collapsed due to lack of oil, what would be the most important inventions?

Example: "The steam engine was invented by Heron, an ancient Greek geometer and engineer from Alexandria. Heron lived during the first century AD and is sometimes called Hero. Heron made the steam engine as a toy, and called his device "aeolipile," which means "wind ball" in Greek. The steam was supplied by a sealed pot filled with water and placed over a fire. Two tubes came up from the pot, letting the steam flow into a spherical ball of metal. The metallic sphere had two curved outlet tubes, which vented steam. As the steam went through the series of tubes, the metal sphere rotated. The aeolipile is the first known device to transform steam power into rotary motion."

4/12/04 Mechanics (sciencenews) Can a bicycle with square wheels roll smoothly keeping the axle moving in a straight line and at a constant velocity? Yes. It can.

2/19/2004 Chemistry Below, I had a quote about a "nonstoichiometric compound" and you might well ask, "What the heck is that? Is it a real thing?" Britannica says it is,

any solid chemical compound in which the numbers of atoms of the elements present cannot be expressed as a ratio of small whole numbers.

Lost? Said more simply: Water is a chemical compound made out of the elements hydrogen and oxygen in a two to one ratio. Two hydrogen atoms for each oxygen atom gives our familiar formula (H2O). Water ice is a solid chemical compound. If the formula for water was H2.5O, water ice would be a non-stoichiometric compound.

All molecular compounds, up to and including giants like hemoglobin and DNA, are Daltonides. Rutile (photo), a white pigment commonly given the formula TiO2, often has formulas such as TiO1.8 in practice.

ANSWER: There aren't partial atoms, it is just that the atoms are shared in such a way that the ratio is fractional. If you look carefully at the model below of Rutile, you'll see there are 6 Oxygen molecules (the blue circles) and 9 titanium (Ti) molecules ( orange circles). The formula for this picture would be TiO1.5 and as you can see, there are no 1/2 atoms.

Chemical compounds that form non integer ratios are sometimes called berthollide compounds in distinction from daltonides. There is also at least one of the yttrium barium copper oxide super conducting ceramics is a Bertollide, with a formula ranging from YBa2Cu3O6 to YBa2Cu3O7. -

2/11/2004 (economist ) What if Dark Energy and Dark Matter don't really exist? How else could we explain the experimental results.

2/8/2004 ( | coast2coast | Dr. David L. Morgan | physicsweb ) Element 115, the heavy element Bob Lazar claims was used to power UFOs, has been created. "Element 115 has been discovered at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) in Dubna, Russia. JINR physicists and their longtime collaborators from Lawrence Livermore National Lab in the US produced 4 atoms of the new superheavy element by striking a target of americium-243 atoms with a beam of calcium-48 ions. The beam energy used, 248 MeV, was chosen to produce just the right energy conditions for making the amalgamated nucleus but not causing it to break up, at least not right away... In general, nature doesn't produce elements heavier than uranium (element 92)."

"They observed three decay chains, which signaled the production and decay of an isotope of element 115 containing 173 neutrons, and one decay chain for an isotope of the element containing 172 neutrons. The isotopes lasted for tens of milliseconds before decaying through the emission of alpha particles to form the new element 113. This had a lifetime of 1.2 seconds before it decayed to known, lighter, elements."

Fans of UFO lore will find this interesting because:

"Lazar explains on his current webpage ( ) how his element 115 not only serves as the generator of the Gravity A wave, but ALSO as the fuel for a matter/antimatter reactor that powers the rest of the saucer." Dr. Morgan, a physicist, critiques lazar here, stating that since the ship must use tremendous energy to make anti-matter, Lazar's system would at best make zero energy, but "would more likely USE far more energy than it would make."

Lazar claims to have smuggled a whole pound or half-kilo of element 115 out of Area 51 but Lazar got it wrong. The "predicted 'stability' [of this element]... didn't mean total 'stability' as if it was _non-radioactive_ ... it would still be extremely radioactive and [more] deadly [than plutonium, the most toxic substance known to man due to its radioactivity], the "stability" being only to a relative degree compared to surrounding even more volatile elements / isotopes with half-lives of fractions of a second." - virtuallystrange

In the recent experiments, element 115 lasted only 87 milliseconds. siliconvalley. In other words, the 115 created was highly radioactive and quickly decayed into other elements.

2/6/2004 (CTV) What is Dark Energy? After much reading, here is my attempt at a simple understandable summary:

Dark Energy is a real force that acts like "repulsive gravity" and makes up 65-percent of all energy in the Universe. According NASA, dark energy is the residual energy in empty space which is causing the expansion of the Universe to accelerate. A NOVA show said “it cannot be collected.”

Energy, by definition, enables physical work to be done and dark energy works to repel matter from other matter. The word "dark" indicates that it has such a weak interaction with matter that it is hard to detect. Dark energy may be hard to detect because it is a pressure that comes from very very brief formations and destructions of virtual particles. The pressure has almost infinite power, but only for vanishingly small instants of time.

For this reason, dark energy is not exactly anti-gravity. In its natural state it opposes gravity, but only has effects at distances where gravity is weak due to large distances.

Other topics for related research: quantum flux, energy of vacuum, cosmological constant, quintessence, lambda, ZPE. Note: Be skeptical of free energy claims and don't pay for anything because there are hoaxes out there.

More Background: (Photo above from ) The fundamental forces of nature each act on matter on different scales. The nuclei of your atoms, for example, contain neutrons and protons which are composed of quarks held together by the strong nuclear force. The power of the strong force drops off rapidly over short distances. Therefore, when particles are farther away, the forces of electromagnetism and the weak nuclear force are in control. Gravity is much weaker still, but works on the scale of the universe affecting all matter and energy. When objects are beyond a certain distance, the effects of gravity drop off and dark energy takes over to push the objects away from each other.