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2/28/2005 Paranormal / Strange Exits ( altsci ) Spontaneous Human Combustion. Someone asked me if people really burst into flames and disapear. If so, why? If the stories are true, the people who burst into flame don't seem particulary freaked out when it happens. There have been cases where there are eye-witnesses according to Alternative Science:

"Probably the most recent case where a victim has caught fire, lived for a short time and where the event was witnessed by more than one person, happened on 24 August 1998 in Sydney, Australia. ...

shc Mrs Park liked to take her mother, an Alzheimer's sufferer, out for the day. About an hour later, she parked in front of the 4-Square Store in Balgownie Road and left her mother asleep in the car while she went to the shop.

Minutes later Mrs Park saw smoke coming from the car, followed by an explosion of flames and ran back. A passer-by, Bradley Silva, managed to drag Mrs Phillips from the car and put out the flames. The old lady was reported as remaining remarkably calm throughout the ordeal, only muttering 'It's too hot, it's too hot' as her daughter held her at the side of the road.

Mrs Phillips suffered burns to her chest, abdomen, neck, arms and legs that were described as 'severe and extreme'. She was taken to hospital where she died just over a week later.

At the inquest in April 1999, New South Wales Fire Brigade Inspector Donald Walshe said he could not determine where the fire originated. The car engine was not running; there was no trace of liquid accelerants and no faulty wiring. Neither Mrs Phillips nor Mrs Park were smokers and the maximum temperature in Wollongong on the day of the fire was 16ยบ Celsius. The coroner, recorded an open verdict.

I know it seems gross, but the people this happens to don't seem to mind much. Perhaps the whole experience is kind of nice ... like the way Yoda dies in Star Wars. Except this lady, for example, ( Warning: graphic photo. ) had not achieved Jedi master status with the lower part of one of her legs. yogiSo, yes, I think this really happens. A few wild ideas: Freak chemical reactions in the body, secret government microwave weapon experiments, a quantum lightning storm, some random space energy event amplified by human biology ... or it could this be related to this:

"Tibetan Yogis could generate "tumo", a mystic secret kept by llamas and traced to Khandro Kalpa Sangmo that allows hermits to live naked, or wearing one thin garment in snow caves at altitudes between 11,000 and 18,000 feet." - feats

There may be a good reason to keep "tumo" a secret. People who practice it accidentally or without a good teacher may end up going to far. This would explain why the people who combust aren't freaked out. They've actually tapped into something beautiful and they are just leaving the planet in a unique way.

2/25/2005 Paranormal. (bbc). Ghost Fair in India. ... In addition to broom beatings and prayer, 200-odd witchdoctors in Malajpur in central Madhya Pradesh treat their clients by making them crawl and licking prasad (divine food). Some are thrashed mercilessly till the witchdoctors declare them cured. Other clients turn violent, hitting people and rolling on the ground. ... Besides possessed people, the fair is also frequented by cured patients who come to offer their thanks.


Here we just go to plays, rock concerts, sporting events, you know, stuff like that. We don't go in for ghost fairs much. Nothing wrong with it. Seems like good clean fun. We just don't do it much. I guess the closest thing we have here are faith healings. Speaking of which, check out this interesting page: faith healers who were unable to heal themselves.

2/18/2005 Paranormal (rednova). Can This Black Box Predict the Future?

"Found this really odd article about research into predicting the future. Apparently, some paranormal scientists and mathematicians are testing an old theory from the 1970s by a Prof Jahr. They are measuring perturbations in the activity of random binary number generators allegedly influenced by the collective human consciousness. Anyway, here is the link. You need a recent browser with bells and whistles to open the site." -Mike

Some studies claim that relaxed and confident humans can influence random number generators. mindpowernewsRandom number generators can be built that generate 1's and 0's based on the random decay radioactive materials. In the past thirty years over sixty-eight researchers in more than 800 experiments have shown a very weak but existing correlation between intention and statistical influence on simple random systems (Radin & Nelson, 1987 (pdf)).

Is this the result of undetected experimental design flaws or is there a real but mild influence of the mind upon the subatomic world?

Visit the HotBits site to hear real random numbers generated by radioactive decay. (Don't worry, it is completely safe!!) I enjoy it on in the background for some reason. It's like listening to the raw true universe. See if you can make more or less clicks happen with your brain power.

12/6/2004 Supernatural. (canoe) Woman auctions father's ghost on ebay. "HOBART, IND. -- A woman's effort to assuage her six-year-old son's fears of his grandfather's ghost by selling it on EBay has drawn more than 34 bids with a top offer of $78 US. Mary Anderson said she put her father's "ghost" on the online auction site after her son, Collin, said he feared the ghost would return some day. Anderson said he has avoided going anywhere in the house alone since his grandfather died last year. ... Anderson also put her father's metal walking cane up for auction so she would have something to actually send the winning bidder. The proceeds from the auction will go to buy Collin a present, she said."

11/8/2004 Cryptozoology / Paranormal. (aften) It would seem that "there are underworld creatures living in" a barn in Tromvik, on an island on the outskirts of the northern Norwegian township of Tromso. This pic isn't the barn, but I think it is Tromvik.

8/28/04 Paranormal. Here is a weird web site with some paranormal stuff. GHOST hunters to gather at Paranormal Conference.

8/10/04 Paranormal. Check out the supernatural world.

6/20/04 Elementals. I got an email today (Sunday) from a visitor to this site who claims to have had multiple encounters with an other-dimensional type of bigfoot. Parts of the creature were just missing (running legs with no head or torso), were featureless black, or vanished with a strobe effect.

This was a facinating and spooky story. The experiencer had a question for me about Elementals. Here is my conclusion after researching tonight:

The label 'elemental' comes from early attempts to understand (classify) the natural world. The elements (earth, air, fire and water) were thought to contain living spirits.

Read about Animism for more. To describe a modern experience of an unknown entity as an 'elemental' is fine because it gives a historical background but this label doesn't help us find a solution. It actually brings in much extra information which may not be related because elementals include so many different things:

Nature Spirits, Devas, Fairies, Elves, Brownies, Leprechauns, Gnomes, Sprites, Pixies, hamadryads, satyrs, pans, sylvestres, goblins, Bogles, Earth Spirits, Durdalis, Pygmees, dragons, Salamanders, Djin, Firedrakes, Acthnici, Undines, Water sprites, mermaids, limoniades, oreades, naiades, nereides, potamides, sea nymphs, tree spirits, angels, and perhaps the Lady of the Lake.

It is best to record the known facts and physical evidence. Who, what, where, when, etc. With any legitimate sighting, once the fear of ridicule is overcome, the experiencer will be willing to share as many details as requested and the story will not change significantly over time. Unfortunately, with each of the above magical creatures, the stories have been embellished by many people over many years. They may have each begun with real unexplained experiences.

Back to the original email, technology does exist to make things optically invisible today. I won't give away the secret, but magicans can do amazing things with mirrors and there are other ways to bend light. Many inventors around the world have access to technology and many are testing special suits, robots and unmanned vehicles today in secluded areas. Before we turn to aliens or ghosts, it is important to examine possible earthly explanations.

(Art by Sean Jones)

6/10/04 Paranormal. Is fire walking proof of mind over matter? Probably not. Hardwood and charcoal and ash are all good thermal insulators, that is, they do not conduct heat well.

"Wood was used on the handles of such things as saucepans and soldering irons to insulate them, before the advent of heat resistant plastics. Wood is just as good an insulator even when on fire, and charcoal is almost four times better as an insulator than is dry hardwood. ...

It would seem then, that a fire walk of short length is something any physically fit person could do and that it does not need a particular state of mind. Rather, it is the short time of contact and the low thermal capacity and conductivity of the coals that is important, and it is not necessary for the feet to be moist nor callused, although either may be of slight benefit. Longer walks appear to be possible if a layer of insulating ash is allowed to build up on a well packed down bed, where the temperature has been allowed to fall significantly from what it was when the coals were at their hottest." - pitt

5/17/04 Paranormal. Unrelated to the Mexican UFOs (I think) but here are some reports of UFOs and abductions to freak you out. Could just be creative writing.

5/4/04 Paranormal. The Vatican's top exorcist sends the devil packingA...the Vatican's top exorcist Gabriele Amorth performs the mysterious, ancient ritual dozens of times a week. "Why are you making faces?" "I'm chasing Evil Unicorns away!" "But there aren't any Evil Unicorns!" "It works!"

Interesting job, but I wouldn't encourage kids to set this as a career goal. On the other hand, this guy would be a hit a high-school career day. I remember the mortician who came to my career day was quite popular. Gabriele would top that easily.

There is an interesting interview on

"I speak with the Devil every day," he says, grinning like a benevolent gargoyle. "I talk to him in Latin. He answers in Italian. I have been wrestling with him, day in day out, for 14 years. ... I have performed over 50,000 exorcisms. Sometimes it takes a few minutes, sometimes many hours."

3/29/04 Mystic 8 Ball. Ever wonder about the mysterious 8-ball? These guys took one apart. Now you can make some bets and come out ahead.

Here are the answers:

50% Positive (e.g. "Yes - Definitely")

25% Negative (e.g. "My Sources Say No")

25% Vague (e.g. "Better Not Tell You Now")

3/16/2004: Transubstatiation: (Sciforums ) Now that we know the vortex concept works and that work can be done with it, consider something a bit more way out...

In 1867, Lord Kelvin described atoms as vortex rings; the movement of the vortex giving rise to the illusion of matter. This theory was advocated and elaborated by celebrated scientists like Helmholtz, Maxwell and Sir Thomson. In the 20th century however, the vortex principle was forgotten when scientists discovered sub-atomic particles. The atom no longer was considered as the smallest quantity of matter, since it could be divided into smaller elementary particles.

In their book "The Vortex. Key to future science", British scientists David Ash and Peter Hewitt revitalize the concept of vortex energy by stating that not an atom but

- an elementary particle is a vortex of energy -

This vortex of energy is a spiral movement of energy around a continuously changing axis, thus forming a sphere-shaped movement of energy. With this concept, Einstein's famous formula E=mc2, stating that matter is equivalent to energy, is easier to understand. Matter is equivalent to energy because it is vortex movement of energy. Einstein's formula contains the velocity of light c. According to Ash and Hewitt, the velocity of the vortex movement of energy in our physical universe is equal to, or less than, the velocity of light.

Transubstantiation and the super-physical realm

The velocity of the vortex movement of energy is not limited. When this velocity exceeds the speed of light, the corresponding particle enters a "super-physical" reality. It is no longer detectable with human senses or physical instruments; invisible and intangible in our physical world. Objects that become super-physical even transcend our notion of space and time. The super-physical realm has its own notion of space and time, different from ours. By slowing down the movement of the vortex energy, the object would re-appear in our world. Ash and Hewitt call this process of speeding up the vortex energy movement beyond the critical speed of light or slowing down below the critical speed: transubstantiation. Transubstantiation only changes the substance of an object, not its form. It does not change the atomic or molecular structure of a body. This process of transubstantiation is also mentioned in the book "Keys of Enoch" by James Hurtak, who calls it transvirulance.

Through transubstantiation, an object can dematerialize and materialize. Thus, paranormal phenomena can be explained. The Indian holy man Sri Satya Sai Baba for instance is well known for his ability to materialize objects at will: for instance jewelry, and even extremely rare specimens of fruit. Several scientific studies concluded that the observed phenomena are genuine. When asked by one investigator, Professor of Psychology Haraldsson, how he materializes objects, Sai Baba replied: "Mental creation. I think, imagine, and then it is there." To the question why the majority of people is not capable of doing this, he answered "We are all like matches. The difference is that I am on fire." Sai Baba's mental capacities allow him to induce transubstantiation.


3/12/2004: Anti Gravity: (Subtleenergies) Here's an interesting claim: Russian entomologist Viktor S. Grebennikov claimed he built an anti-gravity platform using his Cavity Structural Effect (CSE) principles in shaping the chitin of some large flying beetles which should have been aerodynamically incapable of flying. Here is a picture of Grebennikov in action below:

2/15/2004: (CrystalLinks) Scrying is the ancient technique of gazing into an object such as a crystal ball (or crystal skull) for the purpose of divination. Science says: Good for telling the future? No. Good for thinking about the future? Sure, why not. This is a form of meditation where you let ideas come to the surface. Similar to focused daydreaming, like imagining pictures in clouds while you think about how you will deal with an upcoming problem. Scrying, with proper perspective, could be a mentally healthy use of one's time and imagination. Here's how to do it.

Gaze "steadily into the scrying surface (feel free to blink or allow your point of focus to wander a bit; this is not a method of self-inflicted torture). Eventually, you should be able to pick out shapes or images in the scrying surface; these may appear as crude sketches, or occasionally with the clarity of a photograph. You will actually see these images with your eyes.

Once this happens, images may begin to form in your mind, no longer projected onto the scrying surface. When this happens, allow your attention to focus on these mental images. From this point forward, the scrying surface is irrelevant; do not be distracted by it.

As the images become clearer, you will find that you know things about what you are seeing ? background information will come to the surface of your mind. Pay attention to what you know about the images you are seeing."

2/5/2004: Ghostbusting link. Shows pics that some people mistake for ghosts and the explanations.

6/20/03 Can You Bend Spoons Mentally? Collect $1 Million



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