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9/29/2005 Science / Humor. Dihydrogen Monoxide Conspiracy

Trust me, if you look into it, you'll find this Dihydrogen Monoxide filling our lakes, streams, rivers, even the ocean. It is almost everywhere on this planet and no one seems to be that concerned about it!

"Perhaps there really is no coverup. Or maybe the [United States Environmental Protection Agency's] silence confirms its existence. It is clear that the EPA is putting no effort into educating the public about the dangers of Dihydrogen Monoxide.

EPA Refuses to Confirm or Deny Coverup.


"In spite of a direct query for information, the EPA refused to deny the existence of a coverup. The researcher, who reported to us under conditions of anonymity, sent correspondence asking if the EPA knows more about Dihydrogen Monoxide than it is telling us. " - dhmo

7/11/2005 Humor. How Much Money Would You Give a Panhandling Banana?

pan handling bananaMy friend Keith is one of the oddest and funniest comedians I know.

Visit his first hand study of panhandling as he measures the effect in real dollars of different signs. My favorite sign idea was:

"Atheist. Need Help. God Bless!"

Hey, and if you want to, you can make a donation right here and now.

I registered the donation button below as a "Research Donation" so if you'd like tell people you donate to science, you can kick me a buck and feel that warm glow. ... or you can go over donate to the banana. Do it if it makes you feel good. I like to give people tips when they make my life a better place. Why not on the web? God Bless!


6/20/2005 Humor Comedy Troup Bios

I'm enjoying the creative bios of the freehooch comedy troope today.

6/18/2005 Humor Worst Beer Commercials.



One for you beer drinkin' dads. Happy father's day! Actually, this might be better to post during Halloween.