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12/31/2005 Health. Removal of Cherry Angiomas.

It would be pretty cool if you could easily take skin from one part of your body and patch it over another part to get rid of blemishes and such. For years I've had cherry angiomas and I've wondered how to get rid of them. I was going to use a sterile obsidian scalpel and some local anesthetic to operate on myself, but cherry angiomas bleed profusely if you cut them. I tried to cut one off once and the thing got bigger instead of smaller. Bled like crazy. Anyway, laser vaporization sounds like the best way to go, but probably expensive. (What is best: Argon, Copper vapor and copper bromide, or Flashlamp-pumped PDL ?) Has anyone gotten rid of them by changing diet or taking supplements?

"Cherry angiomas are small, well-circumscribed, bright-red vascular proliferations that initially appear in early adulthood and increase in number with age. Although benign, growths are cherryeasily treated with vascular-specific lasers to improve cosmesis." - emed

"Cherry angiomas are composed of dilated capillaries and postcapillary venules. The etiology is unknown; however, eruption of multiple lesions following exposure to various chemicals, including mustard gas 2 and 2-butoxyethanol, 3 has been reported.

Hormones also may be an etiologic factor; some pregnant women develop lesions that involute after delivery, and two women with elevated prolactin levels were reported to have developed hundreds of lesions.

Options include laser treatment, electrodesiccation of typical lesions, and excision of larger lesions. Cryotherapy is not effective. " - aafp

I found one site with photos that claimed to remove cherry angiomas with a topical "Miracle Cure™ Duo" in more than three months. Ingredients are in two mixtures.

Aloe, Manna (huh?), Senna leaves, Rhubarb root, "Zedvoary" root (huh?), Theriac Venezian, Angelica root, Carline Thistle root, Myrrh, Camphor, Saffron, Stinging Nettle and St. John's Wort in a base of pure grain alcohol, Calendula, in a base of pure olive oil.

Another site claims that Pau D'Arco tincture ( Tabebuia impetiginosa) rubbed on red moles topically should dissolve them, although it offers no photos. If the substance is obtained from the wrong bark or the bark is not boiled for 10 minutes, you won't get effects. I'll try some from my local healthfood store and let you know if it works.

12/29/2005 Health. 8 glasses of water per day is an overestimate of required minimum.

"The consensus seems to be that the average person loses ten cups (where one cup = eight ounces) of fluid per day but also takes in four cups of water from food, leaving a need to waterdrink only six glasses to make up the difference, a bit short of the recommended eight to ten glasses per day. But according to the above-cited article, medical experts don't agree that even that much water is necessary: Kidney specialists do agree on one thing, however: that the 8-by-8 rule is a gross overestimate of any required minimum.

To replace daily losses of water, an average-sized adult with healthy kidneys sitting in a temperate climate needs no more than ... about four 8-ounce glasses. According to most estimates, that's roughly the amount of water most Americans get in solid food. In short, though doctors don't recommend it, many of us could cover our bare-minimum daily water needs without drinking anything during the day." - snopes

12/12/2005 Health / Biology. Oldest living humans: 116 and 114.

"A 116-year-old Ecuadorean woman was declared the oldest person in the world on Friday, lifting the title from a U.S. woman previously thought to be the oldest person alive, Guinness World Records said. Maria Esther Capovilla was confirmed as the oldest living person after her family sent details of her birth and marriage certificates to Guinness World Records. ... Emiliano Mercado Del Toro, from Puerto Rico, born August 21, 1891, is the world's oldest living man, aged 114, says Guinness World Records. " - yahoo


My hat is off to you people who live beyond 100 years. Your earlobes may get long due to gravity but you win the game of loving life. I was looking at pictures of 100 year olds tonight and this guy looks pretty good for 100. So does the one above. Actually, there are several well preserved elders out there. I wouldn't mind living to 100 ... especially if I could still being productive. How about you?

12/9/2005 Health. Curry ingredient fights skin cancer

"The compound that makes curry yellow could help fight skin cancer, US researchers say. They said curcumin, found in the spice turmeric, interferes with melanoma cells. Tests in laboratory dishes show that curcumin made melanoma skin cancer cells more likely to self-destruct in a process known as apoptosis. The same team has found that curcumin helped stop the spread of breast cancer tumour cells to the lungs of mice." - ajnet

I love a good curry. It is nice to hear that you've been doing something right for years!

10/31/2005 Health / Politics "Pill may contain, not cure bird flu"

This headline about Tamiflu in the sptimes seems pretty shocking, right? Ah, they mean, I think, that the pill would keep the flu from spreading, not that the pill would actually give you the bird flu. I think... it is hard to be sure when you consider what is going on behind the bird flu story.

"Donald Rumsfeld, until he resigned and joined the Bush Administration, was the chairman of something called Gilead which just happened to make something called Tamiflu. ... In such short supply that the hundreds of millions of orders that have been pouring into Gilead probably won't be filled for another 12 months or so. .... Bush has spent $80 million stockpiling Tamiflu and other influenza drugs."

10/28/2005 Health / Strange Happenings. Over 1,000 Exxon-Mobil employees got fake flu shots.

Exxon Mobil spokeswoman Treacy A. Roberts said Thursday that the Federal Bureau of Investigation told the company that the shots administered were "definitely not the flu vaccine." ... Exxon Mobil offered blood tests and counseling to the up to 1,000 employees who took part in the health fair at the oil company's vast complex of refineries and chemical plants just east of Houston.

It doesn't appear that the fake shots were harmful, but steps were being taken to ensure workers' safety, U.S. Attorney Chuck Rosenberg said in a statement Thursday. The FBI and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration are investigating what was in the syringes and whether others might have received the fake vaccine, Rosenberg said. " - bg

"A preliminary test of syringes intended for use at the Baytown refinery and found at the offices of [ Iyad Abu El Hawa's ] home healthcare business in Houston indicate the syringes contain a form of purified water, according to Rosenberg." - Reuters

"Officials said the case came to light when a nurse called the FBI after El Hawa's employees were unable to supply a lot number for the vaccine." - click2

10/21/2005 Health / Paranoia. Bird flu mutation threat to millions / Military role

bird"Concern about the deadly H5N1 strain of bird flu centres on scientists' fears that it may mutate into a form that passes easily among humans, sparking a pandemic that may kill millions." -

"With a 55% fatality rate you better pray the military is there to help your local officials out. Not only is this virus extremely contagious, but like I said, it is 55% lethal. The 1918 Great Influenza Pandemic which was only at the most 5% lethal still killed 50+ millions of people, at a time when the global population was only 1.8 Billion." - ats

"If we had an outbreak somewhere in the United States, do we not then quarantine that part of the country? And how do you, then, enforce a quarantine?" Mr Bush asked.

If there were some group dedicated to managing the human population problem, for the good of the species, purposefully mutating the bird flu would be one way to bring our numbers down to reasonable levels again. Don't worry, someone will make a drug to protect us.

10/6/2005 Health. 100% Effective Prevention for Cancer Caused By HPV

"A vaccine shown to be 100% effective against two virus strains that cause most cervical cancer could be available within a year, say manufacturers. Gardasil worked against the sexually transmitted human papillomavirus (HPV). ... Researchers believe a vaccine could work best if given before adolescence, but critics fear this could encourage under-age sex. ... Cervical cancer kills 274,000 women worldwide every year, including 1,120 in the UK" - bbc

This idea that cancer is caused by a virus and can be cured by killing the virus may seem very new. In fact, some say cancer was cured in the late 1930's by a man who discovered the viral source of cancer after years of research. See our article on Rife for details.

How does this new Gardasil cure work? Will it work against any other virus? Way cool.


How long until we have the scientific keys using stem cells from muscle and cancer cures like this to extend life to hundreds of years? Immortality as an option in our lifetime would be nice. In all these years modern medicine hasn't saved a single person. The death rate is 100%... eventually. Come on people. I think we can do better.

9/29/2005 Health / Strange News. Forced into a Sports Bra Display? Collect $9 million.

Some nutty county policy requires undergarments on the job and a woman is suing because she was forced to prove she was wearing a bra. She might want to have the entire policy thrown out. Although some disagree, others say there is evidence of a link between Bras and breast cancer. Anyway, here is the story:

Bra check spurs nursing home worker to sue. ELIZABETHTOWN, N.Y. (AP) - A former nursing home worker has filed a $9 million federal lawsuit against an upstate county, claiming she's suffered mental anguish and needs anti-anxiety medication after being forced to prove sportsbrashe was wearing a bra at work. Karen Tenney claims in the lawsuit against Essex County that a supervisor at the Horace Nye Nursing Home where she worked placed her hand on the back of Tenney's sweater to feel for a bra clasp. When a clasp wasn't found, Tenney, a dietary aide, pulled up her sweater to show she was wearing a black sports bra.

The move triggered other workers inside the dietary unit to show off the bras they were wearing. "I feel that the actions of those involved constitute sexual harassment under federal and state law," Tenney said in court papers. "I have been constructively terminated by the actions of ... my employer and (the) failure to stop this harassment." The undergarment check happened in April after nursing home officials received a complaint that Tenney was not wearing a bra as required by county policy.

9/27/2005 Health Dry Eyes, Flaxseed Oil and Inflammation

An Emergency/Family Practice nurse for a large HMO in San Diego, CA wrote,

"... I enjoyed reading your article on D.E.S. I found it to be one of the most comprehensive sites (personal or professional) on the web after visiting literally hundreds of pages and nearly a thousand hours of personal research. ... In addition to many of the ideas you presented on your webpage, I have also conducted a fairly broad range of "experimental" treatments on myself often in conjunction with one of my ophthalmologists, both with OTC and Rx medications. I have also participated in four different clinical drug trials regarding xerophthalmia to date. "mgland

I encourage everyone interested to send observations for my dry eye article. Several people have written to ask: What is the main thing that has been the most helpful? I think the daily flaxseed oil. Get the good stuff: refrigerated only, not capsules, cold pressed whole ground seeds. Reason: dry eyes may result not from a lack of water or a lack of oil, but from inflammation caused by your immune system.

"The abundance of the omega-3 fatty acid called alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) in flaxseed oil is converted to the profoundly anti-inflammatory ecosanoid called ecosapentanoic acid (EPA)." - otimes

"EPA has been shown to help treat rheumatoid arthritis and increase our natural tear production. It also has a beneficial effect in reducing the inflammatory eyelid condition termed blepharitis." - finemd

My tests this month show I do not have rheumatoid arthritis or diabetes. Cool. Still waiting for blood tests results for Sjogren's Syndrome.

8/29/2005 Health / Biology. A Biochemically Corrected New Super Human Species?

Human livers, way back in our evolutionary history, used to produce Vitamin C. Nearly all other mammal's have the working gene and livers which still make Vitamin C. This vitamin stops free radicals and protects us from many diseases including viruses. I consume about one gram (1000 mg) of C per day. Because humans lack just one enzyme, L-gulonolactone oxidase, we can't convert sugar glucose to vitamin C (ascorbic acid) like the other mammals. We still have all of the other enyzmes needed for the step-by-step process. We also all still have the broken non-functional gene. Evidence of evolution includes the fact that monkeys and apes share this genetic defect with us. We did not come from moneys, but all primates alive today, so the theory says, had a common ancestor.

So, how about this: Use technology to correct this defect, we will be creating a new species, and in effect, altering our own evolution.


"Homo sapiens' gene pool contains a defective gene for the synthesis of the active enzyme protein, L-gulonolactone oxidase (GLO ). The absence of GLO in the human liver blocks the normal mammalian conversion of blood sugar into ascorbate, leading to the potentially-fatal “inborn error of carbohydrate metabolism”, the genetic disease, Hypoascorbemia (in the older nomenclature—scurvy). To survive, humans need exogenous sources of daily ascorbate. Most mammals have the intact gene for GLO synthesis and produce generous daily amounts of the liver metabolite, ascorbate; for instance, an unstressed 70 Kg goat is capable of producing over 13 grams of ascorbate daily and much more under stress. The recommended dietary allowance of 45 milligrams of ascorbate a day for human adults, now proposed and used by nutritionists, is grossly inadequate to restore Homo sapiens to a normal mammalian ascorbate physiology.

... The simple biochemical reversal of the human genetic defect for GLO, resulting in the conversion of Homo sapiens into Homo sapiens ascorbicus, with a return to a more normal mammalian physiology of ascorbate abundance, provides the basis for humans to live happier, healthier and longer lives." -

8/25/2005 Health. Plague Strikes Domestic Cat in Tahoe City, CA

Yes, this is the same plague ( caused by a bacteria, Yersinia pestis, a rod shaped, gram-negative coccobacillus ) that killed one third of Europe's population in three years from 1347 to 1350. This plague was also called "the Black Death” because the skin of diseased people would turn a dark gray color. A cure was found for the original disesase, but people in isolated places still die from it from time to time. According to Channel4, persistent, though unconfirmed reports claim a strain of plague bacillus resistant to all medicinal and control measures was "developed for bacteriological warfare by the US army."

"AUBURN, CA -- Placer County Public Health Officer Richard J. Burton, M.D., today announced that a domestic cat from Tahoe City had tested positive for plague. The animal had reportedly eaten a rodent prior to becoming ill.

Placer County officials are working closely with the California Department of Health Services, which tested a throat swab from the cat, in notifying those who may have come in contact plaguewith the cat and posting warning and health information in the area where the cat lived. “Plague is regularly found in the Tahoe area,” said Dr. Burton. “It normally affects rodents and is transmitted to other animals by fleas. We will continue to investigate the situation in conjunction with the California Department of Health Services and take all appropriate actions.”

After becoming ill, the cat was taken to a veterinary clinic where the sample was taken that tested positive for Yersinia pestis, the bacterium that causes plague. Family members who had contact with the sick animal were offered a course of antibiotics. Staff at the veterinary clinic was offered antibiotics as well. No human illness has been associated with this infected cat. “There are simple ways for humans to greatly reduce risk of contracting the disease,” Burton said. “Keep animals on leashes when visiting wilderness areas and keep them away from squirrel and rodents nesting. Teach your children not to touch sick or dead animals. Stay away from rodent burrows and wear long pants and long-sleeved shirts to reduce the possibility of flea contact.”

Plague is curable in its early stages with prompt diagnosis and treatment, but is potentially fatal if left untreated. Early symptoms of plague in humans include high fever, chills, nausea, weakness and swollen glands. Although the disease is generally transmitted by the bite of an infected flea, it may also be acquired by direct contact with animals in the advanced stages of the disease. People who develop these symptoms or whose pets become ill within seven days of visiting a wilderness area should seek medical attention. This year there have been four cats in the state that have tested positive for plague; three in Kern County and the one in Placer County. Plague activity in animals has been detected in a total of 11 counties this year. In California, plague-infected animals are most likely to be found in the foothills, mountains and along the coast." - rocklintoday

8/29/2005 Health / Biology. DNA Sunscreen, New Info on DNA Mutation by UV

"Chemists at Ohio State University have gained new insight into how sunlight affects DNA. And what they found overturns ideas about genetic mutation that originated decades ago. ... Base stacking is frequently overlooked, he admitted, because the ladder terminology that dnastackswe use to describe DNA structure makes us think that there are open spaces between successive rungs of base pairs. A better analogy would be a stack of coins, he said. Bases are stacked right on top of each other. Here's what he and his team suspect is happening during the UV energy wave: as sunlight warms our skin, UV photons are absorbed by the bases, causing their electrons to vibrate. These high-energy vibrations nudge the atoms in the bases around, but only along one edge of the DNA ladder at a time. If all goes well, the DNA returns to normal after the energy wave passes. But some of the time, the atoms don't return to their original positions, and new chemical bonds are formed. Scientists know that such accidental bonds create "photolesions" injuries that prevent DNA from replicating properly. The details of the process aren't fully understood, but studies suggest that photolesions cause genetic mutations that lead to diseases such as cancer." - researchnews, brightsurf

8/29/2005 Health / Biology. Why Redheads Have Propensity for Skin Cancer

"Because of slight variations in its chemical structure, red pigment loses electrons relatively easily when hit by ultraviolet light (UV). Black pigment, on the other hand, requires a jolt of high-energy UV, which is usually screened out by the atmosphere, to knock off its electrons, reported John D. Simon, Ph.D., of Duke University in Durham, N.C. Electron loss is the first step to generating oxygen free radicals, which in turn cause damage to DNA that can lead to skin cancer, Dr. Simon said Sunday at a presentation at the American Chemical Society Annual Meeting." - medpagetoday

8/29/2005 Health / Biology. New test may spot mad cow-type disease in blood

"The team's new technique, called "protein misfolding cyclic amplification" (PMCA) expands the amount of prions by exposing them to sound wave energy, or sonication. "We mimic the molecular process by which abnormal protein transforms normal protein in the brain and we speed it up," Soto said. "We calculate that for each abnormal protein we have in a sample we can produce at least 10 million molecules in a matter of a few days," an amount that is then detectable by standard assay methods. " - reuters

8/15/2005 Health. Just a few drinks in pregnancy could harm baby

My friend and I had a debate about her drinking wine while she was pregnant. I told her not to do it and sent her links to research. She thought I was being paranoid and said there was also research that said a glass of wine a week was fine, even good for you. I told her that, as with our disagreement about womanPrez. Bush, she was ignoring key facts. My exploration of this topic leads me to believe that the wine industry, like so many others, pays some scientists to generate complimentary research to make money.

Here is the latest research that says even low levels are dangerous:

"Mothers who drink even low levels of alcohol during pregnancy could permanently damage their children's intelligence, research suggests. The study of seven-and-a-half-year-olds by scientists in Detroit found lower IQ scores, and memory and problem-solving difficulties among those who had had low-level exposure to alcohol during pregnancy. ... Researcher Matthew Burden, from Wayne State University, said: "Prenatal alcohol exposure is often associated with slower reaction times and poorer attention in infancy and some of these deficits may be at the core of poorer academic performance and behaviour problems often seen later in childhood. ... "In cases of FAS ( foetal alcohol syndrome ), lower IQ scores are common, often reaching the level of retardation. This is because alcohol consumed by the mother has a direct impact on the brain of the foetus. " - independent

"The study is detailed in the August issue of Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research." - washingtontimes

Below is an example of a wine web site's statement you could use to support your bad decision to drink while pregnant. Note that it says "statistics prove" but does not cite any real studies.

"However, statistics prove that women consuming wine throughout pregnancy at a very moderate level suffer no increase in incidence of foetal retardation compared to those who abstain altogether." - grapeescape

The American public is dangerously unskeptical. Too many of us fail to look at sources and think critically. The price: our health and slower children.


7/25/2005 Tooth Health. Why do Teeth Dissolve in Acid?

Everyone should know some basic science... and some acid science. Understanding Acids and Bases in chemistry is important to many of our every day experiences. wonkaHow quickly ordinary table salt dissolves is nearly independent of how acidic or basic the solution is.

So why do acids (for example, from bacteria that eat sugar) make holes in our teeth? Find out here.

I found this article using, which is sort of a search engine of published peer-reviewed experimental results.

There will be much in these articles that you do not understand, but using google to research the parts of an article you don't understand is one great way to learn a lot of background science.

Also see our article on curing cavities. I was thinking about teeth today after seeing Willy Wonka this weekend. No one beats Gene Wilder as Wonka, but it was a lot of fun and the music was excellent. Danny Elfman is a musical genius.

7/8/2005 Health / Medicine / Technology. The Pill Camera

Take a look at some video from the pill cam swallowed by a lady with stomach trouble. This new toy is allowing doctors to see inside patients quickly and painlessly.

pill cam

"Actually, it's a camera with a transmitter, 2 batteries and an antenna, all inside the pill. The pill camera takes 2 pictures every second for 8-hours. That's 55,000 pictures... it changed the way gastroenterologists examined the small intestine." -vtv

6/30/2005 Health. Teflon Chemical a Likely Cause of Cancer

"A ubiquitous chemical compound used to make Teflon appears to be a stronger cancer risk than the government had previously reported, according to a draft report submitted this week to the Environmental Protection Agency.

An independent scientific advisory panel said there was sufficient evidence to elevate perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) from a "suggested " to a "likely " carcinogen. Panel members also recommended cancer risk assessments to examine possible associations between PFOA exposure and liver, breast, testicular, and pancreatic tumors found in animals.

... PFOA, manufactured by DuPont, is widely used in household non-stick products, upholstery, stain-resistant clothing, and fast food packaging, including pizza boxes." - medpage


6/7/2005 Health / Biology (seattlepi). Startling study on toxins' harm: Findings show that disorders can be passed on without genetic mutations.

The findings prompt serious and, in some cases, disturbing questions about a number of basic assumptions in biology. ...

epigeneticsThe standard view of heritable disease is that for any disorder or disease to be inherited, a gene must go bad (mutate) and that gene must get passed on to the offspring.

What Skinner and his colleagues did is show that exposing a pregnant rat to high doses of a class of pesticides known as "endocrine disruptors" causes an inherited reproductive disorder in male rats that is passed on without any genetic mutation. ...

"It's not a change in the DNA sequence," Skinner explained. "It's a chemical modification of the DNA. ... a toxin-induced attachment of methyl groups to DNA in the mother rat was being passed on to offspring. ...

"In human terms, this would mean if your great grandmother was exposed to an environmental toxin at a critical point in her pregnancy, you may have inherited the disease," Skinner said. ... The findings also suggest a reconsideration of one of the basic tenets of evolutionary biology -- that evolution proceeds by random genetic change. ... Epigenetics may be just as important as genetics in evolution".

5/4/2005 Health / Blog. Xeno Gets Yoga-cized. I found myself last weekend at Wilbur Hotsprings (Disclosure: I'm the webmaster for Wilbur, check out the latest site re-design), where I attempted Yoga for the first time. Unlike most yogic first timers, however, I'd landed in what I now believe was an advanced two hour class. This was days ago and muscles I didn't know I had are still sore. Yoga is at times very relaxing, but at the more advanced end I was surprised to find that it can be a heart pounding full-on-sweating-in-cool-weather work out. I dug it. Thomas Fortel, was an excellent Yoga guru. Pics from my Yoga weekend at Wilbur.




4/15/2005 Health / Biology. Flu Virus Mistake Update: Deadly Virus Samples Unaccounted for, Biosecurity Risk Cited by Flu Expert.

The World Health Organisation says two-thirds of the samples of a potentially fatal flu virus sent to laboratories around the world by mistake have now been destroyed but two shipments are still missing. The College of American Pathologists sent samples of the H2N2 virus to almost 4,000 laboratories around the world this month, apparently for routine testing. The virus claimed at least 1 million lives in the flu pandemic of 1957 but it has since died out, making it especially dangerous because most people have no immunity to it. - BBC - ABC


1 No, we wouldn't want to accidentally mail this virus to a country that might use it against us, or let it fall into the wrong hands. After all, this strain previously killed up to 4 million people world wide. Some countries haven't destroyed their samples yet, but they will. Oh, sure, any company with a vaccine would make some serious cash if there were an outbreak, but no company would be involved in a mistaken release to "terrorists" just to make a profit. That's an absurd idea. I'm the funny conspiracy head from Mars, and you're not.

The WHO's top flu expert, Klaus Stohr, said all the samples were expected to be destroyed by Friday. The alarm was first raised by Canada's National Microbiology Laboratory after it detected H2N2 virus in a sample on March 25, leading to an alert issued by US authorities through the College of American Pathologists on April 8. A public announcement about the distribution of the virus had been delayed until destruction was well under way to prevent it falling into the hands of terrorists, Stohr said. "There is a biosecurity risk and we did not want to arouse interest in a way that could provide access to others," he said. - yahoo

4/13/2005 Health / Biology. (newsft) Labs race to destroy flu virus after test kit mistake.

"Thousands of medical laboratories in the US and around the world are racing to destroy a pandemic flu virus, sent to them as part of routine testing kits, in an incident that again underlines the risk of disease from laboratory accidents. ... The World Health Organisation said on Wednesday that nearly 3,750 laboratories, all but 75 of which were in the US, had been told to destroy samples of the deadly H2N2 virus received in proficiency testing kits sent out by the College of American Pathologists. ... Employees at Meridian Bioscience, the Ohio-based company that prepared the samples on behalf of the College of American Pathologists, apparently selected the H2N2 virus without realising the danger. "


Read about how viruses evolve into new strains here. Now, let's consult the nutty conspiracy head about this...

1 "To defend the homeland, we must be more careful. Otherwise, it may seem that some group tasked with 'defending' us is actually seeking to help our overpopulation problem."

3/30/2005 Health. Drug Free Improved Breathing at Night. Hi. Webmaster Xeno here. I want to hip you all to Breathe Right vapor strips. They look like Bandaid(tm) brand bandages and they stick to your nose. Inside is a semi-flexible strip that pulls your nasal passages open so you can breathe well. Many people have trouble sleeping at night because they have allergies or other things that cause breathing problems. Avoid allergy drugs if you can and use this. I like mechanical solutions.


Some of you already know that humans have a nasal cycle. About every 90 minutes the side of your nose out of which you breathe the most changes. This corresponds to your dream cycles and to your left-right brain hemisphere dominance cycle. Breathe Right strips open both sides of your nose so you can sleep through the changes. Even with no alergies or other problems, give this a try. More oxygen might cause more vivid dreams. I had a great dream last night that my vision clearned up and I could see perfectly without glasses or contacts. Here I am wearing the product. ( I have no connections to this company. )

3/31/2005 Health / Tooth Health / Reader Feedback. "Hello, your article is great, I finally understand the whole tooth decay issue. I do however have 1-2 questions .... you said: "teeth can heal" and "5 cavities vanished" I wonder to what extent do you mean? ... are you saying the tooth will reverse the cavities into enamel again? In my case I had 2 medium size cavities that were drilled and filled, was that a mistake? If teeth heal why do they even fill them? Currently I have small cavities (small black spots) on the surface on my wisdom teeth and im going to the dentist.. can I cure this by following your treatment? or should I have them removed? I hope your article will answer those questions in the future.... I hope you will find time to answer my few questions, thank you again for your great article. Sincerely Julian


Hello Julian, Great questions. How big were the five cavities that I healed? Answer: Big enough that a practicing dentist with many years of experience told me they had to be filled and that they would not heal. What does "big enough" really mean? Unfortunately, dentists don't typically give numbers. If I did ask "How many millimeters deep and wide are my cavities" at the time, I don't recall the answer now. When told I had 10 cavities, I had no idea that healing them was an option. I had no fight in me at the time, so I didn't care how big they were. Perhaps one day we as patients will be able to see a 3D computer representations of our cavities including a number representing the total volume of the area of decay. Will cavities reverse into enamel? Yes, my dentist said the "protein matrix" of my enamel had broken down. I was told there were holes in the enamel that had to be filled. These holes, according to the examinations from my before and after dentists, did fill in after a few years of no sugar, eating cashews, wasabi, and the other tips in my article on healing teeth. I had one black spot cavity filled on a front tooth and for the last ones I used a laser dentist. There are usually no shots if you get a dentist who uses a laser. (Exception: You can't use a laser around metal fillings, so even a laser dentist will use shots and a drill in that situation.) The laser is great because it kills the bacteria. When I had a metal filing removed with a drill, I had the dentist zap the area with the laser before filling the tooth. Getting rid of cavities is important because some bacteria can get into your bloodstream and cause damage to your heart. If you are still eating sugar, get your cavities filled by a laser dentist and don't use amalgam fillings that contain mercury. If you can give up sugar, first get a second opinion from another dentist and ask if your cavities can be "Watched" to see if they re mineralize. I hope that helps! This is not medical advice, just my humble opinion as a non-dentist, non-doctor, science researcher.

3/31/2005 Health / Tooth Health. Paste for Teeth Repairs Cavities. "A team of Japanese dentists has invented a paste of synthetic enamel that seamlessly heals small cavities, according to a paper in the latest journal Nature . If cavities are detected early, the new treatment could put an end to dreaded drilling and filling at the dentist's office."


before and after images.

"The synthetic enamel and natural enamel are identical, and the synthetic enamel is combined with the tooth enamel on the level of natural crystal, not by attaching."

Thanks to coby for sending this link!

3/14/2005 Health. Out of curiosity I sent a link to my tooth article to Dr. Gerald F Judd, PhD Chemist, Professor of juddChemistry for 33 years. He wrote back and said there are many questionable things in my article

but he offered no specifics.

From reading excerpts from his book(s) posted on line, it seems that he believes acids and fluoride cause cavities, but not bacteria. Today I respectfully asked him the key question: Does Dr. Judd not believe that s. mutans bacteria produce acid that can de mineralize teeth

He recommends soap, among other things. If he replies, I'll also ask if he is aware that soap (even regular soap) kills bacteria by breaking it's skin open with surface tension.

His answers may be interesting!

3/14/2005 Health. Does vitamin B-17 prevent cancer?

3/15/2005 Health / Dry Eyes / Botox. A reader of my dry eye article writes:

"My situation is identical to yours except I am female, age 37. I tried botox last year and had no problems with it but I've developed dry eyes. My ophthalmologist put me on steroid drops which helped at first but the condition comes back and now these drops don't help at all. Have you heard of any connection between facial muscle paralysis (botox) and dry eyes? I've stopped botoxing but my eyes are still very dry in the morning with lots of mucusy white blops in the corners. Love your webpage! thank you for the advice. "

Thanks for the warning! I'm strongly opposed to Botox, but as you've already done the deed, here's what I've found:

botoxBotulinum toxin A is one of the neurotoxins produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. Botox is the trade name. Botulinum toxins (types A through G) attach themselves to nerve endings preventing acetylcholine, the neurotransmitter responsible for triggering muscle contractions, from release.

More specially, Botox attacks the SNAP-25 protein essential for the release of acetylcholine. The result is paralysis. Paralyzed areas of the body can't wrinkle. Treatments last from three to eight months. There are reports of permanent muscle damage, loss of consciousness, dead nerves, etc. 1, 2, 3, 4

"Occasionally, following Botox, patients will experience new symptoms of dry eye that can be attributed to inability to close the eyelids (lagophthalmos) or an underlying mild dry eye condition." - 1

Tears are produced when blinking squeezes secretions from your tear glands. If your blinking is reduced by Botox, you'd have dry eyes. Also, if you had any nerve damage from the toxin to the nerves that regulate the tear glands you'd also have dry eye problems. Everyone's nerves branch around the head somewhat differently ( they are like fingerprints in a way ) so it is always possible that the wrong nerves were damaged in your case. If your nerves return to normal functioning in three to eight months you should regain your tears. I'm not a doctor. This is just my best guess with what I know at this time.

3/10/2005 Health. ( wesh | scicent | aolsvc ) Adenovirus 36: The fat virus. Can a virus make people fat? Can you catch the fat virus from a sneeze?

A "fat virus" may account for some 30% of the world's obesity problem, according to new research. ... Published studies have shown that when the fatvirusvirus is given to chickens, mice, monkeys, and rats, their body fat increases by 50%-100% even though they ate the same amount as animals not given the virus.

Little is known about Ad-36, one of about 50 human adenoviruses. ... When 154 obese and 45 lean human volunteers were tested, about 30 percent of the obese people had antibodies to Ad-36, and five percent of the lean people did. [ Fact checking: WaPost says 10 percent of lean people, not five. - xeno ]

Virus No. 36 was first discovered by a doctor in India who saw that it made chickens fat. Atkinson also believes that this animal virus somehow transformed into a human virus.

... it could be that a combination of a virus, together with genes for obesity, a high-fat diet, and a sedentary lifestyle is the cause." Can you catch it from a sneeze? The idea is "interesting ... plausible, but extremely unlikely," according to Rudolph L. Leibel, MD, a molecular genetics researcher in the Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center at Columbia University in New York. Regarding the spread of Adenovirus in general we read:

"Adenovirus can spread via direct contact, airborne transmission, droplet transmission... Because the virus is stable in the environment, fomites are a common cause of spread. Spread has been documented from contaminated swimming pools and towels."

3/9/2005 Health / Dry Eyes / Colostrum. My dry eye research points to hormone levels as a strong factor. Therefore, in addition to exercise, I'm looking for natural healthy ways to increase hormones. If it weren't for mad cow disease, I'd try this:

"Bovine Colostrum is the "mother's milk" taken from dairy cows during the first 24 hours after calving. The liquid is characterized by a high protein, immunoglobulin and antibody content, with immune and growth factors that are highly bio-available to humans. Colostrum also contains high concentrations of leukocytes, protective white cells which can destroy disease-causing bacteria and viruses. Colostrum is the only natural source of ..the actual immune factors and all of our body's growth factors (hormones) in perfect combination as nature intended. Research has shown that colostrum has demonstrated the ability to kill bacteria and viral invaders, stimulate tussue repair ... stimulate fat utilization for fuel, and optimize cellular reproduction."

... The insulin-like growth factors, IGF-I, found in colostrum, is similar to the body building substances in hGH, which is illegal for athletic use. The International Olympic Committee is looking into tests that will detect hGH. One proposed test measures levels of IGF-I in the blood that could lead to "clean" athletes who use colostrum to test positive. So, before you use colostrum, thoroughly check into the testing procedures used for the competition.

Can mad cow disease be passed on in milk and dairy, including colostrum? How about from human mother's milk? Yes.

"A Japanese woman dying of CJD was found to have the infectious agent in her colostrum (the type of breast milk made in the initial days following delivery)"

- Tamai Y, Kojima H, et al. Demonstration of the transmissible agent in tissue from a pregnant woman with Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. N Engl J Med 1992 Aug 27;327(9):649.

Naw, not worth the risk. I'll find another way. Well, I might try this company: Quantum Nutrition Labs. (800) 370-3447. They have Quantum-Rx Colostrum which comes from happy cows. Might really be worth a try. Check out these refs:

- Bull Soc Ophtalmol Fr. 1982 Jan;82(1):15-6. Spectacular improvement of severe dry eye syndrome by instillation of colostrum [Article in French] Liotet S, Perrin D.

- Chaumeil C, Liotet S, Kogbe O. Adv Exp Med Biol. 1994;350:595-9. Treatment of severe eye dryness and problematic eye lesions with enriched bovine colostrum lactoserum.

3/8/2005 Biology / Health. (msnbc) Laughter is good for the heart, study finds 15 minutes a day may benefit cardiovascular system... Depression has opposite effect . ... blood flow was reduced in 14 of the 20 volunteers after stressful movie clips. But blood flowed more freely in 19 of the 20 when they laughed at funny movie segments.

3/7/2005 Health. Study: Dairy Not Best Source of Calcium. Score one for the vegans.

"Consumption of milk does in no way ensure strong and healthy bones, for both us as well as children. The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, USA, has made this startling revelation for all those of us who may have been relying on milk for all our calcium needs. Out of 37 studies conducted, only about 10 were found to be supporting milk intake for children aged above 7 years. In fact, some believe that once a child is on solid foods i.e. after a child has weaned, milk is a strict no-no. ... Supporting a vegan diet, the PCRM offers other alternatives to milk that are rich in calcium as well. For instance, a cup of orange juice is recommended as it contains an equal quantity of calcium as in a glass of milk. Oats, Kale, Turnip greens, tofu and broccoli are also part of the rich calcium family.

The LA times says this information comes from a small but highly respected band of scientists.

2/16-2/24/2005 Health Dry Eye Syndrome. A reader of my dry eye syndrome article today writes:

"Something you might try. For me it can be the difference between having it when I wake up or not (already use omega 3's and eye mist)." A half hour or an hour before bed turn out all the lights and cover any LED lights. Light a couple candles (beeswax has a more gentle glow), and listen to music or an audiobook. Let your eyes roam around as they want.
It may be part of the reason for the dry eye is that when you're asleep your eyes don't move around as much as they should. Too much looking straight ahead at the computer or whatever. - Alan

Cool. Sounds simple. This makes sense. Our eyes move during REM sleep when we dream (every 90 minutes after you fall asleep), but not much otherwise. I've tried this a few nights now and I may have seen some positive results... need to test it a bit more.

More Research Tonight:

ACTION: Avoid Asperatame.
"Aspartame triggers eye dry . See the report included in the article
What's Blinding The World? by H. J. Roberts, M.D. on Focus RP Magazine. It is also discussed in Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic by H. J. Roberts, M.D., (NutraSweet/Equal/Canderal/Spoonful, etc.)"

Perhaps, but I don't eat or drink it (never have) and I still have the problem.

2/18/2005 Health / Survival. Sprouting to Save Your Life. When North Korea ran out of oil ( as the US will someday, some say sooner than later ) millions there starved to death. So pay attention fellow adventurers. This can't hurt and may save your life. The best way to get super nutrition? Sprouts! Pounds of super nutritious greens can be sprouted for pennies.

sprouts chart

"Sprouts grow practically anywhere; flourish in any climate, during any season of the year; need neither soil nor sunshine; are ready for harvest in 2-5 days; taste delicious raw or cooked; have no waste; and are so nutritious that they are one of the most complete foods known to man, rivaling meat in protein and citrus fruits in vitamin C at a fraction of the cost." (Northrup King Co., Consumer Products Division)

... Vacuum sealed or nitrogen treated seeds store the longest, with a shelf life of up to 15 years. Do not use tomato or potato sprouts, or any treated seeds (usually found in the gardening section), as they are extremely poisonous. Use only untreated seeds intended for human consumption.

Some seed have sprouted even 30 years later, and there is a news story about 500 year old lotus seeds sprouting. (not for eating, but interesting!) According to, a person can survive for one year on just 125 pounds of a variety of seeds for sprouting (to be eaten raw or cooked). So, if you really wanted to keep a 3-5 year supply of survival food in a small space, this might be the way to go. Of course, you'd want to practice sprouting first. Do some tests! See if you can live on only sprouts for a week. After a bit more research I may try it and let you know how it works. Oh, sprouted food doesn't have to look or taste bad! Example:


Some types of sprouts with 30 to 35% protein: Alfalfa, Fenugreek, Mustard, and Japanese Radish Seeds. For eating raw, try: sprouting barley, rye, mung beans, quinoa, whole oats, alfalfa, peas, lentils, clover, sunflower, whole buckwheat. Here are my picks for the best info on sprouting: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21.

One FDA site says bacteria may come with some seeds so watch out for food poisoning. Read safety instructions about raw foods before you begin.

2/18/2005 Health. 100 Ways to Live to be 100 Years Old. Found this site while researching sprouts. "The tips and suggestions ... are deep research and collection of author for the last 30 years in this field. They are most authentic and tested in most of the cases. ... can be adopted in your life without any doubt as they don't have any side effect(s) and (are) based on the laws of nature. "

100th birthday

2/4/2005 Health (cbcca) Alcohol as harmful as smoking, study warns. Hey, what about wine industry claims that a glass a day is good for you!? Don't feel bad if you were fooled by industry propagandists. Many people were. Companies wouldn't pay researchers and PR firms to generate and manipulate studies to make them money at the expense of your health ... would they? Read about If you keep learning on your own, at some point your "ears pop" and you realize you've been believing some big lies told to make other people money. Praise the Web and pass the truth.

"In this week's issue of the British medical journal The Lancet, an international team of researchers points out that alcohol is linked to more than 60 different medical conditions. "Overall, four per cent of the global burden of disease is attributable to alcohol, 4.1 per cent to tobacco and 4.4 per cent to high blood pressure," writes lead researcher Robin Room, of Stockholm University in Sweden. "In most cases, alcohol has a detrimental effect on health."

1/29/2005 Health Tip: All soaps are anti-bacterial. Avoid "anti-bacterial" soaps. Plain and simple soaps kill bacteria just fine by breaking the "skin" of the bacteria so the contents spill out. No nonsense.

(mercola) "$16 billion-a-year industry: Some 72 percent of all liquid soap sold in the United States now contains antibacterial ingredients. The active ingredient in most antibacterial products is triclosan, an antibacterial agent that kills bacteria and inhibits bacterial growth. But not only does triclosan kill bacteria, it also has been shown to kill human cells."

A check at the local supermarket confirmed this. Hand soaps, bar soaps and dishwashing liquids could all be found in both "anti-bacterial" and regular varieties. Why

"In the study, published in the March 2, 2004 journal Annals of Internal Medicine, people who used antibacterial soaps and cleansers developed cough, runny nose, sore throat, fever, vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms just as often as people who used products that did not contain antibacterial ingredients."

According to one site triclosan is "absorbed through the skin and can be tied to liver damage."

1/23/2005 Health / Sex / Book Review: The One Hour Orgasm: How to Learn the Amazing Venus Butterfly Technique By Bob Schwartz, Ph.D. and Leah Schwartz, Ph.D.

Yes, that's me below, looking a bit like a bad Elvis. Sorry in advance to friends and family who most likely would rather not know that I read sex-ed books, but I think the world would be a much happier and less violent place if men and women really understood eachother. This book by the Dr's Schwartz was about $14 and worth it. Buy it, try it. The section on how women's tensions fluctuate and can build up to "bitchiness" or PMS (and what to do about it) was great. If I only knew this sooner! Live and learn. This fairly short illustrated book offers practical step by step tantra, minus the religion. One of the clearest works yet on the subject.

From the book: "A one hour orgasm! Is this a joke?" asked a friend when we told him what we were working on. No. A "one hour orgasm" is an orgasm with hundreds, even thousands, of orgasmic contractions one after the other after the other. You don't believe this is possible? Join the club. Neither did we. No one we had ever met, including Dr. Ruth, had any idea of what we were talking about. The only way you will become a believer is the way we did. After your first one."

1/23/2005 Health / Kissing. The following diseases can be spread by kissing: 1) herpes simplex virus one (cold sores), 2) the common cold, 3) the flu, 4) meningococcal disease, 5) mononucleosis, 6) mumps, 7) sore throats from hundreds of virus variants, 8) strep throat, 9) cytomegalovirus, 10) tooth cavities, and possibly 11) Hepatitis B and even 12) HIV. Recommended: pick one equally disease free kisser and ... kiss her! ... and only her ... madly, until you are both dizzy and drunk with kissing. 1, 2


1/24/2005 Health (HealthLink ) Bacteria, Viruses Can Cause Infectious Arthritis. Interesting. " Bacteria such as staphylococcus aureus are the most common causes of infectious arthritis." I didn't know that.

Sjogren's syndrome patients who were treated with the anti-retroviral drug AZT."

In the news, the arthritis symptom-treating drug Vioxx may have "caused up to 140,000 cases of coronary heart disease in the US since 1999." (BBC) Better to find a cure.

"Dr Massimo Palmarini at the University of Georgia have found the amino acid tryptophan prevented retrovirus from inserting its genetic material into the healthy cells, and could thereby, prevent the spread of such diseases in humans, a report published in Nature said."

Cool. Once again, proper nutrition is the key! I get my tryptophan every morning in a non-gmo soy protein shake.


1/26/2005 Health Top 10 Food Additives to Avoid. The wonderful world of food is full of junk and lies. How many times do we learn that supposedly safe things, sold to us as drugs to improve our health, food and water, actually damage our health? Answer: Too often. Even top FDA scientists have said the system intended to protect us is broken. Conflicts of interest mean huge profits for large corporations at the expense our health and safety. For this reason, I give skeptical critical thinking people better odds at health than blind trust ers. The precautionary principle says avoid things where logic, your understanding of biology, and/or experimental evidence exists to convince YOU that it might be bad. Companies who want your money don't want you to be cautious, so they spend marketing money to attack the precautionary principle. They don't want "burdensome (safety) regulations" that cut into company profits. The following list of things cautious people avoid is adapted from

Aspartame: which also goes under such brands at NutraSweet and Equal.

Brominated vegetable oil. Bromate the main ingredient of BVO, is a poison.

Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) and
butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT): Used to prevent fats, oils and fat-containing foods from becoming rancid.

Citrus Red Dye No. 2: Used to color orange skins. Citrus Red Dye No. 2 is a probable carcinogen and may cause chromosomal damage.

Monosodium glutamate (MSG): is a flavor enhancer often found in fast food processed food, and packaged food.

Nitrites: are used as preservatives in cured meats such as bacon, ham, and smoked fish to prevent spoilage.

Saccharin: Still widely used as an artificial sweetener, this additive is a possible human carcinogen.

Sulfur dioxide, sodium bisulfite, and sulfites: These are used to preserve foods such as dried fruits to prevent them from drying and stiffening, and are also used on shrimp and frozen potatoes.

Tertiary butylhydroquinone (TBHQ): This chemical is often used along with BHA or BHT to spray the insides of cereal and cheese packages.

Yellow Dye No 6: Used in candy and carbonated beverages.

Irradiation: This process exposes food to radioactive materials like cesium 137 and cobalt-60 to kill insects, l bacteria, mold, fungi, prevent sprouting, and extend shelf life."

In addition to avoiding things that might be bad for you, be sure to eat the things that might be good:

"Garlic, Ginger, Blackstrap Molasses, Yeasts, Fermented, Raw Foods and Raw Juices."


1/19/2005 Health: Cancer Now Top Killer of Americans. 2005 Prediction: 1,500 Cancer Deaths Every Day. If you get cancer from industrial pollution you may want to vote democratic in your next lifetime. People aren't just criticizing Bush as the worst environmental president because they hate his sneer. Bush's industry friendly policies may be deadly dangerous to your health. See Crimes Against Nature. With cancer on the rise, you may find it interesting to read a bit about a supposed cancer cure in the 1930's. See our article on the subject.

1/13/2005 Health: New Diet Guide for Americans 2005: Eat less, move more. Get the guide here. PDF here 84 pages.


1/12/2005 Health / Visitor Feedback: Dry Eye Article: "Thanks for putting together such an informative website. Very few of which my doctors told me about, which should be a damn crime." - From a New York State licensed aesthetician.

So, even today with all the improvements in the technology, it seems that some people are still having terrible results with lasik survery. Be warned!