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2/15/2006 Strange Happenings. Woman Sues McDonald's Over Bloody Fry Bag

"She's filed a lawsuit in Gaston County, N.C., after claiming to have found blood smeared fastfoodinside a bag of french fries. She's suing for at least $10,000. Davis said she bought the meal at the drive-through window of a Gastonia McDonald's in November 2004 and ate it at her office desk. She said when she found the blood, she called the fast-food restaurant and spoke with an assistant manager who said the blood came from an employee who had suffered a cut. A regional manager said the worker was fired. " - wgal

Another possible manager reply: "Um, that's just catsup. Oh, you're sure it is blood? Well, fast food isn't very healthy you know. Didn't you see Fast Food Nation?" This story is not related: Islamabad rioters storm fast food chains, but if people are rioting about cartoons anything could happen.

2/10/2006 Strange Happenings. Woman's voodoo head fails to ward of evil spirits. May cause 15 year flight delay.

The message is loud and clear: No anti-spirit voodoo heads allowed in the USA. Don't even try to bring them here. Not only is it rude, but dead human parts are considered toxic waste in these parts. "Failing to declare the head"? Oh come on. Oh, and don't read those loser papers that call this a skull. It was not just skull, it was a head.

" Airport baggage screeners found a human head with teeth, hair and skin in the luggage of a woman who said she intended to ward off evil spirits with it, authorities said Friday. Myrlene Severe, 30, a Haitian-born permanent U.S. resident, was charged vodoheadFriday with smuggling a human head into the U.S. without proper documentation. Customs and Border Protection officials found the head Thursday, after Severe arrived at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport on a Lynx International Airlines flight from Cap Haitien, Haiti, said Barbara Gonzalez, a spokeswoman for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Miami.

"It still had teeth, hair and bits of skin and lots of dirt," Gonzalez said.

Severe told authorities she had obtained the package in Haiti for "use as a part of her voodoo beliefs," ICE Special Agent Erick Hernandez wrote in an affidavit in support of a criminal complaint. "Severe also stated that the purpose of the package was to ward off evil spirits," Hernandez wrote. Severe, who also was charged with failing to declare the head and transporting hazardous material in air commerce, faces a maximum of 15 years in prison if convicted of all charges, prosecutors said. Severe remained held Friday in lieu of a $100,000 bond. She is due back in federal court March 2." - newsobs

2/6/2006 Strange Happenings. Dog Eating Giant Owl Caught

"A giant owl was captured yesterday after terrorising a tranquil village in a spate of attacks on dogs. Over the past fortnight, at least five dogs have been repeatedly targeted by the European eagle owl - the biggest of all the owl species - in Saxlingham Nethergate, near Norwich. ... Earlier in the day, 84-year-old Jack Simmons had to wade in with a broom handle to fend off the bird, which has a wingspan of more than 5ft, after it swooped from a roof and tried to grab Heidi, his 13-year-old miniature wire-haired dachshund. ... the owl had drawn blood when it dug its talons into her three-year-old pet on Monday. " - tele




2/2/2006 Strange Happenings / Money. Printing glitch results in $20 worth $25,300.

"A $20 bill mysteriously printed on top of an ordinary fruit sticker sold Friday for $25,300, an auction company official said.seal are stamped on. The flawed note bears a red, green and yellow Del Monte sticker next to Andrew Jackson's portrait. The buyer at the auction in Orlando, Fla., did not want to be identified, said Dustin Johnston, director of auctions for Heritage Galleries and Auctioneers of Dallas.

"The 1996 bill originated at a U.S. Treasury Department printing facility in Fort Worth, but how the fruit tag found its way onto the paper of the greenback is unknown. "I've collected for probably seven years now and nothing comes close to the way people react to it -- their eyes pop out," said Daniel Wishnatsky, a Phoenix currency collector who bought the bill online in 2003 for $10,100."

1/27/2006 Strange Happenings. Secret "pot highway" tunnel to Mexico discovered

"In the corner of a cavernous Otay Mesa warehouse, a small room held a big secret: the door to a passageway from Mexico. U.S. agents had been investigating the possibility of an elaborate drug-smuggling tunnel between Tijuana and San Diego for more than a year, but couldn't find it despite using military equipment so advanced it's classified."



"The 2,400-foot-long tunnel runs from a warehouse near Tijuana's airport to this Otay Mesa warehouse." - sos "V&F Distributors LLC ...which incorporated last year in California, paid $2 million to lease the 49,377-square-foot commercial warehouse for five years with the stated purpose of distributing produce. " - mn


"Four tunnels have been discovered this month in the Tijuana-San Diego area, including a more primitive tunnel that was also found Wednesday when a U.S. Border Patrol vehicle struck a sinkhole." - fcn


"The investigation included searches using high-tech equipment capable of providing rough images of objects underground." - sos "The tunnel task force uses an array of high-tech equipment and intelligence information to pinpoint the locations of underground passageways along the border." - washt

1/25/2006 Strange Happenings. A homemade flying car

What if we were all inventors? Many more of us would be flying around, I suspect. I snapped these pics of an unknown local inventor who combined a parachute with a tripod fan-propelled go-cart to make a working flying car. It worked, but it sure was loud.


Well, perhaps it wasn't homemade. You can buy one for under $7,000. Click image for more, you thrill seekers.


1/23/2006 Strange Inventions. Video tombstone.


"MIAMI -- Sergio Aguirre, founder of Vidstone LLC, poses with his product featuring a solar-powered video panel embedded in a tombstone in his Miami office. The video serenity panel plays a five- to seven-minute multimedia video featuring the best moments from someone's life. (09/08/05 AP photo)"

1/23/2006 Strange Exits. Falling Banana Kills Woman

"She escaped Slovenia with nothing but the clothes on her back and a pocket full of black pepper to ward off the guard dog ... Slovenian migrant Ivanka Perko died in hospital last week in bizarre circumstances - she suffered complications after she dropped a banana on her leg. Comical to the end, the 73-year-old old quipped to friends and family while on her deathbed: "I can't believe after all this time it was a bloody banana that killed me." A family friend told The Saturday Daily Telegraph yesterday that Ms Perko - who was treasured by her Blue Mountains community - had been ill for several months with a condition that made her skin delicate and fine. "She had tried to open a banana and dropped it," the friend said. "The pointy end scraped down her leg and she died from complications." Even her death notice revealed her strange demise, killed by a falling banana." - news.com

Also see: Man Dies After Dog Falls From Overpass, Hits Car

1/20/2006 Strange Happenings. Blind woman recovers sight after heart attack

"A 74-year-old woman who had been blind for 25 years awoke in a British hospital after joycesuffering a heart attack and could see again.

... Doctors were at a loss to explain how Joyce Urch, who lived in a world of shadows and near darkness since 1979, had recovered her sight after the heart attack 16 months ago." - abc

... Former coal miner Eric, 77, remembered when his wife's vision returned. He said: "I didn't believe it at first when she said she could see me. I said 'what colour pullover am I wearing?' She said 'grey.' And she was right."

If you are blind you can still do Judo, but it is nice to see.

1/20/2006 Strange Happenings . Dead whale left outside embassy

"A huge beached whale has been dumped outside the Japanese embassy in Berlin. in a Greenpeace anti-whaling protest. ... Activists are trying to demonstrate that there is no need to kill the mammals for research - as Japan does - because cadavers can be found. ... The whale is due to be taken to Stralsund on the coast for scientific examination after the Greenpeace protest." - bbc


1/23/2006 Strange Happenings / Paranoia. Oil Depot Explostions in London.


"LONDON -- The huge pall of smoke is seen covering the sky in this aerial view from London's Canary Wharf looking north towards the Buncefield oil depot fire at Hemel Hempstead 25 miles away Sunday Dec. 11, 2005. A series of explosions at one of Britain's largest oil depots shook an area north of London early Sunday, shattering windows and sending billowing clouds of

1/23/2006 Strange Happenings. Snake dies trying to eat aligator.


"EVERGLADES NATIONAL PARK, Fla. -- In this photo provided by the Everglades National Park, the carcass of a six-foot American alligator is shown protruding from the mid-section of a 13-foot Burmese python in Everglades National Park, Fla., after the snake apparently swallowed the alligator, resulting in the deaths of both animals. (10/05/05 AP photo) "

1/13/2006 Amazing Feats. Australian Man Recites 4,400 Digits of Pi

"For Australian Chris Lyons, reciting a 4,400 digit number was as easy as pi. Lyons, 36, recited the first 4,400 digits of pi - a mathematical value that has an infinite number of pidecimal places - without a single error at the 2006 Mindsports Australia Festival on Monday... The memory coach from the southern city of Melbourne took 2 1/2 hours to complete the feat, Cordover said. Lyons said he spent just one week memorizing the digits before reciting them for judges at the festival. ... Lyon's feat is far from the record, however. In July, a Japanese psychiatric counselor recited pi to 83,431 decimal places from memory, breaking his own personal best of 54,000 digits and setting an unofficial world record, media reports said.

1/11/2006 Strange Happenings. Mysterious Low Frequency Hum in New Waltham / Taos hum?

"... a team of experts from the University of Salford have visited the location as part of a national research project into the "hum". A fascinating report has proved the noises Mrs Belton hears are not just sounds in her head. In a report by academics, an intermittent lowhumsound of between 40 and 60 decibels was recorded at the pensioner's home. The findings were mirrored in other parts of the country where low frequency sounds were also registered in areas where residents complained of "humming" noises. However, the cause of the noises remain a mystery. Mrs Belton said: "It sounds like a big tumble dryer, but it seems airborne rather than underground. It has got so much worse - now I am waking up each morning at 5am and I know I am not the only one to hear them." - thisisg

The story doesn't say the hum's frequency. Decibels (db) is a measure of volume, not pitch.

"30 db = soft whisper, 50 = rainfall, 60 = normal conversation" - (lhh)

elears"The human ear has receptors that can detect sound frequencies raging from 16 vibrations to 20,000 vibrations per second. ... Any frequency that is below the human range is known as infrasound. It is so low that it may be detected by a creature with big ears, such as an Elephant. In fact, recent research indicates that elephants also communicate with infrasound. Ultrasound, on the other hand, is above the range of the human ear. Bats, whales, porpoises, and dolphins use ultrasound for navigation. Most bats can detect frequencies as high as 100,000 Hz!" - factbook

1/12/2006 Strange happenings. Bulgarian woman flips out, tries to strip, blames Bush, causes plane to land.

"Georgieva then yelled she had a baby named Jesus, that her uncle impregnated her and flyingthat "President Bush was behind it all," according to the complaint, which charges her with interference with a flight crew. The woman also attempted to remove her blouse and throw things at other passengers, the complaint states. The pilot diverted the plane to Salt Lake City.

... When the plane was on the ground, the woman tried to run from airport police and claimed there was a bomb aboard the plane, according to the charges. A bomb squad searched the aircraft but found no explosives." - sltrib

Kudos to SLC security for keeping cool and not shooting the woman. Religion makes people nuts. For example, see: Man Gets Death for Killing Man Thought to Be Antichrist and 345 killed in Haj stampede.

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