1/25/2006 Food / Strange Happenings. Found: A halloween pizza in January.

You won't find this anywhere else. For years I've been getting pizza at my local favorite lunch place. Yesterday some unknown cook made this delicious work of art and left it on the rack of slices. At first I didn't think it was for sale, but I bought it for the price of a single slice. What a steal!



2/18/2005 Food Reviews / Gross Outs. A Cooked Wasp In My Dinner. For a while I was cooking all my own food, then I recently slipped back into an old habit: eating out. There is a Thai food place with really tasty food, seriously, it is great. I had some bad curry there once, however, and I got sick, so I almost completely stopped going. Tonight, after a weekend of cooking my own delicious food, lazy fool that I am, I tried again. My reward: I found a cooked wasp in my rice at Sophias Thai Food Restaurant.I wish this wasn't true because the people are nice and the food is delicious. But, damn it, that's what happened. That does it. I'm cooking my own food from now on. Even nice upscale restaurants don't have the controls and the care needed to make a delicious safe dinner.


I know many people eat bugs, but is it safe to eat a wasp? I don't think I ate one, but what if the whole one I found had a friend who went down undetected?

A little research says cooked wasps are probably safe. Some people eat baked wasp larvae (or die trying) but the adult wasps? Some kinds almost certainly are safe: At is this story: Rice with Cooked WASPS: An Emperor Hirohito's Favorite Dish.

" The wasp-rice is a mixture of cooked rice and canned wasps. The canned wasp is a speciality of Nagano Prefecture. ... (a mixture of larvae, pupae, and adults ) ... The ( Vespula lewisi) wasp is a protein-rich food and contains B-group vitamins and iron, 10 times as much as ordinary food. For the above reason, it is supposed to stimulate hematopoiesis. The old Chineses (sic) Pharmacopoeia said that wasps are effective in curing damages to internal organs and in preventing people from getting old when the wasps are administered continuously. At present a can of the cooked wasps (about 65 g) is sold at 1,000 yen, (ca. US $8.00)."

Hey, cool. Who knew? I had the Emperor Hirohito special. Now I'll have more red blood cells. Great! But, seriously, from now on I'll get my protein and vitamins elsewhere.

1/22/2005 Food Review: Ruffino's Seafood & Pasta Ristoante. Thinking about a trip to Italy to escape the cold? You may want to start slowly, by sampling the Italian food from Sacramento. Ruffino's Seafood & Pasta Ristoante at 10113 Folsom Blvd. D in Rancho Cordova (916) 363-8200 served up some darn fine clam chowder and a really wonderful salmon special. Dinners range from $9.95 to $16.95. While the atmosphere and presentation of the main dish were B's, the salmon was cooked to an A+ perfection worth the trip to Rancho Cordova from your Sacramento Mid-Town digs. Hint: get a bottled water. Rancho Cordova tap is not the bee's knees.

1/22/2005 Food Review: Mystery Cafe. Two words: Crab Omelet. Yum. Guess the establishment in the Sacramento Area (includes smaller surrounding cities). Check back for the answer to this food quiz.

1/17/2005 Food: The UFO Peach. "It's thought the flat peach - officially called a Peento - was originally developed in China 4,0000 years ago, because the Emperor Qi said he wanted a peach that was easy to eat and wouldn't drip juice in his beard." The peaches now being marketed as UFO shaped are a big hit in the UK.


9/8/04 Food Review. Xeno's dating and dining everywhere in Sacramento review continues... Lucca 1615 J St, Sacramento, CA 95814 (916) 669-5300. Vallet parking seemed unnecessary, so I didn't use it. Very nice atmosphere. I ate inside. The artichoke appetizer was great, as was the seared salmon with cherry tomato butter and mashed potatoes. Recommended for a dinner date. The hostess was quite nice, but the waiter was not attentive to water refills and waited too long to bring the bill. The food was worth it, however.

9/7/04 Food Review. Xeno's dating and dining everywhere in Sacramento review continues... Tapa the World, 2115 J St. Sacramento CA 95816. 916 442 4353 Tapas are the Spanish equivalent of appetizers, so the portions are small and the prices a bit high. On the plus side, Tapas is open late and the food is pretty good. I enjoyed the veggie pasta, but honestly, the visual presentation could be a bit better. Put the veggies over the pasta for example, instead of mixing it up.

Dating atmosphere: cozy and crowded. Tables are close together an the room is usually humming with conversation. The live music (usually classical or Flamenco Guitar) is nice.

9/4/04 Food Review. Xeno's dating and dining everywhere in Sacramento review continues... Had lunch today at Cafe Morocco, 1221 Alhambra Boulevard, Sacramento, CA 95816. (916) 731-4637. They may still have Belly Dancing Friday & Saturday nights, 7:00 and 8:15 p.m., but I was there for lunch. The food was great, fast and reasonably priced. Nice service in a clean cafe atmosphere. Not very crowded. Light recorded music. Nice for conversation!

8/30/04 Food Review. I love eating out and I have the strange habit of taking a pictures of my meals before I eat them. I also would rather take a date out to live shows than sit around like most people watching TV at night... So, here begins my restaurant, dating and adventure guide to the fine city of Sacramento.

Starting with: Tres Hermanas on 2416 K St. in Sacramento. (916) 443-6919.

Favorite dish: veggie taco, cheese enchiladacombo plate with rice and refried beans. The salsa is great and the chips are hot and fresh. Add a little lemon to your ice water and you have a splendid feast.



You're kidding, right?