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1/30/2006 Cryptozology. Malaysia launches hunt for 'Bigfoot' apeman after sightings in rainforest

"The Malaysian state of Johor is organising an official search for one of its most famous and elusive inhabitants: the legendary apeman Bigfoot. Local authorities are planning to allow scientists to set camera traps deep in the rainforests in an attempt to verify recent purported sightings" - news


See our Bigfoot article for much more including our own exclusive home-made bigfoot video.

1/17/2006 Cryptozoology. Another Chupacabra Killed

Time to stop shooting these things. I'm offering a reward to anyone who captures one alive.


"This weekend, two brothers were out hunting squirrels when they were surprised by a very similar animal. The brothers shot it and killed it. It has leathery skin, long teeth, and hind legs longer than its front legs. One of the brothers, Kolby Russell, said this isn't his first run in with the creature. "I had chased it a couple times earlier, about a month ago, and my friends didn't believe me, I finally showed them and they did." - kltv

1/16/2006 Cryptozoology. A Chupacabra Video taped?

Perhaps untrue, but fun to consider.

"I've learned, through a confidential source, that at least one unit of the US Navy SEAL (Sea, Air, Land) has had a remarkable recent encounter with unknown apes in Africa. And a video was taken. ... What the former SEAL relates is that he was involved in covert operations in the Democratic Republic of the Congo between 1997 and 2002. According to his account, his team observed a group of thirteen "chimpanzee-like" creatures between 4.5 to 5 feet tall, uniformly gray all over their bodies, with rows of seemingly porcupine-like quills running the length of their backs." - cyptomundo, Woai



1/5/2006 Cryptozoology / Biology / Archaeology. Can we bring back a long-extinct animal?

"In what would be an unprecedented feat, a South African amateur scientist says he is going to bring an animal back from extinction: the quagga. A large mammal that descended from the zebra, the quagga filled South Africa's plains for millennia. But it fell to gun-toting European colonists and was last seen alive in 1883." - slate