The Secret Finger Trick

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Check back to see more pics. Assuming people keep sending them, I'll keep adding them.
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4/1/04 - France: Hi, I'm a 15 years old french student. Thank you for making me laugh.:)


5/19/04 - France: Hello, here is My Finger just for your site !!! I think your site is a great idea !!! -Sertiale, France

4/5/04 - France: salut moi c'est thomas 19 ans, de Paris MAGNIFIQUE SITE DE CUL !!!! lol




2/9/07 - Hamburg, Germany. Hi there! found your site via, cool idea! here is my picture, not naked but with a string... so long, - Thorben

2/9/07 - Here are further pics from Germany ;-) greets Hannes


2/9/07 - Hamburg, Germany: great site .... After seeing the great pictures, I left my desk to go straight to the bathroom and took my butt-picture with my mobile phone. It got a little blurry - but I think it is still hot. :-) - Casanova

4/2/04 - Germany:
Hi Xeno! Greetings from Germany! I think you know what to do with the attached picture. Peps.


5/5/04 - Germany: Hi ! Heres my finger! I am from Ettlingen in Germany Greetz - Julian

4/23/04 - Germany: Hi Xeno ..., here you get my fingertrickfoto. Have Fun, Wr@ngler

6/10/04 - Germany: Hi Xeno, Greetings, Joerg (from Germany)



Hong Kong

2/9/07 - Hong Kong: Naughty Fingers Greetings from



10/6/04 - Hong Kong: Hi, your idea is amazing,guy! I love this butt. Carry on! Cheers, Ryan




4/1/04 - Hungary: Hi Xeno, I tried your trick, it's awesome! I'm Palipeti from Hungary, 21, student. I send you some extra: finger butt with ring! Best regards!


3/26/04 - Hungary: Hi, I am sending for you my very sexy, strong bottom. I am a Hungarian 34 yo fat eater. Miki

4/1/04 - Hungary: 21, student.



10/22/04 - Iceland Hi. My brother Kingo told me about this site, so I decited to add my "butt" to it! I am from Iceland, I'm an artist and a belly dancer and I have my own website,! Best regards, Maria

4/13/04 - Iceland:
I am 40yo. Used 2 B a computer-technician 4 14 years, but decided 2 change & now I am On the Air @ Radio Reykjavik FM 104.5 here in Iceland with my own radio show playing classic rock in the afternoon on weekdays ( listen ). I am also trying 2 get more into movie/tv acting, etc... I have my own webpage lots of pictures I've taken + a database of jokes...



4/1/04 - India: Finger Butts of Arvind from India. Cool stuff, eh!!




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Yes, I'm still adding new pics. Send me yours at this address:





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