The Secret Finger Trick

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Check back to see more pics. Assuming people keep sending them, I'll keep adding them.
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9/9/04 - Denmark: Hi, here is my contribution to your excellent site! :) / Morten


Dominican Republic

5/19/04 - Dominican Republic: Hi my name is Orquidea, I'm from Dominican Rep. Here is my finger pic.

5/20/04 - Dominican Republic: One more!

5/20/04 - Dominican Republic: Another from Dom. Rep.





4/19/05 - Finland: Hello from Finland! I saw a nice butt here one day, with sexy undies, and I thought I'd make my own. Here's a sexy Finnish 'perse' for you! Enjoy! :) Tiia


4/8/05 - Finland: Hello, this is my singer butt from Lapland! Colours edited with MS Photo Editor (because some of us can't buy Photoshop). Enjoy my pretty teen finger! /Niko


4/8/05 - Finland: Hups, dropped my sunscreen lotion! I wish summer was here already. Little pen added. Taken against monitor screen. Mikko from Finland

4/13/04 - Finland: Hello there! Somehow I managed to get myself into this site and it really was the laugh of the day!! Here's my Finnish ass, here we call it "perse"... Enjoy! Osku

4/13/04 - Finland: This is definitely what digital cameras were made for!! :) Johanna from Finland

4/7/04 - Finland: Hi! Found your site and took a picture of my finger. Also added some hair with photoshop, I hope that's ok. I especially like that "elbow" which actually is my ring-finger. :) Photo is taken with SE-P900

5/6/04 - Finland: Hi! Love your page! I never get tired of it.... I cut my finger the other day, and why fooling around with my camera I noticed it made a pretty nasty "butt"... with two cracks! Enjoy. Martin from Finland ;)

4/24/04 - Finland: My finger butt. Hi!! This is just amazing! -Janne

4/7/04 - Finland:
Hi! My friend was telling that he got first finnish finger ass to your site and i just had to try this. ... Taken with Nokia 6600. -- Jani




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