The Secret Finger Trick

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Check back to see more pics. Assuming people keep sending them, I'll keep adding them.
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10/22/04 - Azerbaijan: Hi. Here is photos of my finger. I'm from Azerbaijan. It's a country :) Bye



4/2/04 - Australia: Great site, I found a link to it ... as the "Surprise Link of the Day" Great fun, and i couldn't help but try and be the first Australian to submit for my Country. I had to blur it a lot, as my fingerprints where rather visible,That's the trouble with a 5 mp camera with a good macro. keep up the good work, fun sites like yours make the net worthwhile - Allied

4/23/04 - Australia: Hi Xeno Here is my arse. I'm sure you'll agree, it's extremely attractive. - Jay

4/6/04 - Australia: Hi Xeno Here's my secret finger.. Cheers! - William



4/23/04 - Austria: Ass from Austria. Here in Austria we call it "Popo"! - Georg

6/10/04 - Austria: Hi Xeno, Greetings, Verena (from Austria)

4/23/04 - Austria: Hi, I saw that you don't have any butts from Austria, so here's mine! Claudia from Austria



5/19/04 - Belgium: Hi, Check out our two wonderfull finger ass of the AssBrothaz live and direct from Brussel in your face ! Doing it the old Belgian fashion way. Bringing you the best finger ass from the internet. Peace.

5/19/04 - Belgium: un de plus pour la belgique !

3/31/04 - Belgium: Hi, I am Jeroen, 23 years old, an engineer and live in Flanders, Belgium! Your site is a good laugh and I hope I can ... contribute! Greetings, Jeroen

5/4/04 - Belgium: I'm Guy and i am a Flemish Belgian. I found your site, it's great !I alraedy had a lot of fun!



9/6/06 - Brazil: Jim Smith ... you only have four from Brazil! Most people know about the BBB (Beautiful Brazilian Bunda).

4/1/04 - Brazil: Natasha Emmanuele - 20 - Funk Dancer. Me and my frisky friends just before we put our thongs and head to the beach... we need to get a good tan... kisses. We´re so thrilled to be the first brazilians on the site!!!

4/1/04 - Brazil: Waleska Cristina - 24 - Waitress.

4/1/04- Brazil: Jorgette Dolores - 51 - Housekeeper

5/4/04 - Brazil: Olha só minha bundinha...




6/7/05 - CANADA (From T-dot.): Here's my finger butt! your site is awesome, and you are a hero. good luck! - alona

7/22/04 - CANADA : bonjour XENO ! Mon nom est Etienne. Voici un jolie doigt d'un bijoutier canadien-francais de granby ( quebec ) serant fort un de ses outils de travail. Non, mais, c'est du muscle ca !!! :-P Slap! Slap!

[Tranlsation: hello XENO! My name is Etienne. Here is a pretty finger of a French-Canadian jeweller from Granby (Quebec). As you can see it holds tight one of my work tools. So do you enjoy my beautiful ass muscle?!!! Slap! Slap! ]

4/1/04 - Canada:
I saw your site yesterday. Freakin' funny. I think I'm the 1st Canadian to send in my finger butt. Here ya go.. Joshua


4/12/04 - Canada:
I'm Christy from Ottawa, Ontario Canada.. this is the best fingerbutt pictrue I could get with my scrawny little digits. lol :D Visit my gallery...

7/9/04 - Canada: Hi, Xeno. Love your site. My finger butt is attached. A Vietnamese butt from Toronto, Canada. You can use any caption that is tasteful, like Wet Asian butt, bukkake butt, etc. ...

4/2/04 - Canada: Here's my wifes butt Xeno..LOL thought I'd send you both of her butts. (what the hell). they almost look the same...LOL - Joshua [ He really did, too!]

5/4/04 - Canada: tried with my webcam - Ben from Montreal


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