The Secret Finger Trick

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Check back to see more pics. Assuming people keep sending them, I'll keep adding them.
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4/6/04 - Pennsylvania:
hi xeno - this was hilarious - used it for my april fool gag... the floralilian full attached.. thanks, flora

4/27/04 - Pennsylvania: I had fun with this! hahahahhaha I was laughing for hours ~Missy from Pennsylvania

4/5/04 - Pennsylvania:
Hey there! I'm a 20 year old college student in Pennsylvania. This is for those who like big fingers and cannot lie!;D -Enigma


Rhode Island

4/24/04 - Rhode Island: - Ed



South Dakota

4/5/04 - South Dakota:
Here is some finger butt from the sticks of South Dakota.....Thanks for the laugh! Kilroy



4/1/04 - Texas: Very funny. I'm Angela (32) from Texas.



2/14/05 - Utah: Damn i'm sexy... Adam from Utah

4/23/04 - Utah: One from utah - jerry




4/23/04 - Virginia: I have been showing my ass for years, this just gave me a whole new venue!! LOL Thanks and keep up the amusing work! Sunny From Virginia – The number ONE ass in the state for lovers!

5/4/04 - Virginia:
Finger Bums with my panties on this time, Xeno!! All the 'Butts'  Monique x



4/1/04 - Vermont:
LMAO! Histerical! Hope the site does well! Darrin, Bennington Vermont, USA




3/7/06 - Washington: My bootylicious fingers rule!!! Adorable aren't they! - Jessica


4/8/05 - Washington, Seattle: So I'm thinkin'...waaay too much time on your about shooting Butts that look like a finger?? - John

[ Are there people with butts that look like fingers!? Perhaps, but I'll leave that collection to some other crazed webmaster. - Xeno ]

4/23/04 - Washington: I'm a 19-year-old student at the UW. Thankfully my ass looks better than this (although admittedly, not by much). -John

5/4/04 - Washington: Seattle ... boo-geah  - Justin



4/8/04 - Wisconsin
: Hi, I think Your site is absolutely hilarious and will feature it in my Journal. Hopefully USA will win the best asses contest..

7/9/04 - Wisconsin: LOL, just browsing journals today. Love this site, so sending you my finger. Thanks for the laugh.  I live in Wisconsin, USA. I have emailed your site to my friends. Sincerely, Deborah

4/24/04 - Wisconsin: My name is Jeffy. I'm from Milwaukee, WI. But you don't care.. All you want to see is my big fat finger Ass. haha. Seriously, I love the site. Great Idea.


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