The Secret Finger Trick

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Check back to see more pics. Assuming people keep sending them, I'll keep adding them.
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New Jersey

4/2/04 - New Jersey: Brian from New Jersey

5/4/04 - New Jersey: New Jersey hand ass!!! - maria

4/13/04 - New Jersey: Sweet ass. Thomas.


New Mexico

4/24/04 - New Mexico: Here's my butt. My name is Lloyd and I'm from New Mexico.


New York

4/2/04 - New York:
Hi name's Luanne from Long Island, New York. If you can still use more ass pics, I'd like to submit mine!

2/9/07 - Hey Xeno Here you got my finger and something else from me. Hope you like them. Please put them under New York . Thanks Mannyx. [ I can't put that other thing up... too scary. ;-) - Xeno ]


North Carolina


4/13/04 - North Carolina: I have showed your site to everyone I know. Cool idea. (SLP) :c) - Shane

4/5/04 - North Carolina: These are pictures of me and my girlfriend. We are in North Carolina, USA - Brian

4/5/04 - North Carolina:
Here is another fingerbutt with tattoo and hair. :c) (PFLSF)

5/4/04 - North Carolina:
Hello!! This way very funny so i just wanted to send you my fingerbutt from North Carolina!! Thanks for the laugh!! - Billie

4/5/04 - North Carolina:
Hi, Paige, mother and wife, 28, from North Carolina, USA. Hope you like my fingerbutt, even if's it's blurry. :)

4/5/04 - North Carolina:
These are pictures of me and my girlfriend. We are in North Carolina, USA - Brian



4/2/04 - Oregon:
Here is a fingerbutt from Clackamas Oregon. Fun sight... Love Laughter & Smiles Always Z



3/31/04 - Ohio: from ohio. -War Lord

4/2/04 - Ohio:Haha, I loved the secret finger trick. I know you already have some from Ohio, but ...

4/6/04 - Ohio: picture of fingerbutt from the USA (ohio) - Sarah

4/1/04 - Ohio: Yay :) My name is Chandra, from Heath, Ohio.

4/23/04 - Ohio: Here you go. I am from Cleveland Ohio - Will


4/2/04 - Ohio: My name is Jenna, and I am from Ohio


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