The Secret Finger Trick

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Check back to see more pics. Assuming people keep sending them, I'll keep adding them.
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5/4/04 - Philippines: you might as well (be) interested to see a Filipino butt! haha



5/4/04 - Poland: hi.......i'm from Poland. This is my ASS !!! :P

5/6/04 - Poland: yo yo ASS :P - zelazo


Puerto Rico


4/2/04 - Puerto Rico:
Hi; Here I am sending you the pictures of my five fingers and their different asses. ;) Post which ever you like, personally I like best: #1, #3 and #2. Number 3 looks like my mother in law’s ass… ;) I think I will be the first form Puerto Rico. My regards to you Gilberto




3/3/05 - Russia: "Hi! I'm proud to be the third russian ass on this great site! :)) In russian it sounds like "popa", "popka". With best wishes, Natalya (Russia, Moscow)."


4/5/04 - Russia: "From Russia with love" - Anton

4/7/04 - Russia: Student’s ass from Russia. Hackfaq.



5/19/04 - Slovakia: Hallo! Da ist eine Fotto von der Slovakai. - Selly





3/24/05 - Spain: Here you have. I'm Nur, from Barcelona (spain)

3/30/04 - Spain: Hi Xeno !!! Here is one of mine. From Barcelona (Spain) J.A.E. 35 years old, press photographer for Informativos.Net Huggs from Barcelona !!!! Great idea !!!


5/5/04 - Spain: From Spain, directly from the city of Cádiz Im sending you my fingerbuts (in Spanish: culodedo) Salu2: - Fernando

5/27/04 - Spain: Cadiz - Spain I´m goby

6/10/04 - Spain: Hello, my name is Mario and I´m from Leon, Spain

6/10/04 - Spain: Hola! Este es mi culodedo xD

6/10/04 - Spain: Hi! My name is Luisete, and I´m here to show you the sexiest finger-butt of the world!!!jeje ;P This is a great idea!!! Congratulations!!! From Castilla La Mancha, the land of Don Quijote, Luisete.

5/27/04 - Spain: Hi Xeno! ;) I´m a 19 years old. I live in Zaragoza (SPAIN).My name is XCESO!!!! It´s a great idea! hehe

3/30/04 - Spain: Hi: I send you my fingerbutt. Do you like my chamallex tatoo? City: Madrid / Spain



4/1/04 - Sweden:
– Hey! Love this trick! Maybe your next step could be to make buttocks look like fingers.- Andy


4/23/04 - Sweden: – Hello, here is my fingerbum, hope you enjoy it! /Laini

4/2/04 - Sweden: Greetings! I'm a 24 year old IT-specialist från Småland in Sweden! Swedish fingerbutts rule! :-) Thanks for a great site. Cheers, //Magnus


4/2/04 - Sweden: Hi! Here comes a nice assfinger from me, a 20 years old student from sweden. /Sören

4/1/04 - Sweden: Hi! Sending You a picture of my index finger. /Nicke.A



7/9/04 - Switzerland:
– Nice fingerass from Switzerland! - Rouven



10/22/04 - Turkey: hi! I am from turkey my name is levent. this is my fingers :)) believe it... I sent more...choose which u can like.

3/31/04 - Turkey: well, this picture is actually from PA but i am only a student here and i live in turkey, so i guess it can be considered from turkey ;) keep up the good work! -adem

5/6/04 - Turkey:
hey i'm Ender from Turkey istanbul all the butts are awesome! i want them all !!! =) hope to see my butt on the site too as soon as possible :) good job xeno!!


United Kingdom



10/22/04 - UK: ... some more fingerbums for you. My Niece Jade (12) and her friend Abi ( also 12), are staying with me during the summer holidays. Here are their fingerbums for you. They SO wanted to be featured too. Hoping this mail finds you well and happy. Take care. Best wishes. Monique,Somerset.U.K

3/31/04 - England, UK: first finger buttocks in england - Stacy

3/31/04 - Wales, UK: Hi. first from Wales i guess. Iechyd da. Dave.

4/6/04 - England, UK: hi russ from england, heres my finger ass.

4/23/04 - UK: Finger butts... - Dharmesh


4/13/04 - Scotland,
UK: first one from Scotland? -Kristi


6/10/04 - East Midlands, UK: my secret handsign from the East Midlands, Uk from Sam. great site :) lol

7/9/04 - London, UK: Here's a spiffing fingerbum all the way from London, UK - Anthony

4/24/04 - Scotland, UK: Hi Xeno, Second butt from Scotland, perhaps. The perfect use for my palmtop's camera. - Buck.

4/23/04 - Wales, UK: Couldn't help but notice the lack of Welsh bottoms, so here's mine. If you look carefully, it appears that I have cellulite. - Huw

4/6/04 - Somerset, UK: Those fingers look like real bottoms, it's so funny! ... I have sent it to a few of my friends without telling then it's actually my finger ... i had some hilarious responses to it. ... Bottoms Up ! - Monique

4/6/04 - Cornwall, UK: Hi Here’s a couple of pics of our Cornish fingerbutts. Hope you like ‘em. Richard & Deborah

3/31/04 - United Kingdom: Hi, Steve from the UK here, just wanted to add my contribution to the finger trick.



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