The Secret Finger Trick

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Check back to see more pics. Assuming people keep sending them, I'll keep adding them.
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These are all photos I took as a demo. As this idea took off, I started getting over a million hits a day and submissions came in from around the world. Click HERE to view them. There are only fingers on this page, no nudity. Click HERE to see how this was done.

Some of My Friend's

Anita, 22, is an actor.

Beth, 20, is a reporter.

Sarah, 23, runs an ostrich farm.

Bill, 30, is an Egyptologist.

Kelly, 18, is a part-time Mortician.

Matilda, 18, is a Taxidermist

Mildred, 28, wrestles squids.

Candice, 21, is banana labeler.

Osirus, 34, is unemployed.

Maxine, 32, is a Rastafarian dentist.

Raylene, 20, feeds zeebras.

Brutus, 41, runs a nunnery.

Alice, 18, knits exciting underware.

Phoebe, 48, is a retired pomologist.

Kim, 19, is a boxer at Safeway.

Jillian, 25, is a finger model.

All names and occupations on this page are fake. Page contains no nudity...other than fingers.

The photos of my friends on this page were taken with a Sanyo Model SCP-8100(s) cell phone cam. About $100 from Radio Shack. Also has the Web for news.

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Yes, I'm still adding new pics. Send me yours at this address:

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Xenophilia main site Years of collected info, photos, music (buy my CD) and some videos to browse.

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Hi. I'm Xeno, a scientist who collects strange ideas... and now, I guess, ambigous pictures of fingers from around the world. Other popular items here: Chupacabra Sighting, Rods (sky fish), Bigfoot, Panspermia (origin of life), Cavity Cure articles. I also recommend the UFO article.

Xeno's Rule: Everything you can think of has already been thought of and acted upon. Is my Secret Finger trick a new idea? No. The using of hands to simulate anatomical features was a common parlor trick during the Victorian era. This practice is known as Furtling. I can't say I like the name. "I'm sorry I can't talk right now, there are people furtling in my parlor."

If you have a strange idea to add to my collection, send me email. The news archives have pictures and strange stories collected over four years. Also, check out our music which has won some local awards. Thanks for making my day by telling so many people about this site. Have fun! - Xeno



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