Birth Defects of the Human Head


Biology: (Yahoo) Another Two Headed Baby.

Two headed babies are disturbing. Especially so to those with very incorrect views of human biology. The scientific fact is this: we are each the result of a program. Somewhere in our DNA is the code that truegrows human ears, a nose, a mouth, a head. That program sometimes gets messed up. Usually, serious birth defects result in death before birth, but not always. Errors (mutations) in human DNA that cause major deformities may be triggered by drugs, environmental pollution, radiation and other man made factors.

This is why you must care about your environment and why you must fight politically for clean air, food, and water.

For example, in the city where this two-headed baby was born, the Tanta Soap and Oil Company, Banha Factory, Egypt produced about 4,347 cubic meters /day of industrial wastewater just three years ago. Don't be fooled by industry propaganda. Polluters hire public relations firms and those firms pay big bucks to get ideas like "environmental wacko" on your radio and tv. Caring about a clean environment is not a "nutty idea" from "the liberals". Rather, an unpolluted world is mandatory for human health and survival.

"A nurse holds an Egyptian baby named Manar Maged in a hospital in the city of Banha, 25 miles, north of Cairo Feb. 18, 2005. Egyptian doctors said they removed the second head from the girl, who was suffering from the rare birth defects in an operation on Saturday."


2/9/2004: Biology: (ananova | dailyrecord | cbsnews )

Here is a modern case of Craniopagus parasiticus: 7-month-old Rebeca was born in the Dominican Republic on December 17, 2003 with the undeveloped head of her twin attached to her own normal head.

Twins are born conjoined at the head when an embryo splits to make identical twins and then stops growing, leaving them fused. Such twins are rare, accounting for one of every 2.5 million births. Parasitic twins like Rebeca are even more rare. They occur when one stops developing, leaving a smaller, partially formed twin dependent on the other.

The second head had a partially formed brain, ears, eyes and lips that would move when she breast fed.

Wow, that is really interesting. You can see eyes, a nose, a mouth, and an ear on the second head.

Initially, reports said the 11-hour operation went well. "The closure of the cavity went very well, and the grafting of the bone onto the baby's head was successful, and the baby is even now moving her legs." Sadly, the baby died 12 hours after the surgery. She lost a lot of blood during the operation, which apparently caused a heart attack, said Dr. Jorge Lazareff, the lead brain surgeon.

How many souls would my religous friends say left this unfortunate body? Two? One? Zero? If Rebeca had survived, could this be considered a murder, since the second head might have become a thinking individual? As you can see from this last picture, twins can survive joined at the head. Obviously, there are two individuals here. I assume the both have names. If one was missing arms and legs, you'd still have two names. What about a head and half a torso? So, why didn't anyone give Rebeca's second head a name and consider that it was a human life that would be killed by the operation?

When two fully formed heads grow side by side, they do each get names. "Egyptian twins Huda, top, and Manal Abdel Nasser Mohammed Mahmoud, in their incubator at the neo-natal surgical intensive care unit in Abu el-Reesh hospital in Cairo. Photo: AP"

Let's hope Rebeca's mother didn't use Misoprostol.


A minor epidemic of birth defects is occurring in developing countries, where poorer women are turning to an ulcer drug called misoprostol to try to end their pregnancy because abortion is banned or restricted, a report says. Misoprostol is being used to carry out clandestine abortions in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Indonesia, Nigeria, South Africa and the Philippines... Misoprostol is very cheap, being available for as little as 35 US cents, and can often be bought over the counter, making it "the poor person's method" of abortion, it adds.

(This drug is also available in the USA, as seen here.)


Update: Nov. 21, 2005. Someone wrote with the following complaint.

"Your facts about the cause of this sad condition are incorrect. It is not a genetic problem that caused this blastocele conformity. You must be desperate indeed to lie about the evils of environmental pollution and C.P. It is no wonder that liberals are losing credibility in the world. I guess a big lie is more believable than a small one. Nice pictures, but please get your facts straight if you wish to convert more people into believers. "

I asked for references but I'm still waiting for them. Mine are here:

First: "Conjoined twinning occurs by the incomplete splitting of the embryonic axis." ( Ref: The embryology of conjoined twins, M. H. Kaufman, Issue: Volume 20, Numbers 8-9, August 2004, Pages: 508 - 525 )

Next: misexpression of Cwnt8C in mouse induces an embryonic axis occurring in an abnormal position or in an unusual manner. - ref

So, improper gene expression is one cause of improper embryonic axis formation in humans by extrapolation. If this is too much of a leap, let me know.

Perhaps someone would argue that gene expression is not influenced by environmental agents? I doubt however, that anyone could support such a position, as contrary evidence is easily found in the literature. ( Example: ref)

We have then a logical hypothesis: environmental pollution causes faulty gene expression which leads to wrong embryonic axis formation.

If you believe I'm wrong about this, what is your own theory? I'd be glad to stand corrected if you have anything to offer. Thanks, Xeno.