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Rife Cancer Cure - Was cancer cured in 1938?

Inside: a super microscope | seeing live viruses | How Rife Broke the Vision Barrier | Wavelength of Light Limits Vision | Seeing with Deep UV Light | Multi-Colored Light Limits Vision | Transverse (Polarized) Light | Diffraction Limits Vision | How Rife Overcame Diffraction | Heterodyned Light | Light Frequency | How to Change Light's Frequency | Reply from a Physicist | Microscope Diameters | Rife Scope Resolutions | Smithsonian Report: New Microscopes | Resolutions Compared to Microns/Nanometers | Example Virus: Ebola | Rife microscope in action | Bacterial spore size | a copy of the report | Consulting a microscope man | Conclusion | Definitions | Incident light | Resolving Power | Diffracted Wave | Diffraction Limited | Magnification | Micron | Nanometer | Bacteria Size | Virus Size | Diameters | Electron Microscope | Color | glowing viruses \ Do Viruses Glow? | Photos of the Cancer Virus? | Round Balls of Dried Particles | Rife Interview Question | Special Light Properties of Quartz | UV Spectrophotometer | Refractive Index? What's that? | Correct Speed of Light | Speed of Light in Different Materials | Why Light Bends | UV Light and Quartz Crystals | A healthy glow | Conclusion | Notes \ viruses cause cancer | Cancers Linked to Infectious Agents | Cancer Virus Evidence | Liver Cancer: HBsAg Virus | Suggested Experiments | Breast Cancer Virus | Cervical Cancer: Caused by Human Papilloma Virus | Kaposi's Sarcoma: Caused by Herpes Virus | SV40 Virus Causes Rare Cancers in Humans | More Microbe-Cancer Links | Is Any Cancer Not Caused by a Virus? | Conclusion \ shattering germs with radio waves | The Opera Singer and the Crystal Glass | Virus, Bacteria or Something Else? | Color of auras? | The Power of Resonance | Killing Bacteria With Vibrations | Harmonics | Radio Waves vs. Microwaves | Ultra Violet Light Kills | UCDMC Doctors Kill Breast Cancer Cells with Radio Waves | Is Any Cancer Not Caused by a Virus? | Conclusion \ cancer cure? | Many Claim Rife Cured Cancer | Successful Treatment? | Conclusion \ suppression or quackery | Rife: Successful Scientist or Scam Artist? | Another Opinion | What Happened to Rife and His Cure? | Find a Cure, Go to Jail? | Suppression or Quackery? | Conclusion \ frequencies and how to get them | Finding Rife Devices | Working Device? | Making Frequencies | Frequencies You Can Hear | Does Western Musical Encode Lost Healing Arts? | What is a Hertz? | 555 Timer Chip | DS1075 Timer Chip | Rife's Frequencies | Conclusion \ references

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Booking - Have us play.

Free MP3's Downloads - Rehearsal Tapes for Band members and curious by-listeners.

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